Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 223

Two Junior Brother, small Junior Sister, you said what thing is?” In a dim room altogether gathered six people, their six are the Witchcraft Sect person, Han Zifeng and Zhong Chuhong also. Big Senior Brother, our two had discovered the most precious object, that treasure is very special, inside as if contained the endless essence.” Han Zifeng said. Snort, has the good thing you also to inform us like this?” Big Senior Brother cold snort. Our two truly have thought must have sole possession, but the master of that thing is very fierce, our two both are not his match.” Han Zifeng said. „Is the opposite party the person in Maoshan?” Big Senior Brother asked. „It is not, but he can Kungfu.” Han Zifeng said. Waste, we are the Witchcraft Sect people, deals with a meeting Kungfu person also to suffer a loss, did you go to fight handata-titleo-hand with others?” Big Senior Brother cursed angrily one. That person is quite special, my treasure was injured by him.” Words that Han Zifeng spoke almost real, because he knows these people compared with the monkey also fine, if not speak the truth, that very likely will cause their suspicions. Listened to your such saying, probably somewhat was strange.” A big Senior Brother brow wrinkle, in the room is very peaceful. Big Senior Brother, my this time called neat everybody, to together get rid to cope with him, so long as can snatch the treasure in his hand, the strength of several of us can restore, when the time comes the Master Zu buried treasure was our, this year's in August 15 we can open the treasure house.” Han Zifeng excited saying. Good, has bet, best not to play any trick, recently I looked up Witchcraft Sect also to have others to live, our several are one group, if we split, that buried treasure is other people.” The big Senior Brother reminder said that he does not believe Han Zifeng, after all their entire Witchcraft Sect people are this, plans mutually. Hears the big Senior Brother words, Han Zifeng stares slightly, innermost feelings secretly thought: Has not thought that also has other people to live, does not manage, first killed their several to say again, luck good words, but can also snatch spirit they several ghosts, will have these many ghosts to work, absorbs the essence the speed to be quicker.” Han Zifeng is planning at heart, if these many ghost spirits turn over to him, that soon, he can fully restore, even can also break through beforehand Realm, to bring it up a level, when the time comes Witchcraft Sect also has other people to live, he did not fear, so long as is not Master Zu comes back to life, that nobody is his match. Bai Yiyi saw 302 records write Xia Tian time, she running without hesitation has approached Xia Tian here.

Opens the door time, she saw a mummy, a beautiful female, the beautiful female is rubbing the shoulder for the mummy. Concubine, you also came to see me.” Xia Tian saw Bai Yiyi time said. Hears the mummy to call itself the concubine, Bai Yiyi to respond that originally front this mummy is Xia Tian. rascal.” Lin Bingbing stared Xia Tian one. Bai Yiyi walked to Xia Tian: How you turned into this.” Hit.” Xia Tian said. Who starts to be so ruthless.” Bai Yiyi asked. Did not know that today walks on the avenue bumps into beauty, must let me, when her boyfriend, I did not agree that she made into this me.” Xia Tian serious saying. Lin Bingbing stared Xia Tian one. Hey!” Bai Yiyi smiled, sits in the Xia Tian bedside: It seems like you are all right, harms me to be worried for you.” Whoops feeds, my arm elbow, my wave corner lid, my waist plate.” Xia Tian started to feign illness. You install, I have not known you, your big Divine Doctor, how possibly could not treat own sickness.” Bai Yiyi said. You did not have the sympathy, you had not noticed that what I injured.” Xia Tian suffering from injustice saying.

Well good, you want to eat anything, I buy for you.” The Bai Yiyi words just said that in the room lamp extinguished. How lamp extinguished, I turn on the light.” Lin Bingbing stands up. Do not go, fishy.” Xia Tian light saying. Ghost? What you said is the previous that thing?” Lin Bingbing still remembers the previous that feeling. Em, is that thing.” Xia Tian nodded. You were saying anything, not really fishy, I am afraid.” Bai Yiyi plunged the Xia Tian bosom directly stubbornly, both hands grasps the arm of Xia Tian. The Xia Tian ten shares by this feeling, Lin Bingbing were also approached Xia Tian, both hands have grasped firmly the hand of Xia Tian. A happy heart heads on. The lamp in hospital ward starts to glitter, flickers. Has saying that this atmosphere was really too terrifying, compared with watching the horror film may satisfy a craving. Bai Yiyi has been afraid, her whole person plunged the Xia Tian bosom, stubbornly is holding the waist of Xia Tian, has also buried. She had not discovered that but Xia Tian discovered. shit, this was also too exciting.” Xia Tian has not gone to control that several ghosts to work completely, he completely immerses during this beautiful feeling now, his left hand is touching the back of Bai Yiyi, the goal that he such makes is profiting or is comforting Bai Yiyi, perhaps he is not clear.

The right hand hugs Lin Bingbing in the bosom. The entrance of hospital ward presented six to wear the person of Black Gown, saw that their time Xia Tian understood, their previous these people, but the population changed. They six appearances, tremble the whole body that Bai Yiyi frightens, moreover these ghosts have exuded smart also the pitiful cry. Ghost.” Bai Yiyi cries, both hands grasp carelessly, she has not managed herself to catch anything. I force to go.” On Xia Tian has the wound, was such grasped by her, the wound must split probably was the same, but this treatment others want are impossible to have. The pain is joyful. You called to break some throat people not to hear, here had been isolated completely.” Was the Black Gown person of head has made the gloomy terrifying sound. In this time, rear team that two Black Gown people mutually looked at one, afterward withdrew from the hospital ward quietly, their movements are very light, several other Black Gown people had not discovered. Xia Tian had not answered that he completely immersed in the red light district. Treasure, give on me, suck dry his Yang spirit and essence.” That several Black Gown people direct their small treasure to clash together to Xia Tian, altogether has 15 ghosts to work.