Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 218

Has not related, you continued, I was also belt.” Xia Tian very optional saying. His saying, Yun Miao was so more embarrassed, face all of a sudden red to neck root, is good because of being the black day, otherwise she will be more embarrassed. „A Hidden Sect war, your father alone war 78 Mount Tai Sect Expert, Earth Grade Expert, Profound Grade Expert 30 people, Yellow Grade late stage Expert 37 people.” Yun Miao is somewhat embarrassed, therefore can only continue. Won?” Xia Tian asked. Hard victory, your father body has 172 wounds, but can stand finally, only then he, that fights him to be thoroughly famous.” Yun Miao said. 172 wounds.” Xia Tian has held breath cold air, this simply is the war-god. Right, your father hit to take Mount Tai Sect, the Mount Tai Sect gate main from then on became your father's sworn brothers, gave back to your father Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll, but your father has not given back to Ye Wan to be clear, but was stays behind.” Yun Miao looked at Xia Tian one saying: Is on you that.” I do not have.” Xia Tian denies flatly. I had said I will not snatch, you do not use that anxiously.” Yun Miao shows a faint smile, afterward continues saying: Mount Tai Sect that war, is it can be said that earthshaking, altogether has hit for three days three nights, this to the present is a legend, stamina of person can have many, moreover when facing that many Expert, but your father has actually fought them for three days three nights.” Is very fierce.” Xia Tian can only say these three characters, because he fights against the person each time, two hours are the limits, but bump into Bai Yu such Expert, ten minutes panted. Actually he is very difficult to imagine his father how to achieve.

Generally the fight between Earth Grade Expert is quick, if a side wants to run away, that this weaponry did not have the means to hit, but your father was challenges others entrance, the opposite party was impossible to evade, your father has not evaded, therefore carried on that extremely has fought finally.” Yun Miao excited saying: That fights is called for hundred years a Hidden Sect strongest war.” „A strongest war.” Xia Tian nodded, that is his father creates the miracle. In Hidden Sect, although also has battle, but that large-scale fight is in hundred years largest one time, moreover is a person challenges an opposite party school.” Yun Miao more said is more excited, Xia Tian can feel from her mouth that the father absolutely is the idol that she most worships. You regard him are idol.” Xia Tian light saying. Em, he is in Hidden Sect the idols of all women, I am listen to his story to grow up since childhood, he is the person who I most worship.” Yun Miao looked at Xia Tian to continue saying: Therefore you do not need to worry that I will injure you, does not need to be worried that I will snatch your Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll.” Em.” Xia Tian nodded. „A Mount Tai Sect war, seven 12 leaders all observed, your father's strength also earned their respect.” Yun Miao said. „That third important matter?” This is matter that Xia Tian most pays attention. „The third matter is the war of Diancang Mountain, was called the China free fight, that fights the casualty to be innumerable.” Yun Miao spoke of here time sound to be somewhat gloomy. Said.” Xia Tian said.

That war, Expert of 16 countries enter the war, what security is now the highests and two Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll of red right.” Yun Miao spoke of here time looked to Xia Tian. Continued.” The Xia Tian expression is light. Other country population of entering the war reaches as high as more than 400 people, is Expert, your father leads Dragon Group and China one group of Expert, fights vigorously Expert of 16 countries, the casualty is serious.” Yun Miao said. „Isn't the Hidden Sect person Expert?” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle. Hidden Sect does not meddle outside matter generally, the Mount Tai Sect leader brought Expert to help, because of that war, Mount Tai Sect turned into 12 the strength worst school, Mount Tai Sect Profound Grade above Expert entered the war completely, but was living finally had five people.” Yun Miao continues saying: Free fight has continued for seven days seven nights, the China Special Force casualty 1200 people, the Advanced Special Force casualty 70 people, the Dragon Group casualty reaches as high as 20 people, various types of high-tech weapons used, the sniper mutual gun battle was world-class.” Army? Why doesn't have the army?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Once the army enters the war, that matter changed serious, in your eyes possibly thinks that went to war cannot be what kind, moreover does not fear any country by our China present armament and army quality, once made war, the deceased person, will cause the losses to the country, will have many old people to lose the son, the woman loses the husband, the child loses the father.” Yun Miao answered. I understood.” Xia Tian nodded. Bright war is impossible, but the dark war has not broken for these years, that war has stemmed from the expectations of all people, including your father, he has not thought that unexpectedly will present Expert of these many countries, for they this time matter hid were very long.” Yun Miao said. Finally?” Xia Tian asked.

Finally the China casualty is serious, your father leads China Expert, Expert of alone war 16 countries, the hard victory, the Mount Tai Sect person is loses finally heavily.” Yun Miao said. Since won, why my father will die.” Xia Tian asked again. Your father's death not in that but afterward, that war your father has won, he saved face for China, when he thinks the fight had ended, he leaves, encountered the Quicksand person in Diancang Mountain, Quicksand all Expert all gathered there.” Yun Miao said. Quicksand.” Xia Tian has gotten hold of own fist. Wei Guang leads Quicksand all Expert there and other your father, does not have morality and justice, does not have the custom, the tangled warfare, that is a big tangled warfare, your father facing Quicksand all Expert.” Yun Miao spoke of here time mood obviously becomes very bad: Quicksand died 16 Profound Grade Expert, under your father severe wound has jumped down the abyss.” Quicksand, Wei Guang, why? Why is?” Xia Tian angry shouting. Your father before death with Quicksand is a sworn enemy, special Operations Office and Dragon Group chase down the Quicksand person everywhere, the aspect did not die continuous, if gives your father again ten years, Quicksand perishes surely, moreover entire China knows in your father hand to have Heavenly Connection to scratch the volume.” Yun Miao answered. I pledged that I must ruin entire Quicksand, revenges for my father.” Xia Tian has gotten hold of own fist stubbornly, he must declare war to Quicksand, since Quicksand Expert arrived at Jianghai, he must declare war to Quicksand with the blood of this person.