Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 227
It seems like your trouble is really not small.” A Bai Yu face smiling face looks at Xia Tian. Said that looks.” Xia Tian looks at Bai Yu to ask. He is the Hidden Sect person, wants to kill him is almost impossible.” Bai Yu said. moda foka.” Xia Tian has gotten hold of the fist. You do not need too to be worried, because in Hidden Sect will have an important matter tomorrow, Jiang Tianshu will certainly go back, this going back, in his perhaps one year should unable to return to Jianghai.” Bai Yu said. „Did you determine?” Xia Tian excited looks to Bai Yu. Naturally, this time matter was very big, he will certainly go back.” Bai Yu nodded. Xia Tian without demur, has dialed the Brother Xiaoma mobile number directly. Brother Xiaoma, you did not use, Jiang Tianshu will leave Jianghai tomorrow, in one year will not come back.” What, weren't you start to him?” No.” „Do you determine?” Determination.” Good, since he will walk tomorrow, I start to counter-attack tonight.” After Brother Xiaoma has hung up the telephone, has dialed the Grandfather Huo telephone directly, after Grandfather Huo receives the Brother Xiaoma call, the incomparable excitement, he was old, really does not want to leave here. That night, Jiang Hai City has more than 800 people missing. What's the matter?” Jiang Tianshu angry shouting. Ma Yongzhen and that old fogy of fire has counter-attacked, our planted agents were all killed.” Yu He answered. Hateful, I must kill off them, the soldier elder brother, you goes, you go to kill them to me.” Jiang Tianshu said. At this moment, Jiang Tianshu cell phone sound. Jiang Tianshu had not spoken, but is hearing that side sound, the complexion was getting more and more ugly, after hanging up the telephone: You tidy up, returns to Hidden Sect with me.” Good.” In Jianghai University. Senior Sister, Hidden Sect has the important matter, the master wants us to go back immediately.” Spirit said.

Yun Miao looked at out of the window, her some do not abandon, but she does not know one have anything not to abandon, possibly is a person, she has taken a paper, inscribes above: Is predestined friends says goodbye.” The inscription is Yun Miao. Then has put in the paper the envelope, on the envelope writes Xia Tian to receive: Helps me deliver to Literature and Art Department to go.” Senior Sister, you will not have a liking for him, I acknowledged that he is a little graceful, is the type that I like, but his too color.” Spirit said. Your little devil, you are big.” Head of Yun Miao nod spirit. I with you am a schoolmate, you said that I am big.” Spirit discontented saying. Takes off the red cloud bellyband, you is a nine -year-old child.” Yun Miao said. After Bai Yu left, Xia Tian starts cultivation Heaven Absolute Wake. Next morning, Xia Tian has dialed the Young Aunt cell phone. Young Aunt, I must study (spear|gun).” Studies the (spear|gun)? Good, in special Operations Office marksmanship good also really has many.” Whose marksmanship is best?” Marksmanship best is seven and other Wu Daniu in group, he had stayed in the Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team before, after retiring, came our Operations Office, his marksmanship should be in entire Jianghai Operations Office is specially best.” He, one will make him go to the training ground.” After Xia Tian has hung up the telephone, on cell phone had demonstrated has not met, is older female cousin. older female cousin, you thought me.” Thinks that your big end of ghost, Literature and Art Department has your letter.” Which young miss certainly is unrequited loves me, to love letter that I write.” Narcissistic craziness, you take.” older female cousin, you disassembled to help me read.” You determined that makes me open?” Opens.” Volume, is Yun Miao writes for your.”

What writes?” Four characters, are predestined friends say goodbye.” I knew.” Xia Tian has hung up the telephone. This brat, when did with Yun Miao.” Ye Qingxue puzzled saying. After Xia Tian has hung up the telephone, walks toward specially Operations Office, he understands that Yun Miao should be returns to Hidden Sect: Yeah, it seems like had the opportunity I also to go to Hidden Sect, cannot make others rob my woman.” After arriving at specially the Operations Office training ground, Xia Tian saw a thin man. Teacher is good.” Wu Daniu salutes to Xia Tian. Does not use politely, knows that I do let the goal that you come?” Xia Tian said. Department head said.” Wu Daniu straight standing there. Does not use such constrained, teaches me to play the (spear|gun) on the line.” Xia Tian said. Yes, teacher.” Wu Daniu salutes once more. Xia Tian shows a faint smile, this fellow interesting: Goes to outside the training ground.” Outside the training ground is a piece of jungle, after arriving at the target training ground, seven and other Leader also arrived. Big cow, demonstrated first your marksmanship has a look to the teacher.” Seven and other Leader shouted. The big cow has put out Sniper Rifle from that volley directly. 200 meters move the hostage target.” Seven and other Leader shouted one. Bang! Center a (spear|gun) the forehead of target. Good marksmanship.” Xia Tian said that Wu Daniu almost did not have to aim a moment ago, instantaneous to open fire. Teacher, is good too to be now early, true good play also in behind.” Seven and other Leader proud saying. 500 meters move the hostage target.” Seven and other Leader shouted. Bang!

Also is center the forehead. 1000 meters move the hostage target.” Seven and other Leader shouted. 2. After 5 seconds. Bang! Attractive.” Xia Tian said. Teacher, meets you to praise him.” Seven and other Leader complacent saying. Two kilometers, airplane hostage target.” Seven and other Leader shouted. Wu Daniu stretched out the tongue, the finger has gesticulated in the air. Bang! Also is center the forehead. I force to go, two kilometers also hit is so accurate.” Xia Tian admires looks to Wu Daniu. Report teacher, my marksmanship is not good.” Wu Daniu said. Learns from whom.” A Xia Tian foot kicked on the buttocks of Wu Daniu, Wu Daniu unexpectedly dares to tease him. Report teacher, was Leader makes me say.” Wu Daniu said. Your boy, dares to betray me.” Seven and other Leader depressed saying. „, Is you.” Xia Tian smile looks that seven and other Leader said: Combination trains 1000 sets, cannot train not to permit to go home.” Teacher, you uses one's office to redress personal grievances.” Seven and other Leader said. Em.” Xia Tian unexpectedly acknowledged that seven and other Leader helpless shaking the head, ran to the training room, oneself this was really looks for the crime to receive to oneself. Big cow, teaches me to play the (spear|gun).” Xia Tian said. Teacher, I whether now to direct you, if you do not obey my direction, I do not have the confidence to teach you to fire the (spear|gun).” Wu Daniu straight standing there. Ok, now starts you are my teacher, you decide.” Xia Tian nodded. Good, that invited the teacher you, took that to go to the grove to call only the wild rabbit the smallest pistol to come back me.” Wu Daniu cracks into a chuckle.