Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 235

Ambulance, ambulance.” Military region Senior Official shouts loudly. Odd person, Xia Tian.” Female star Yang Ziqi looked at Xia Tian one to leave quietly. Xia Tian felt one rested was very long, when he opened the eye, his bedside sits beauty, the eye of beauty has cried probably, saw him to wake, beauty was very probably happy. Body good acid.” Xia Tian has depended reluctantly. You awoke, was really good.” beauty excited shouting. „Are you?” Xia Tian bewildered looks to beauty, but he thought immediately, this beauty was not just in that stewardess who on the airplane saved: Is you.” You thought.” beauty stewardess face joyful saying. Em, everybody was all right.” Xia Tian asked. Em.” The beauty stewardess nodded. „It is not good, I must report.” Xia Tian wish stands, although body aches, but this slightly loves him to endure. Your wound did not have, cannot move heedlessly.” The beauty stewardess said. I must go to the army to report.” The Xia Tian time are not much, he early goes to a day of army to learn something, these things that learns regarding him may be the things of maintaining life. Doctor does not make you move heedlessly.” beauty stewardess anxious saying. I am all right.” Xia Tian said. You awoke.” shenma two brothers in out of the door, have heard Xia Tian to awake to walk directly. Em, is this? I must go to the army to report.” Xia Tian said. „Is your body all right?” The fat people asked. Big brother, on him these wounds restore was too quick, if others, least must lie down on the bed for half a month.” The thin people said. !

A fatty palm of the hand has hit: Your SB, this is not the idle talk.” Volume, two brothers, I must go to the army, walks?” Xia Tian asked. Our driving led you to pass, goes by car for about six hours almost to arrive.” The fat people said. You must walk.” Saying that the beauty stewardess reddens all over the face, is a little embarrassed, but does not know how should say. Em, I must go to army.” Xia Tian nodded. The beauty stewardess lowered the head, after a while as if aroused the courage to be the same, both eyes looked that asked to Xia Tian: I what to do?” Xia Tian asking hoodwinked by her these words, she what to do? You go, my name was Meng Xiaojie, this was my mobile number, hit to me.” Meng Xiaojie has inscribed his mobile number on a paper. Em.” Xia Tian nodded, afterward went out of the hospital with shenma two brothers. Looks at the Xia Tian back, Meng Xiaojie's tears flows, she felt that she was lovelorn: You such walked, I only know that you called Xia Tian, which I went to look.” She has dialed the telephone of oneself boudoir honey. Lily, I was lovelorn.” When you do have the boyfriend?” Was yesterday.” When are you lovelorn?” A moment ago.” Volume, which you are, I look for you.” After Meng Xiaojie has hung up the telephone, unceasing flowing off that tears do not make every effort to succeed.

After Xia Tian went out of the hospital, saw a military all-terrain vehicle, after three people boarded the military all-terrain vehicle , the thin person said: Big brother, he also wears the sickness clothing.” ! A fatty palm of the hand has hit: Your SB, behind does not have the uniform cloth, takes one set to him newly.” The appearance that thin person being suddenly enlighted, took one new military uniform to throw to Xia Tian directly: Exchanges.” Xia Tian the new military uniform will have exchanged, has saying that he wears the military uniform seems is very energetic. The vehicle expunges to the position of army. After six hours, the vehicle has arrived in the military region. The entrance guard all salutes, this car(riage) is the vehicle of brigade commander, passes through. After Xia Tian was brought the office of brigade commander, shenma two brothers stand in out of the door. Senior Official is good.” Xia Tian salute. Em, wears the military uniform seems very charming.” The brigade commander arrives at front satisfied nod of Xia Tian, afterward said: Xia Tian, I am proud for you.” The brigade commander salutes to Xia Tian, then takes up a box from the table, after opening the box, a badge lies low above. Comrade Xia Tian, you perform well in the hijacking, has the honor to receive individual first-class merit, I represent the motherland to thank you.” The brigade commander has given Xia Tian the badge. Thanks the brigade commander.” Xia Tian received the badge. Volume.” The brigade commander stares slightly, he listens to various types to take an oath, but he first time heard some people saying that thanked the brigade commander. Before many people said that served for the people, brought honor for the country, wait / etc.. However Xia Tian unexpectedly said that thanks the brigade commander. Brigade commander, you help me post the badge go back, on me does not have the place to put.” Xia Tian said.

Your boy.” The brigade commander liked Xia Tian more and more, he felt that Xia Tian was very interesting, although said a little local ruffian air/Qi, but cultivated the behavior is very serious, if were not because that matter on airplane, he saw Xia Tian this, definitely maliciously will repair his, because on Xia Tian could not see the type of becoming a soldier. What becomes a soldier is? Serves the people, but by paying lip service, or stands a standard posture on the line. Although Xia Tian stands is nonstandard, on the mouth is also the discard head to spread open brain, however his behavior was also felt by oneself this brigade commander proud, that is the matter that genuine People's Liberation Army should handle. Brigade commander, you did not say that asked me to drink?” Xia Tian asked. Naturally had, my liquor number of degree is big, do you dare to drink?” The brigade commander shows a faint smile, he likes Xia Tian more and more. Dares.” Xia Tian said. Brigade commander unexpectedly put out from the table has dispersed white, has put then out two wine classes, after one person of one cup has filled to the brim, the brigade commander has put out the shelled peanut, was the most common that shelled peanut. Understood at a glance that is army cafeteria does. Come, today congratulates you to return to the unit.” The brigade commander has taken up the wine class in hand. Dry.” Xia Tian has held up the cup in hand, drinks. He has killed, these may frighten heavily the brigade commander: How your brat has gone ahead, this cup has more than 22.” Volume, drinks is not the big mouth comes?” Xia Tian took up the fried shelled peanut on table to start to eat. Good, today I accompany you.” The brigade commander said that also has done one cup, after drinking up, the brigade commander but actually got up one cup. Thump!! Comes.” Report, Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team Captain Lei Ting report.” An enlisted woman appears in the entrance of office, the enlisted woman facial color is solemn, her appearance is very attractive, on the face does not have the beautification of any cosmetics, her beautiful has been above a woman of becoming a soldier should have the beautiful appearance that.. Binghua, full Binghua, the overlord flower in soldier.