Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 217

Spirit said very optional, she tracks Xia Tian obviously, but faces Xia Tian her unexpectedly to be so calm. Tracks me?” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle, his unexpectedly had not discovered spirit tracks him. You are stupid, I track your time each time is away from you to be very near, but you do not have the means to discover me.” Spirit complacent saying. Xia Tian opened the X-Ray Vision eye once more, looks to spirit, but still could not completely understand that Xia Tian determined own X-Ray Vision eye has not expired absolutely, but cannot see through spirit the clothes. His X-Ray Vision eye was cut off outside that matter clothes. Good, calculates that you won.” Xia Tian is speechless, he has to acknowledge that the track capacity of spirit truly defeated him. Spirit, you go back, believes me.” Yun Miao looks at spirit earnest saying. Saw the Yun Miao appearance, spirit can only honk draw out the mouth: Good.” However on the spirit stallion turns the head to look to Xia Tian: Although you are very graceful, but you must dare to bully Miao elder sister, I will certainly punch your.” Spirit threatens looks at Xia Tian. Volume,” Xia Tian stares slightly: „Do you have to make a mistake, is she must follow me, is not I must lead her to do.” I, no matter, in any case Miao elder sister if there is matter, I punch you.” Spirit said overbearingly. Good, I endured.” Xia Tian can only endure, words that hits his not necessarily being victorious spirit.

Yun Miao and spirit is very strange to the feeling of Xia Tian, that is unknown, although he must face Profound Grade Expert immediately, however his at heart only then excited, without any fear. But Yun Miao and spirit gives his feeling is that unknown feeling. Therefore Xia Tian does not want to take risk. Accompanies me to walk.” Yun Miao said. Has beauty to be invited along, I wanted certainly.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Spirit, with, you do not know that I can discover you.” The Yun Miao reminder said. „.” Spirit very suffering from injustice saying. Yun Miao static is walking, Xia Tian follows on the heels, they have not spoken, such static is walking, two gradually went out of Jianghai University, but they have still not spoken. I know that on you have Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll.” Yun Miao started talking finally. The first few words that she spoke make Xia Tian stare, Yun Miao said right, Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll truly on him, but he may be unwarrantable, otherwise no end of trouble for the future: I do not know that you were saying anything.” Meaning that I have not snatched, I just am remind you to protect that thing.” Yun Miao reminded: That is your father snatches with the life.” „Do you know my father?” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle.

Did not know, but I listen to be concerned since childhood he story, my master said that he is a heartless Chinese, but my master has not hated him.” Yun Miao walks while said: I had heard related to his story, these stories also has very deep influence to me.” Said.” Xia Tian light saying, he knows the matter that father is few. His name is Xia Tianlong, he is youngest Earth Grade Expert, 20 years old of able to move unhindered entire China, was called Western Hidden.” Here time Yun Miao: China has four big Expert, separately is Eastern Man Jiang Wenshan, he should this year already over 70 years old \; Western Hidden is Xia Tianlong, is your father \; Southern Kill is called Wei Guang, he is Quicksand Chief, he compared with your father Freshman year \; The Northern Army ice virtue bosom, is a China marshal, his age and Eastern Man are equally big.” Em.” Xia Tian nodded, has remembered these names silently. Your father's young time is very loose, this point looks like with you very much, is a womanizer everywhere.” Yun Miao shows a faint smile. Hey, do not do to compare with me.” Xia Tian speechless. „Your father most classical campaign has three, first is the war of Xia Family, that is also his war of becoming famous \; Second is the Hidden Sect war, this war has established his Jianghu status \; Third is the war of Diancang Mountain, that fought him dead.” Yun Miao as if regarded an object of pouring out to be ordinary Xia Tian, these many years, she has listened to Master to tell the related Xia Tianlong story. Today she can say finally to others listened, moreover this person or Xia Tianlong son. Diancang Mountain.” Xia Tian has remembered this geographic name. Xia Tianlong the war of becoming famous fights Capital Xia Family, is your Zong.” Yun Miao said. My Zong?” Xia Tian doubts looks to Yun Miao. Right, you are Capital Xia Family descendants, but they should not recognize your existence, after your father since your grandfather is missing, in the person by family was pushed aside, finally expelled Xia Family, your father left Xia Family that day to stand in the Xia Family entrance shouted some day I met upright and frank to return.” Yun Miao is narrating a legend likely.

Your father at age 19, re-entered Xia Family, that fights your father Lien Chan Xia Family seven big elders, finally has left behind four large characters on the Xia Family signboard mediocre, that four large characters nobody dares to wipe off until now, that is also the Xia Family shame.” Yun Miao stopped to continue saying: That war has alarmed the entire Capital, because your father took cultivation of Earth Grade as to defeat the Xia Family seven big elders, became China topest Expert directly.” Xia Family, he he.” Xia Tian coldly smiles, he knows that the matter so will not be absolutely simple. „The second matter is the Hidden Sect war, Hidden Sect is a mysterious place, regarding the China average person, there absolutely is Forbidden Land, since that has been the China continuously most mystical place, gathered entire China strongest a group of people.” Yun Miao light saying: There has seven 12, there is the Martial Arts heaven, innumerable Expert.” „Are you also the Hidden Sect person?” Xia Tian asked. Em.” Yun Miao nodded. You continue.” Xia Tian said. „The cause of Hidden Sect war is Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll in your hand, you should know the Ye Wan clear status.” Yun Miao said. Em.” Xia Tian nodded. At that time she was specially the Operations Office person, Ye has been managing specially Operations Office and Dragon Group, she pursued your father at that time, although your father had not agreed that but your father actually recognized her, when did Little Sister, in mission, she was responsible for sending under custody Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll, but actually in Expert by Hidden Sect snatching, and made into the severe wound.” Yun Miao looked at Xia Tian one to continue saying: Your father to a crown anger is a young person, kills Mount Tai Sect directly single-handedly, most classical a few words that he spoke at that time are your here belts leave to me.” Here time, Yun Miao unexpectedly was somewhat embarrassed, but that words truly were the father kiss oral account of Xia Tian.