Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 229

Wu Daniu had been kicked by the foot of Xia Tian directly, a moment ago what he wants to say studies the skill of (spear|gun), but Xia Tian has not given the opportunity that he explained that the opportunity that he guarded against did not have, now his body is just right lying on the ground. Wu Daniu lies on the ground shouts loudly: Teacher, I now am your instructor.” I am specially the Operations Office chief teacher, I have the right of reneging on a promise.” Xia Tian said. Teacher, I am teaching you to study the (spear|gun).” Wu Daniu suffering from injustice saying: I said study the dog is makes you use the tongue induction wind the direction and speed, judges the flying speed and path of bullet with this.” You early did not say.” Xia Tian said. Different (spear|gun)s have their fire area, in the 50% distances of fire area the path of bullet will not have the change, if over 50% times, the bullet by the wind influence the path, at this time we are needed to know that the wind speed affected many, thus the line adjusts.” Wu Daniu threw blockade (spear|gun) to Xia Tian: You try to hit 500 meters distance.” Xia Tian takes Sniper Rifle to study the Wu Daniu appearance, shoulders on the shoulder. Bang! Wu Daniu happen to hits loyalty 100 points. You adapt to the adaptation.” Wu Daniu continues to clean a rifle. Xia Tian takes up Sniper Rifle, has aimed at goal, nine tenth rings. Teacher, Sniper Rifle is not good to control, you adapt first some time.” Wu Daniu sits there continues to clean a rifle. Truly such as Wu Daniu said that Sniper Rifle is more difficult than to grasp the ordinary (spear|gun), before Xia Tian thinks that Sniper Rifle should be simplest, because he has the telescopic sights, but truly uses time he discovered that this (spear|gun) wants accurate, even if half millimeter is very difficult. The telescopic sights must act according to own custom to adjust. It is not the center of telescopic sights is the goal. Regardless of any telescopic sights are unable precisely to become such, must look at person and tacit understanding between (spear|gun), this is also the primary cause that in the sniper ordinary circumstances will not change why the (spear|gun). The dim light of night arrives, Xia Tian has been practicing Sniper Rifle. You are my~ oh my big apple~. Young Aunt, any matter.” „Are you still practicing the (spear|gun)?” Em.” Special Operations Office has the competition after a period of time, when you have a look to arrange.” I practiced the (spear|gun).” After Xia Tian has hung up the telephone , to continue to lie on the ground, maintains that posture, he now in the relation posture, is occupied by this posture by his body custom and memory. Teacher, the rabbit meat roasted.” Wu Daniu threw half rabbit to Xia Tian. Xia Tian eliminated that half rabbit fast, then continues to lie there, since cultivation Heaven Absolute Wake, every night Xia Tian rests is very good, but this time, the Xia Tian enough three days three nights has not slept, his behind Wu Daniu could not shoulder, poured falls asleep in the thick patch of grass. Three days later. Teacher, the wind speed you also learned, that then must go to study some bullet and constitution of mask, drew an analogy, the different bullet penetrating power was many, the constitution of building putting on that needed several (spear|gun)s to hit wait / etc..” After these three days of trainings, Wu Daniu must admire dead Xia Tian simply, Xia Tian has learned he three years of skill with three days. Present Xia Tian lacks, only then experienced. Big cow, later has matter to need to help to look for me.” Xia Tian said that left the training ground. Returned to specially Operations Office. Martial arts contest that Young Aunt, you said what's the matter?” Xia Tian asked. That is specially the Operations Office internal contest, every year the region will carry on a competition, three years carry on a time total place to contend in martial arts.” Ye Wan answered clearly. What compares?” Xia Tian asked. Project of competition has, the firearms, assaulting, the jungle warfare, jumps over the field operation wait / etc..” Ye Wan said clearly.

I do not understand to these.” Xia Tian said. „Do you want to make your skill stronger?” Ye Wan asked clearly. Naturally.” Xia Tian said. That was simple, you join the special troops, so long as you treat some time in the special troops, your overall strength has been promoted.” Ye Wan said clearly. Special troops, but I cannot delay the university to begin school.” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle. I have not made you become a soldier, nobody restricts your freedom, you only needed to study some patterns and their learning modes were good, I from you expected that was very high, we processed have not taken the region first, this time I hope that you can always locate first to take to me.” Ye Wan said clearly. Thump! Comes.” Department head, emergency case.” Said.” Jiang Hai City smashes base of one group of narcotics organizations, most people had been killed, but that head caught a pregnant woman to work as the hostage.” Called the big cow to go, must give my guarantor qualitative security.” Ye Wan said clearly. Department head, big cow three days three nights have not rested, now make him go, perhaps.” The Ye Wan clear assistant spoke of here time looked at Xia Tian, because these huge cows have been accompanying Xia Tian. I go.” Xia Tian has stood. „Do you go? You have studied three days of (spear|gun), you must do, that has the pregnant woman to work as the hostage.” Ye Wan said clearly. Goes to make Sniper Rifle to me.” Xia Tian said. You. Good, goes to take to him, but you must assure the hostage safety to me.” Ye Wan said clearly. After Xia Tian has attained Sniper Rifle, Ye Wan drove to deliver to the scene him clearly, on the vehicle, Xia Tian has been familiar with this Sniper Rifle. Ye Wan clear did not feel relieved that also called the big cow. Airplane, I want the airplane, 10 million dollars.” You, we were consulting with above calmly.” Consulted anything, if you did not prepare the airplane and cash to me, my to open fire.” Gangster is very excited, he in frightened, his leg has been trembling. Do not be excited.” The police also and gangster socialize there. Several snipers have prepared there, but they do not dare to open fire. What kind, has confidence?” Ye Wan asked clearly. Department head, the situation is not quite good, that person hides in blind spot, moreover his is a little excited, the (spear|gun) absolutely does not have the means to aim at him, now only then means that puncture the leg of pregnant woman, kills that gangster while a time (spear|gun) that the pregnant woman body pours.” Wu Daniu said. „It is not good, this too take risked.” Ye Wan said clearly. Bang! At this moment a gunshot transmits, hears this gunshot the time, all people were shocked. „The (spear|gun) that who fires, your TM daring to open fire, I have killed the hostage.” Bang! Also is a (spear|gun), this Ye Wan looked clearly to Xia Tian, these two (spear|gun)s were Xia Tian started a moment ago, heard the second gunshot, the mood of gangster lost control completely, the police also started to curse at people there.

Hateful.” Xia Tian discovered that person unexpectedly moved the footsteps. ____________ Ps: Brothers I discovered that this chapter and under between that chapter that chapters was sealed, now I the sealed chapter will send below. Many people think that the marksmanship of this person was also too bad, unexpectedly all hit on the wall, but some people had also discovered Xia Tian goal, discovered that he was wants to put on the wall, saw such scene, the opposite highway robber has been vigilant suddenly. I feared that knows you must do, do not put on the wall to kill me?” That highway robber crazy under moves body. Since he had discovered the Xia Tian goal, his little darling same place will not be waiting for death. His slight moved the body, this is for does not make Xia Tian project on him, but he had not discovered that this moves, his body and a steel and iron parapet turned into the triangle. Good opportunity.” Xia Tian at present immediately one bright, at this moment his third (spear|gun) has hit. Bang! The third (spear|gun) hits, the bullet scratched directly above the metal rail. Puff! The head pierced the head of highway robber directly. Has succeeded, Xia Tian such successful has rescued the hostage. Surrounding all people all present all has been shocked, they saw most lets their inconceivable one, this has only appeared in the movie, only appears in the legend. The big cow and Ye Wan sentiment has also opened the mouth. They may know that is (spear|gun) that Xia Tian fires, but they have not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly has succeeded, after all Xia Tian just studied (spear|gun) several days, on this day bestowed on is also too terrifying. Even if the big cow will not refract. Bullet corner this is a skill, moreover is very rare skill, so long as the bullet scratches in the metal, that more or less will have the path change, such path made the bullet present the deviation, created the refraction, but the different material qualitative bullets and different objects bumped into the effect of reflecting are completely different. This needs to calculate precisely. Overseas. Elder brother master. Your younger brother had been killed, is the police does.” Under a famous artisan report said. Kun master who hears this news sat on the chair directly, has pondered the moment, afterward on his face presented the angry expression, at this moment he was angry, he has a dream has not thought that his younger brother unexpectedly died. Called Jake.” Kun Sai said that younger brother's death attacks to him very in a big way. His younger brother said that must go to China to do business personally, he had not agreed that but his younger brother's temperament was too stubborn, has hoped can display to him looked, therefore his younger brother hid the truth from him to go to China. Just started him not to care, because he sent for protecting his younger brother. But at this moment, he heard younger brother's death, this makes his first idea kill people, revenges to the younger brother. Yes, the elder brother master, is Jake their prices is very expensive.” Under the famous artisan said. Bang! The Kunming masters work on his collar, directly him according to on strong wicked saying: I make you call Jake.” His such younger brother, a family member, what a pity his younger brother unexpectedly died, he pledged now, regardless of pays any price, must revenge for his younger brother. He must that to pay the price, he must make China pay the price. In a while, Jake came. Elder brother master, heard that you do have the matter to confess us?” mercenary looked that said to Kun Sai, but in his eyes Kun Sai the super client, money many that this person he cannot offend. Whose looks up to me is to open fire kills my younger brother.” The Kun Sai sound is hoarse.

Elder brother master, China, but mercenary Forbidden Land.” mercenary said. Kun Sai holds his collar, entrained own front: My younger brother died.” Elder brother master, you feel relieved.” Was mercenary of head walked. Jake, I give you 50 million dollars, helping me cause China that thing, simultaneously adds on my younger brother's bone ash and kills my younger brother that person of head.” Kun Sai sound hoarse saying. After Xia Tian has killed that gangster, left with Ye Wan clearly. I must join the special troops.” On the vehicle, Xia Tian said. „Did you think through?” Ye Wan asked clearly. If my these three days have not studied the (spear|gun), that pregnant woman must die without doubt.” Xia Tian said. Good, I give you to relate the southeastern military region, but after you pass , the status is just ordinary outstanding soldier Xia Tian, but is not specially Operations Office chief teacher Xia Tian, yes?” Ye Wan asked clearly. I understand.” Xia Tian understands the meaning of Young Aunt, this for not the exposed status, will not make people feel that said is goes through the motions wait / etc.. He delivered the past material when the time comes is defies the military order three gunshots to kill the gangster. One, will take plane.” Ye Wan said clearly. Good.” Xia Tian nodded. Good, you process first, just before leaving before , hands over the cell phone.” Ye Wan said clearly. Xia Tian goes to money Captain there, wanted the blue cloud dagger, then and Zeng Ruo Brother Xiaoma also has Bai Yiyi Ye Qingxue and other humanity to leave, he only said one must go to an outside area, had not said. Knows from Bai Yiyi there that his family these people after the person of Xia Tian treatment, the sickness were good, in these people that has not treated an illness the deceased person, his uncle also almost died, scolds Xia Tian that. Now his uncle is willing to spend. However Xia Tian has rejected, Xia Tian said that he came back to say again. Bai Yiyi that uncle is called Bai Mang, previous treating an illness time, just started saying that Xia Tian is a swindler, afterward is not willing to spend, now he tasted the painful taste, saw the night of person moon/month circle these cure is the same with the ordinary people, his envy. Therefore he also planned to spend to treat an illness. After saying goodbye several people, Xia Tian took plane, is the ordinary passenger plane, is not that type of helicopter, he does not have that big right, making the helicopter meet him. Long is so big, Xia Tian first taking plane. Xia Tian sat in one by the position of window. Ai ya mother, takes plane is different, this following person, with ant same size.” Is thin the man to say. ! By him that fatty comes up is a palm of the hand: SB, that is ant, the airplane has not taken off.” „, Has not taken off.” The thin people have patted the chest: Service person, gives me to come the bottle white liquor to help get over a shock.” Is unfair to the gentleman, on the airplane does not have the liquor.” Saying of stewardess coming politeness. ! That fatty was a palm of the hand hits on the face of thin person. SB, you think that you drove to frighten, but also drank the bottle liquor to help get over a shock, this TM was an airplane, your country bumpkin, this has the place of scale?” The fat people educate to say. Big brother, you have experience.” Saying that the thin people admire. beauty, gives me to come cup 82 years of Raphai.” The fat people have saying of demeanor. „, Said.” Thin person saying of looking pensive: beauty gives me to come a bottle 82 years of Wahaha.”