Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 222

I, I am the spider variant, was saving the world, afterward the spider web broke, fell this.” Xia Tian serious saying. „!” Another two fellow patients all are look to Xia Tian that despises. Ok, I speak the truth, has an attractive young girl to pursue me, I did not agree that made into this.” Xia Tian said. That two fellow patients have all raised up the middle finger to Xia Tian. Your unexpectedly does not believe me, my long is so graceful, will deceive people likely?” Xia Tian visits them indignantly. Like!” That two fellow patients also said. Xia Tian!!” At this moment beauty appears in the entrance of hospital ward, female Zichang attractively, sees her first time, all people can think of a glossary, elegantly beautiful beauty. Right, coming in the elegantly beautiful police spend Lin Bingbing. By Xia Tian that two fellow patients were completely silly, they were despising a moment ago still Xia Tian, but such quickly really presented big beauty. „Are you Xia Tian?” Lin Bingbing arrives at the Xia Tian side, surprised sees front mummy. Naturally is I.” Xia Tian suffering from injustice saying. How did you turn into this?” Lin Bingbing puzzled asking, how she is very difficult to imagine Xia Tian to turn into this. Hit!” Xia Tian depressed saying. „Do some people dare to hit you?” Lin Bingbing shows expression that has not believed. Had beauty to say on the road a moment ago likes me, wanting me to be her boyfriend, I did not agree that she hits me.” Xia Tian very suffering from injustice saying. The Lin Bingbing direct palm of the hand hit to the head of Xia Tian: Also loquacious.” Ai ya mother, loved me.” Shouting of Xia Tian exaggeration. Volume, sorry.” Lin Bingbing also felt one possibly were starts to be too heavy. Loved me, I was really too pitiful, nobody hurt, nobody loved, now falls ill nobody to look, but must come under attack.” Xia Tian more said is more suffering from injustice, probably must cry to be the same.

His saying, all of a sudden the heart of Lin Bingbing saying softly, Lin Bingbing has remembered itself, remembers she has fallen ill is Xia Tian looks after her. Do not cry, do not cry.” Lin Bingbing held Xia Tian in bosom, comforted to say. Xia Tian thief clever smiles, pastes the face in the Lin Bingbing bosom, this posture is very comfortable, he by sitting on bed, but Lin Bingbing is standing, the face of this altitude Xia Tian happen to pastes in the upper body of Lin Bingbing. Sees the Xia Tian posture, another two fellow patients all are visit him who a face envies. At this time that two fellow patients are envy the envy to hate simply. The face of Xia Tian also intentionally moved in the upper body of Lin Bingbing, that felt beautiful. Oh I go.” That security was really unable to continue watching: Doctor, I must change hospital ward.” I must trade.” Another fellow patient shouts loudly. They were unable to continue watching, moreover does not think, when electric lamp bulb. Xia Tian has thrown a look to the front that fellow patient, the meaning is your boy, has the development. Lin Bingbing wants to loosen Xia Tian, but she is being hugged her by Xia Tian now, cannot loosen: Hey, you hugged enough.” No.” Xia Tian shook the head, shaking the head at the same time has rubbed rubbing in the upper body of Lin Bingbing. That two fellow patients this time were unable to continue watching, they went out of the hospital ward, has given Xia Tian this warm environment. You let loose me, otherwise I was angry.” Lin Bingbing also felt the difference from upper body. „.” Xia Tian can only let loose own hand. Meanwhile. You said that the black tiger did die?” Right, that Xia Tian was Profound Grade Expert, the black tiger is also killed by him.”

„Can't you kill him?” I fired five (spear|gun)s, fires two (spear|gun)s, his right arm was also stabbed by the blue cloud dagger of black tiger.” You left Jiang Hai City first, the death of black tiger bring certainly to specially the attention of Operations Office.” That sniper has hung up the telephone, walks toward the distant place at the back of a package. Special Operations Office. Just received the news, that Profound Grade Expert that Quicksand sends is the black tiger, but he died now.” Died, dies?” Ye Wan clear puzzled asking. Was killed by the summer teacher, but ran away a sniper.” „Is Xia Tian how is it?” A Ye Wan clear brow wrinkle. On arm was punctured a blade, in body two (spear|gun)s, but does not have the danger.” „, Looks up to me, cannot make that sniper escape, can with the sniper of black tiger partner absolutely not be the ordinary sniper.” Ye Wan knows clearly the Quicksand custom, in these Expert ordinary circumstances will provide a sniper . Moreover the marksmanship of these snipers are specially accurate. Profound Grade Expert reaction rate already distant surpassing in average man, generally, pistol 20 meters away to open fire, is impossible to hit Profound Grade Expert. However Sniper Rifle is different, the speed is fast. Sniper Rifle also divides many types, some super Sniper Rifle projectile velocities are quick, the firing distance is far. Xia Tian grabs the hand of Lin Bingbing: You rub the shoulder to me, my shoulder is quite sore.” At this time the shoulder blood of Xia Tian turned into the red that gauze, his there is truly painful, then the big wound was not painful blames. Grabs the hand feeling of Lin Bingbing to be very good, the hand of Lin Bingbing is very soft. You are I my big apple.

The telephone has rung, Xia Tian can only not abandon loosened the hand of Lin Bingbing. Young Aunt, do you do.” I just care about you, your temperament so is how irritable.” You early do not make the call, late does not make the call, at this time telephone.” „Are you doing? It is not will be holding the misdemeanor, you injured such, the thoughts did the misdemeanor.” Paid no attention to you.” Xia Tian has hung up the telephone. Lin Bingbing sits in the bedside is Xia Tian rubs the shoulder, Xia Tian like this is looking at Lin Bingbing, the Lin Bingbing beautiful is the elegantly beautiful beauty, but the Yun Miao beautiful is the beauty of immortal spirit, the Zeng Ruo beautiful is the mature beauty. Each of them is each has his good points. „Have you visited me to do?” Lin Bingbing asked. Because of your long attractive.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. How long you looked.” Lin Bingbing said. Looked how long I also look insufficiently, the police spend the elder sister, you smile, the appearance that you smile is very attractive.” Xia Tian has stared at Lin Bingbing to look on this. Lin Bingbing looked by Xia Tian was a little embarrassed: Do not look, I cannot smile.” „, The two patients in No. 302 hospital ward requests to change the bed, you give to arrange.” A nurse said. Good, I look.” Bai Yiyi read a sick list of 302 hospital ward, above altogether three names, but she only saw one, when she sees that name, ran directly the duty officers observation room. „Does, why you go?” That nurse with discovered that Bai Yiyi did not have the shade.