Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 228

You.” Xia Tian stared Wu Daniu one. Teacher, you must do, you said anything listens my.” Wu Daniu vigilant looks at Xia Tian, the matter of related Operations Office chief teacher, he also has heard specially some, seven groups of Leader told them that the chief teacher sat in a there person all hits to fall face down Leader of their seven groups. Your boy has the development.” Xia Tian loosened the fist, has raised up the thumb to the big cow. You also take a look at anything, calls the rabbit me.” Wu Daniu just found out the foot to trample Xia Tian, he has realized anything, bite back foot. Calculates that you suppress.” For Xia Tian study the (spear|gun) can only endure. Teacher, you bring some bullets, must strike to be killed violently, if the excessive loss of blood rabbit meat is not delicious.” Saying of Wu Daniu face smiling face. Paternal grandmother, my unexpectedly blending this.” Xia Tian took ten cartridge clips, in each cartridge clip has 12 bullets, altogether is 120. Xia Tian took the (spear|gun) and cartridge clip walks toward the jungle, this piece of jungle is specially Operations Office specially the place that is used to train. Just entered the jungle, Xia Tian saw a rabbit. Bang! A (spear|gun) has hit. But hit leaning, he wanted to puncture the head of rabbit a moment ago, therefore aimed intentionally, but this aiming instead hit crookedly: Television performance is not this, so to be how difficult to hit.” He is studying on the television these person of such, 3.1, but unexpectedly has not hit. Comes again.” Bang! Has not been hitting. Comes again!” Bang! Comes again!!” Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Xia Tian a bullet of cartridge clip hit not to have, finally has not hit, that rabbit wild stomped in front of Xia Tian: Irritated me, I wished one could an silver needle to shoot directly, staked you.” Opens the X-Ray Vision eye to try.” Xia Tian opens the X-Ray Vision eye, is searching the rabbit, here rabbit are really many, he locked has been away from his recent that rabbit, that rabbit was hiding in the thick patch of grass at this time. This Xia Tian has not worried, has locked a straight line with the X-Ray Vision eye. Bang! The bullet shot through the head of rabbit directly. Has succeeded, the X-Ray Vision eye is effective.” Xia Tian arrives at the side of rabbit, has carried the rabbit, walks toward outside. Wu Daniu is cleaning a rifle in that saw that Xia Tian carries the rabbit to come out, is bewildered, when he sees the rabbit head bullet hole, the whole person was shocked: Teacher, you determined before you, hasn't played the (spear|gun)?” Has not played.” Xia Tian said. I went, did this also make the person live, I studied to hit the rabbit to study for one month to pass, your unexpectedly has only used for ten minutes.” Wu Daniu envies looks at Xia Tian that the envy hates. That many idle talk that which comes, continue the next project.” Xia Tian said that if not use the X-Ray Vision eye, wants to project on the rabbit really is very difficult. Good.” Wu Daniu takes up in front of Xia Tian that pistol. Both hands make an effort to pinch, all disassembles the pistol that. Afterward Wu Daniu puts out together cloth strip from the waist, covers own eye. Favored.” Wu Daniu fast installs the (spear|gun). Afterward took the cloth strip. Saw clearly? gunners must the spear-play be very familiar, regards as the (spear|gun) is own life, the familiarity of spear-play must be high, you try.” Wu Daniu to Xia Tian was saying that this move of I have studied for a half year, must discuss the speed of assembly (spear|gun), that may nobody be able to catch up with me.” Xia Tian both hands place on these components. Along with later student Wu Daniu appearance, both hands fast load. Volume!” Wu Daniu was shocked.

Because Xia Tian has assembled the (spear|gun) . Moreover the speed is not slower than him many. „The first assembly, is a little out of practice.” Xia Tian Spiritual Force is very strong, the memory is the terrifying, both hands flexibility is not worse than anybody, therefore the assembly (spear|gun) does not have any difficulty regarding him. Teacher, are you a person? You is a anomaly.” Wu Daniu has cried quickly. Next.” Xia Tian said. Good, copes with your this anomaly to come to select ruthlessly, this AK is taking, is studying my posture, the careful recoil, some people of eyes were almost hit by the recoil blindly.” Wu Daniu threw to Xia Tian AK, afterward AK shouldered the hand on the shoulder, 3.1. Ping ping! In 300 meters target, all in nine tenth rings, without any (spear|gun) undershoot, Wu Daniu proud looks at Xia Tian. Xia Tian also took up AK to study the Wu Daniu appearance, shouldered on the shoulder, the X-Ray Vision eye opened, a (spear|gun) projected. Bang! Ping! Target front hostage successful was killed by Xia Tian. Congratulates the teacher, you succeed killed the hostage.” Wu Daniu has raised up the thumb. How I cannot aim.” Xia Tian doubts looks to Wu Daniu. This studies the second main point of (spear|gun), wants the spear-play the performance to understand, moreover must also calculate the recoil of (spear|gun).” Wu Daniu said. „Is that so long as I did make the recoil of (spear|gun) disappear do not have the issue?” Xia Tian asked. How possible, that instantaneous recoil effort is several hundred jin (0.5 kg), is unable to control forcefully, therefore we need to do adapts.” Wu Daniu answered. Xia Tian has not spoken, both hands grip AK, the both feet come to a stop in the ground, afterward the X-Ray Vision eye opens, 3.1. Ping ping! A series of bullets make, without any (spear|gun) undershoot. All is six tenth rings above.

Teacher, I have determined, you is a anomaly.” Wu Daniu could not say incoming call. Then does?” Xia Tian asked. „The probabilities of nine tenth rings over 50%.” Wu Daniu continues to scratch his (spear|gun). In special Operations Office. Department head, annual region martial arts contest will draw near, moreover this year is three years a time total place contends in martial arts.” Em, I knew, in the evening I inform Xia Tian.” Ye Wan nodded clearly. Department head, we have not resulted in the region first, this time has the summer teacher, perhaps we can win the region champion.” Petty, has Xia Tian, I must with always locate first.” Ye Wan stared her assistant one eyes clearly. In training ground. Wu Daniu dumbfounded looks at front all these: Teacher, you are study (spear|gun) genius that hundred years rare meet, here has a (spear|gun) god rare book, collects your ten dollars, you study, safeguarded the world peace mission to give you.” Wu Daniu, you leave to me.” Xia Tian gives a loud shout. „.” Wu Daniu straight standing in front of Xia Tian. Afterward Wu Daniu turned the head to look to that target, at this time the nine tenth rings of that target had been beaten by Xia Tian. What next is?” Xia Tian asked. Report teacher, studies the dog.” Wu Daniu said. Studies the dog?” A Xia Tian foot kicked directly on the buttocks of Wu Daniu, a foot has kicked him.