Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 231

Hijacks this matter only to see on television, but some people have hijacked at this time, all people stare, the feeling is not a little real. Bang! A gunshot, attendants poured in the pool of blood directly, but he has not died, his leg was fired a (spear|gun). Ah! pitiful yell sound sends out from the mouth of that attendants. Their to open fire goal is to warn the passenger on airplane, they are not joke, they meet to open fire , the person in engine room all was also shocked, their this looked to understand, this group of people were the real highway robbers. Xia Tian felt obviously the side that female star Yang Ziqi is very anxious. Big brother, bumps into the hijack.” That thin person said. ! Your SB, I saw.” The fat people come up is a palm of the hand. They have immediately brought to the attention of these highway robbers. You give me honestly, otherwise me, as soon as has shot dead you.” Was the person of head looked at their one eyes. His behind that several people have aimed at that fatty and thin person the muzzle. Big brother, they have the (spear|gun).” The thin people said. ! The fat people were a palm of the hand have hit. Your SB, I saw certainly them to have the (spear|gun).” The fat people said. You shut up to me.” Is the highway robber of head visits them angrily. The fat people and thin people do not speak. I said again, I want two things, a box and jade, so long as you hand over these two things, I can assure your securities, otherwise, you must die.” Is a that person said again.

Nobody spoke. That box and jade in whose that?” The highway robbers shout once more. Boss, their agree did not say.” The following highway robber said. Draws to me these stewardesses.” The leader of highway robber shouts. The stewardesses on airplane had been drawn by highway robber, at this time these stewardess whole faces are panic-stricken, because this airplane had been controlled by this group of highway robbers, now on this airplane has more than ten holding a gun highway robbers, moreover there is a bomb, the cockpit was also kidnapped by them. These beautiful stewardesses, on the face are flurried. I told you, you did not use report any fantasy, this harnessed the airplane completely to be seized by our people including the cockpit, moreover we also in airplane upper garment bomb, if you were dishonest, I will detonate the bomb, when the time comes you played.” The leader of highway robber shouts. „The thing that you want, we absolutely do not have, you let off us.” Words that you ask for money, our money can give you.” On me all valuable can give you.” These person of flurried shouting. I do not want your money, I want that box and that jade, this different thing now somebody's body in you.” The highway robber leader said: I am very benevolent, I do not want to kill people.” I warned you, from now on, one minute I kill a stewardess, killed the stewardess I to start to kill you.” The highway robber leader said. Thing on whom, quickly hands over.” Wealth is the things, you cannot harm everybody.” Who is, a bit faster hands over.” The person on airplane talked, everyone is afraid of death. Attractive stewardess.” Gangster right hand, pulled up one to squat directly in the stewardess of ground.

On the face of that stewardess has written all over the fear. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.” When that highway robber counts to one, his muzzle has aimed on the head of that stewardess. All people all covered their eye. Hey, your many do grown man, what skill bully a woman is?” Xia Tian stands up. Thing on you?” Highway robber Chief looked that asked to Xia Tian. Not.” Xia Tian said. You court death.” Highway robber Chief as if lost the patience to be the same, has aimed at Xia Tian the muzzle. „Did I speak incorrectly? You help the big masters bully several girls, what skill is this?” Xia Tian looks that these highway robbers shout. What you know in my hand is what thing?” Highway robber Chief asked. (Spear|Gun).” Xia Tian said. I the trigger that so long as the buckle begins, on your head will present a hole.” Highway robber Chief wicked saying. I do not believe you to dare to open fire.” Xia Tian looks that highway robber Chief said. Hears the Xia Tian words, the people of entire airplane think that he is SB, facing these many (spear|gun)s time, unexpectedly also dares to stand, this with courting death anything has not distinguished. Side Xia Tian that female star sees Xia Tian to stand, the whole person appears very flurried, enclosed own entire face with the scarf. You have a look at me to dare to open fire.” The finger of highway robber has deducted to the trigger. All people understand that he wanted to open fire. Wait / Etc..” A 50-year-old person has stood, this person of body is straight, is upright. „Who are you?” Highway robber Chief looks to him.

„Who I am unimportant, thing that more importantly you want in my this.” That person has put out a black iron box, the iron box was a little plain, understands at a glance some years. Calculates that you know the limitation.” That highway robber leader has met the box, in the picture with hand has contrasted, exactly the same. Thing you have attained, can release people?” That person asked. Jade? So long as you hand over the jade, I can guarantee that your will not die, the airplane safely will also descend, but if you do not hand over, I killing.” That highway robber leader said. I do not know any jade, I only then this box.” That person said. I, no matter, if you do not hand over that jade, I first have killed the brat of this stewardess and that not knowing the immensity of heaven and earth.” The highway robbers said loudly: I look up three integers, your several give me to open fire.” As we all know, this time is earnest. Although he seems does not want to kill people, but his behind that group of highway robbers look are not the friendly stubbles. One.” All people reported breath. Two.” The tears of that stewardess flowed, in entire engine room exceptionally peaceful, anybody has not spoken. Three.” In my this.” These two sounds almost simultaneously shouted. That sound from Xia Tian transmits, that person of female star Yang Ziqi that stands, at this time her in the hand is taking together the stone of crescent moon, this stone is very strange, but seems did not have what difference with the ordinary stone. That highway robber leader takes that strange stone satisfied nod, afterward spoke a few words in the lip language to that several subordinates, at the same time on his face presented the bloodthirsty expression. Boss, he used the lip language saying that all killed here person.” That thin person light saying.