Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 221

Xia Tian fast is running, although he does not understand the (spear|gun), but he had heard some god gunners matters, that is the god gunners limit, 2. 3 seconds, speed of instantaneous aiming is 2. 3 seconds, therefore Xia Tian in 2 nd. 2 seconds of time split-second selection directions. Bang! A sniper (spear|gun) hits in the place that he changed a moment ago. 1 and 2.” Xia Tian at heart silently is looking up the number. Change! Bang! Also is that point that he changes. Xia Tian has not guessed wrong, the opposite party is god gunners, 2. 3 seconds of limit aiming speeds. After the third (spear|gun) has not hit, the sound of gunfire stopped, Xia Tian hides in the blind spot place of that sniper, he judged to obtain from the bullet direction, opposite party in back seven o'clock directions. Xia Tian hides there does not dare to move. Damn sniper.” Xia Tian cursed angrily one, he most repugnant was this group of snipers. The old saying said well, Martial Arts is high, fears the kitchen knife, Kungfu is good, the brick knocks down. That say nothing of (spear|gun) . Moreover the opposite party is god gunners, the bullet is the special attire armor shell, hits including the armored vehicle puts on. Today, Xia Tian pledged that he must study the (spear|gun), although Martial Arts is quite useful, but in this situation is the (spear|gun) is truly easier-to-use than Martial Arts, even if his Martial Arts is high, he impossible to rush to place one kilometer away to strike to kill the opposite party in two seconds. He is not Superman.

Xia Tian had not moved, the wound on shoulder is still bleeding, although ancient Buddhist Relic started to help him treat, but the blue cloud dagger was really too sharp, nearly downloaded his entire upper arm. At this time his entire shoulder by blood incarnadine. The police vehicle came, the old dwelling of Xia Tian is not completely secluded from the world, that three gunshots some people reported to the police a moment ago, to open fire is not the minor matter. Saw the police to come, Xia Tian relaxed, it seems like that sniper should walk. Any person, raises hand.” The police saw Xia Tian time shouts. Qian Dui, here had a person injured.” Police shout. Qian Dui walked hurriedly, when he sees Xia Tian, ran up to the Xia Tian side hurriedly: Mr. Xia, you are all right.” I am all right.” Xia Tian lies near the ear of Qian Dui said low voice: Helps me hide dagger that.” Relax.” Qian Dui nodded, afterward shouts to behind these little brothers: You also look at anything to look that delivers the hospital Mr. Xia.” That person should be a big most wanted terrorist, you rendered meritorious service.” Xia Tian said in a low voice. Quicksand Profound Grade Expert, how possibly is not the most wanted terrorist, now he died, naturally cannot say that is Xia Tian kills, otherwise Xia Tian will also be very troublesome, therefore said directly is Qian Dui they kills was good. Thanks Mr. Xia, you are really my honored person.” Saying of Qian Dui face smiling face. Present Xia Tian looks very scary from the semblance, clothes already by blood incarnadine, the wound on right arm is still bleeding, but did not have so to be a moment ago serious. That Quicksand Expert that the Qian Dui order under will die installing police vehicle, moreover he has arrived by that handle dagger, quietly hid the dagger in the sleeve.

Hey, forest Captain, I am Lao Qian.” Money Captain has dialed the Lin Bingbing telephone. Qian Dui, how?” Telephone that has broadcast the Lin Bingbing sound, the sound is somewhat confused, appearance that probably just fell asleep. Mr. Xia has been injured, I made people send to the hospital him.” Money Captain said. „Was Xia Tian injured? I pass immediately.” Lin Bingbing sobered probably all of a sudden. Xia Tian was delivered to the hospital time, the blood has stopped, the doctor must to him the surgery, but had been stopped by Xia Tian, only makes the doctor disinfect for him, then wraps up on. After the wrap of doctor, Xia Tian soon turned into the mummy simply, Xia Tian wound may be many, what was most serious was that two bullet wound and shoulder there knife wound. I said the doctor, do you as for wrap to become the mummy me?” Xia Tian speechless. Your wound is too serious, you have not wanted to have a surgery, can only your Bao to become this.” The doctor answered. Xia Tian lies down on the hospital bed, did not have the words to say. I said the brothers you by the big wound.” A clinical buddy opens the mouth to ask. Right, Brother, I think your this wound am really miserable, I feel myself very miserably, with you, as soon as compares, my this small wound was not anything.” Moreover the buddy in that side said. Wound how you receive?” Xia Tian idle bored, therefore opens the mouth to ask. Yeah,” that man sighed, is very afterward rich rich in poetic and artistic flavor saying: Said that is stories, the man of old-style fan device like me, where regardless of arrives is just likes the lights in darkness, illuminates your atria.” Oh, the buddy, made into like this, you return act high and mighty, said how to injure.” Another person was unable to continue watching.

Good.” That man nodded to continue saying: That is one month of violent wind filled with dust high night, under the light is glittering the light sadness.” Oh I go, spoke too TM to use energy to you, I said first.” Another person really could not bear: I am a security, one night, my family's Boss walks with dog in the courtyard, I ride on the tree prune the branch, suddenly the person fled from the thick patch of grass, two rifle butt dogs killing.” What he hits is the dog, how were you injured?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Listened to me saying that my family Boss temperament that irritability, had gotten at that time angry, he said that you did kill my dog to do?’ Opposite party coldly has smiled one: Some person of flowers 5 million make me take your dog's life, I hear here time has almost not smiled, every time held on to falls from the tree.” Good!” Before Xia Tian and that fellow patient simultaneously has raised up the thumb to him, said a good character. You?” Xia Tian looked that the beforehand that person asked. Mountain not in high, has the immortal.” Oh I go, you did not speak well, I punched you.” That security shouts. Well good, said said that one day, I use the micro letter to make the artillery, finally made big beauty, I chatted with that big beauty for three days three nights, when my important contract she came out, her mother had discovered we two relations, her mother said that wants prior to inspect goods for her daughter, I think that this sentiment was good, but can also come ********.” That fellow patient said. Is so crisp, that afterward?” That security more listens more to think interesting. Afterward her mother had not gone, her father went, I turned into this.” That fellow patient suffering from injustice saying. Strong!” Xia Tian and that security have raised up the thumb to him. You? Wound how you receive?” They simultaneously looked that asked to Xia Tian.