Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 232

Reason that highway robber chief a moment ago has not killed people, to let these passengers thinks them for the thing, so long as they are willing to hand over the thing, that these highway robbers will not kill people. This is he most commonly used technique, he knows, once he killed people, in these person of hearts only then frightened, when the time comes wanted to find the thing to trouble. He had not planned to let off the passenger on airplane. What, can they kill people?” Fatty time has not hit the thin person. Big brother, he was said to these people a moment ago.” The thin people said. ! The fat people were a palm of the hand have hit. Your SB, begins.” A fatty palm of the hand has hit, at the same time, the thin person has put out two lignin throwing knives from the waist. Puff! Puff! Two throwing knives pierce the right hands of two highway robbers directly, the thin person and fatty simultaneously leave on the ground, their positions had been punctured by the bullet, the surrounding these passengers all run distant. Begins to me, does not remain.” Is highway robber mean saying of head, this time he has not used the lip language, but was saying directly loudly. This all people are whole face fear. You, fight a battle to force a quick decision.” The person of speech a moment ago put out that person of box. After that fatty and thin person hear the words of this person, gets rid, the fatty both feet tramples. These highway robbers take up the (spear|gun) to project like fatty. Puff puff! At this moment wooden throwing knife in thin person hand shot through the right hands of these highway robbers once more. Is the highway robber of head stares slightly, runs hurriedly to the forecastle, there also has their people.

Meanwhile the both feet of fatty trampled on the bodies of these highway robbers, that several highway robbers were trampled to pour by him directly in the place, falls to the ground not to get up. Your two brothers, break to me they several hands, throws the (spear|gun).” That person said. Senior Official, matter our two brothers of going all out went to be good, did you want the (spear|gun) to do?” The fat people said. shenma two brothers, I order you to throw the (spear|gun).” That Senior Official shouts. Throws throws.” The fat people all threw ground that five submachine guns to that Senior Official. Bang! At this moment a gunshot transmits, all people have all lain, the sound of gunfire transmits from the forecastle, there is a first-class cabin. Was bad.” That Senior Official said that at the same time, the gate of first-class cabin was opened, a corpse was thrown. They started to kill people. Outside person is listening, so long as you hold that fatty and thin person, I let off you.” In the broadcast has broadcast a moment ago the voice of that highway robber leader. Blames you, if a moment ago were not you have angered that group of people, their how possibly to open fire murder.” Others must let off us, was you implicates us.” You quickly surrender, do not harm us.” In the engine room has broadcast the voices of these passengers immediately, they started to accuse that to shenma two brothers, thinks that was not they, this group of highway robbers will not kill people. Xia Tian also saw the spoken language of that highway robber leader a moment ago, truly kills off all people. You shut up to me.” That Senior Official shouts loudly: You think that they didn't get rid that group of people to let off you? Has a dream, they have not planned to let off anybody, they do not cover the face, from most starts to silence a witness of crime obviously.” Hears his words, these people were really peaceful.

I listen to them to call you Senior Official, are you senior officials of army?” A person asked. I am the brigade commander in southeast military region, I promised that I will certainly try to protect everybody's safety, moreover I will also find the way to rescue the front hostage.” The military region brigade commanders are comforting everybody's mood. Hearing was the brigade commander in military region, the heart of people really puts down. Mr. Senior Official, they in airplane upper garment bomb . Moreover the cockpit was also kidnapped by them.” A stewardess stands up hurriedly. Xia Tian stands up, trend slowly a moment ago the stewardess of that falling to the ground, her frightened heavy, Xia Tian right hand, drew her directly in the bosom, then has placed on own seat: „The pretty woman lies on the ground will also catch cold.” Sees the Xia Tian procedure, all people stare, this, his unexpectedly also had the thoughts to pick up the little girl. Mr. Senior Official, gives me a (spear|gun).” Xia Tian has revealed own credential, but this is not specially that credential of Operations Office chief teacher, but is the credential of southeast military region. „Are you also the southeast military region?” Senior Official asked. Em, but I am only an ordinary sniper.” Xia Tian replied. Your unexpectedly is a sniper.” Senior Official surprised is sizing up Xia Tian. In credential has written, this also has the application that I reported.” Xia Tian said. Senior Official received the application in Xia Tian hand, above writes several lines of large characters: Super sniper Xia Tian, applied to enter the Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team.” Good, so long as you solve the hostage successfully, applied for me to give you to approve, the Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team was I under most excellent special troops, they were inside class leader.” Senior Official referred to shenma two brothers saying. That was held the past stewardess by Xia Tian, now the mood was also more moderate, sees the Xia Tian back, she a little liked on Xia Tian suddenly, the opposite party wanted to open fire a moment ago time was Xia Tian has saved her. She likes becoming a soldier since childhood, at this time had been rescued by Xia Tian, therefore she regarded the hero in her mind Xia Tian directly. Female star Yang Ziqi is also surprised looks at Xia Tian, she has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly becomes a soldier. Senior Official threw to a Xia Tian (spear|gun).

One minute!” Xia Tian said. What one minute?” Senior Official puzzled asking. But Xia Tian has not spoken, but runs to front, when he arrives at the entrance of first-class cabin. Bang! A (spear|gun) makes, gate unexpectedly of first-class cabin was opened by his (spear|gun), what thus it can be seen this (spear|gun) hits has the specialty, but he may not have the time to be infatuated with, opens the instance of cabin door, his body lies low in the place, the both feet makes an effort a step on, the entire body slides to inside. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! A series of gunshots transmit, the five highway robbers in first-class cabin fall to the ground completely, accurate incomparable, in first-class cabin these passengers have been scared. You quickly go to the ordinary cabin.” Xia Tian said to these passengers. Outside these people looked silly, including that Senior Official and shenma two brothers. They have not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly said begins to begin, makes any combat readiness and tactical analysis radically wait / etc., moreover what is main was his unexpectedly succeeds. Now living two in highway robber only remaining cockpits. This also too exaggerated.” That Senior Official looks once more to that request form in hand that sees only the request form the right bottom to have one line of small characters. This person is familiar with stick to one's own way of doing things, battlefield disobeys orders, is a stubborn donkey.’