Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 230

The stewardesses look at these two two B speechless, however the manner of stewardess is still very good: Excuse me, this does not have.” What does your this have?” The thin people asked. Has the water.” The stewardesses said. That gives me to come a bottle 82 years of mineral water.” The thin people said. ! The fat people have given her a palm of the hand: „Can SB , 82 year mineral water also drink?” Xia Tian is watching the fun, the person of his side that seat has come up, is a female, but she wears the hat, eyeglasses, moreover enclosed the face with the silk qualitative scarf. She hides her whole piece face. Xia Tian very interested takes a look at the female, the X-Ray Vision eye is looking to the female that this looked seriously, this female unexpectedly was a big star, the star who Xia Tian knew are not many, but this female he knew that now most works as one of the red female stars. She is the representative of idol and real power faction, on the avenue is her advertisement and propaganda, Xia Tian wants not to know that everywhere she is impossible. However Xia Tian is very strange, how the big star like her goes out not to sit the first-class cabin, moreover a side assistant and security do not have. The females felt the Xia Tian vision, turned the head discontentedly looked at Xia Tian one, but she has all covered her face, therefore her expression is unable to transmit to Xia Tian. Big brother, I felt that my today's hairstyle is unattractive.” The thin people said. ! That fatty was a palm of the hand has hit. SB, your clown has not related with your hairstyle.” The fat people scolded. You said probably is very reasonable, I had nothing to say in reply unexpectedly.” The thin people nodded. Xia Tian looks that big star shows a faint smile: Big star, or do you sit in inside?” Hears the Xia Tian words, that female star stares slightly, she looks vigilantly to Xia Tian, she most fears is the exposed status, perhaps such will be photographed surreptitiously or is kidnapped by others, now Xia Tian unexpectedly has recognized her. Looks at anything to look that does not trade to knock it off.” Xia Tian said. Trades.” That female star sits outside truly felt that is very uncomfortable, moreover must worry about the surrounding situation, if she sits in inside, only needed a vigilant Xia Tian person to be good.

Xia Tian and that female star traded changing positions to set. How you do not sit the first-class cabin, moreover your assistant and bodyguard?” Asking of Xia Tian doubts. „Do you know me?” The female star asked question in the heart finally. Did not know that has blamed, on the avenue is the products that you represented, moreover there is a propaganda of your new movie also to paste everywhere was.” Xia Tian said. My conceal was so deep, you can also look.” The female star asked. In your airplane ticket writes.” Xia Tian refers to the half airplane ticket that in the female pants pocket has revealed that on that is writing Yang Ziqi. rascal.” The female star stared Xia Tian one, because her airplane ticket tramples in the buttocks pocket. I also do not have you to be what kind, I how on rascal.” Xia Tian said. Big brother, on the airplane has cake? I want to eat the pie volume green onion.” That thin person also spoke. ! That fatty was a palm of the hand has hit: Your SB, you is a well.” Big brother, what meaning?” The thin people asked. ! Also is a palm of the hand: Your SB, you in any case are one two.” You are also a well.” Female star Yang Ziqi looked at Xia Tian one to say. Xia Tian speechless, oneself lie down is also being hit. Fellow passengers, the airplane must take off immediately, please is the good safety belt.” Big brother, the airplane makes you be the safety belt.” The thin people said. ! The fat people came up to give him a palm of the hand: SB, you look at this safety belt, am I on? His length also insufficiently my half waist.”

Because the fat people the body is too fat, the safety belt insufficiently has not grown to the end. Big brother, my long, otherwise I my give you half.” The thin people said. ! The fat people were a palm of the hand have hit: Your SB, asking stewardess to take one to be good.” The thin people have put out the cell phone. Big brother, I joined in a doctor group a moment ago, they were discussing that now an issue, said the issue of gravity, a water drop the words that drops from the upper air, in the computation the gravity acceleration, can penetrate the steel and iron, I felt that they quite learned, I must be subdued by their years of schooling simply.” The thin people said. ! Your SB, you ask that their heavy rain.” The fat people said. Yeah, right, raining time not, Big brother, is you are intelligent.” The thin people said. ! The fat people is a palm of the hand. Your SB, I , if less intelligent than you, I am your big brother?” Fatty proud saying. Big brother, they my T.” The thin people said. ! Fatty palm of the hand hits special is skilled. Your SB, the airplane must take off, you also play the cell phone, quickly closes down.” The fat people said. The stewardesses also took a section of safety belt to give the fatty, although this situation was uncommon, but on the airplane had the measure. The airplane took off quickly. That thin person whole body trembles. !

What do you shake to shake?” The fat people have given the thin person a palm of the hand. Big brother, I have not flown, I am afraid fall down.” The thin people said. ! You fear anything, I not side you.” The fat people said. Right, the big brother you side me, I do not fear.” Thin person excited saying. Their nearby people like looking at two B visits them. The airplane took off finally. „, This is the feeling of taking plane.” Xia Tian says with emotion. In the airplane is very peaceful, all people heard the Xia Tian words, immediately all people looked to him, that was the vision that despised, side Xia Tian female star Yang Ziqi has turned the head, probably tells others, I did not know that he was the same. Big brother, he is also first taking plane.” The thin people said. ! A fatty palm of the hand claps. Your SB, I heard.” The fat people said. Xia Tian also really very much admires that thin person, from boarding the airplane was slapped several to the present, on the face has still been full of the smiling face . Moreover the palm of the hand point of fatty is heavy, but his matter does not have. After the airplane flew for more than 20 minutes. Fellow passengers hello, now I tell you not a good matter, you had been kidnapped.” In the broadcast has broadcast a voice of man. Afterward walks five men from front, in their each individual hand is taking a submachine gun. Behind comes out a man, in his hand is taking two pistols, evidently is their leaders. I want two things, a box and jade, so long as you hand over these two things, I can assure your securities, otherwise, you must die.” Is head saying of that person of coldly.