Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 224

„, The ghost came.” beauty young nurse Bai Yiyi one anxious, that hand made an effort. That 15 ghosts have fired smart all into Xia Tian, when they arrive in front of Xia Tian, the Xia Tian person disappeared. Person?” A big Senior Brother brow wrinkle. Does not know that was lying a moment ago still down in that!” So to be how strange, which other people.” Big Senior Brother looked to the surroundings, has not discovered Xia Tian, a moment ago he when first saw Xia Tian, he knows that Han Zifeng and Zhong Chuhong have not lain. Because the essence and Yang spirit of this person were really too full, such strong Yang spirit his first seeing, he before listened to his master saying that only then true obtaining enlightenment High Monk might have such strong Yang spirit. Thinks that Han Zifeng and Zhong Chuhong, he gawked slightly, turns head to look, but has not seen these two people: „Did you see Han Zifeng and Zhong Chuhong?” They a moment ago not also after behind?” „It is not good, we were possibly swindled, first walked said again.” The big Senior Brother vigilance is very high. „Did I ask you to leave?” As if the mummy same form appears in they five people of front together, happen to keeps off in the entrance of hospital ward, this mummy is hugging beauty, has blocked their way. Kills him.” Big Senior Brother gives a loud shout, all ghosts have killed smart all. I hit.” Xia Tian gives a loud shout, a foot trampled to fly big Senior Brother directly, afterward was a maneuver kicks to kick several other people. Jie Jie!! That 15 ghost spirit has killed at this time. Go away!” Xia Tian gives a loud shout, 15 silver needles project together, hit to fly that 15 ghosts directly spirit. This is how possible, his unexpectedly wound the ghost worked.” Big Senior Brother whole face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian.

Big Senior Brother, we by that two cheap people deceiving.” Blood, gives me your blood.” Big Senior Brother has put out a small cauldron from the bosom, saw that other time several people of this small cauldron stare: Is gawking doing, hurry up.” Big Senior Brother, which this thing do you from come? It is said because this thing lost, Master Zu flew into a rage, has killed many people, in the past and Maoshan founder that war, if there is this thing, perhaps Master Zu can win.” Their several break by biting their finger, the blood drop enters in the small cauldron. This thing had been stolen away by master in the past, before master at the point of death, gives me it.” Big Senior Brother answered. The people then understand that originally this thing was stolen away by their masters. Xia Tian has not moved, visits them in a there drop of blood, his vision locks above that small cauldron, this small cauldron is very strange, seems probably is that the blood dyes, moreover their several saw small cauldron time probably strengthened many beliefs. When their blood drip into to the small cauldron, that 15 ghosts have fired into the small cauldron spirit together, at this moment in the small cauldron has emitted the black air/Qi, the black air/Qi embezzles 15 ghosts instantaneously spirit. Afterward that 15 ghost spirit unexpectedly fuse in together, originally each ghost spirit, only then about one meter size, after the fusion, this ghost turned into a big fatty spirit all of a sudden, the height has happen to gone against the roof, Xia Tian has estimated that the waist were least also has about five meters. The super fatty ghost spirits. I go, is quite fierce.” This fatty ghost presents spirit time, the light of entire this building vanished completely. Kills him.” Big Senior Brother gives a loud shout. A Xia Tian right foot point, arrived at the super fatty ghost spirit front of directly, is the tiny step, a foot has kicked the fatty ghost directly spirit, afterward a small double hit, this fatty fooled around directly trampling to hoodwink by the Xia Tian small double hit. This devil spirit probably is the Yellow Grade late stage strength, although compared with the beforehand little rascal spirit, but also is not the Xia Tian match. Runs away quickly, we are not his match.” Big Senior Brother their night vision abilities are very good, see the Xia Tian Might appearance, runs hurriedly to outside.

Tiny step. Xia Tian appears side them directly, foot all trampled the hospital ward them, that small cauldron Xia Tian naturally cannot be polite, a straight ordering foot point, has kicked on oneself bed. Big Senior Brother and the others the bones quickly had been opened by Xia Tian, their ghosts are also smart wounded: Run.” Their several very distressed ran the hospital. Big Senior Brother, we they were given by Han Zifeng cloudy.” First leaves this, I will not let off absolutely their.” Big Senior Brother angry saying. Perhaps big Senior Brother, you did not have that opportunity.” Han Zifeng and Zhong Chuhong walked from side. You also dare to come out.” Why doesn't dare? Which you currently have not injured, coped with your several do not say is I, hooligan of casual roadside can with ease the solution you.” Han Zifeng sound gloomy terrifying. Han Zifeng, are you how is it?” A big Senior Brother brow wrinkle, touches to own pocket, but he discovered that small cauldron unexpectedly disappears. How is it? Too simple, I just want to kill you, then all takes away your things and ghosts spirit.” Han Zifeng said. Do not go too far, we are the same side, now has other branches also to live, if you have killed us, you same are unable to contend with them.” Big Senior Brother wants to persuade Han Zifeng. Junior Sister, begins.” Han Zifeng said that he and Zhong Chuhong control their ghost spirit to kill to that several people. Slaughter. Han Zifeng, you die like a dog.” Before big Senior Brother at the point of death, shouts.

Snort, does not kill your our two dead like a dog.” Han Zifeng said. Senior Brother, receives the ghost to work first.” Zhong Chuhong said. Good, your eight, my seven.” Han Zifeng said. After they receive the ghost spirit, flipped on that several corpses of ground, all plundered their materials and treasure, but they looked for quite a while, had not found the thing from big Senior Brother. This time Xia Tian returned to hospital bed, his is hugging one, hugs two females in the bosom, Bai Yiyi feared the ghost, that situation may frighten a moment ago heavily her, the courage of Lin Bingbing is very big, moreover she has also seen the deceased person, before she never believed in this world fishy, since previous time matter, she has also had the fear to this thing. A moment ago after these ghost spirit syntheses, unexpectedly also sent out the ghost to call, therefore she also frightened heavily. Xia Tian is enjoying the feeling of this being surrounded by beautiful women, this feeling was really too crisp. At this moment, the lamp shone. Lamp one bright, their courage came up. The face of Bai Yiyi and on Lin Bingbing is one red, fled the bosom of Xia Tian directly. Xia Tian has not sufficed crisply: How this damn light bulb shone, I said the people who why was in love disliked the electric lamp bulb.” Do not talk nonsense, matter did not permit to say.” Lin Bingbing warned.