Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 236

Binghua, in the army is rarest, was called to be a focus of public attention. Entrance beauty can be said as Binghua in Binghua, the military uniform puts in her body, simply is beautiful in a complete mess, Xia Tian can affirm that was more suitable than this military uniform front without any clothes the female. beauty vision coldly looks at Xia Tian and brigade commander. Thunder Captain, sits.” The brigade commander shows a faint smile. A Binghua Lei Ting brow wrinkle: Reported Senior Official, I also had mission.” I give you to introduce, he called Xia Tian, was the new member of your Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team.” The brigade commander answered. Reported Senior Official, the Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team has the custom, so long as the elite in elite, going through the motions did not want absolutely, even if were the Senior Official relative is not good.” Binghua Lei Ting saying gratefully. Brigade commander helpless shaking the head of, he knows that Lei Ting has certainly misunderstood, explained hurriedly: Thunder Captain, he is not goes through the motions, this liquor is I owes him, therefore planned before he goes to your, makes up to him.” Senior Official, our Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team wants the elite in elite.” Binghua Lei Ting said again. I know that Xia Tian is an outstanding sniper.” The brigade commander continues saying: I know that some people introduced must through the inspection, but before Xia Tian, has been injured, I deliberately considered that tomorrow will inspect again.” Reported Senior Official, frequently is preparing.” Xia Tian respected a ritual to say. Is sickness cat, I not because he will have the wound to make him pass careless.” Binghua Lei Ting said that person who she is one has the principle very much, has the custom her here. She will not look in anybody face, goes through the motions to others, the brigade commander is not good. Thunder Captain, he is not sickness cat, he to save others is wounded, in yesterday's hijacking, he has saved over a hundred lives, reduced the loss of country, including me also by one of members he saves.” The brigade commander stands there serious saying. Binghua Lei Ting has sized up Xia Tian, on Xia Tian truly the decontaminating solution flavor, she knows that the brigade commander will not say cheats her, therefore saying of coldly: Good, then on tomorrow.” Does not use, now on line.” Xia Tian said. You have drunk, how to open fire?” The brigade commander asked that although to open fire and drove differently, not having the liquor to harness, the person who however drank will affect the coordinated strength of the judgment and body of brain.

Drinks the murder not to be afraid.” Xia Tian said. You are any logic.” Brigade commander puzzled saying. Snort!” Binghua Lei Ting cold snort said afterward: Walks.” Binghua Lei Ting only said these two characters, the brigade commander knows her disposition , can only helpless shaking the head, Binghua Lei Ting ability that not have the words to say that absolutely, is the disposition of this iceberg makes the person have a headache. Stares is doing, walks, your inspection must start, makes every effort to succeed to me, be not eliminated.” The brigade commander said. All right, happen to taking advantage of liquor vigor.” Xia Tian strikes one's chest to say. The brigade commander brought Xia Tian to walk, shenma two brothers also together followed, several people moved toward together have taught the field especially. Big brother, you said that the Xia Tian little elder brother can pass?” The thin people asked. ! A fatty palm of the hand has brandished: Your SB, this also with asking? Definitely energy.” You said probably is very reasonable, I had nothing to say in reply unexpectedly.” The thin people nodded. After several people arrived at the training ground, Binghua Lei Ting waited there, in front of him some equipment of training. The surroundings came many people, is comes to see lively, they heard that today brigade commander gets a soldier, this soldier wants to enter the Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team, is Binghua Lei Ting Captain inspects personally. Who is the brigade commander? That is their here leaders, usually comes to here is inspects, but the unexpectedly belt comes today a soldier. Hears is the brigade commander brings, some people of suspicions were this soldier are the relatives of brigade commander. The brigade commander takes the lead in going through the motions.

You heard, that soldier was the relative of brigade commander family.” How brigade commander, anyone of you had heard the Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team has to go through the motions.” No, it is said thunder Captain requests in Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team aspect very strictly, even if the relative of brigade commander perhaps if no real skill unable to go.” The person who surroundings these watch the fun, was discussing there. Salute!” All people all stood a row, this was the army, even if were watches the fun must have the appearance of serviceman. Senior Official is good.” After the brigade commander has retaliated a ritual, nodded. Binghua Lei Ting looked at saying of Xia Tian coldly: I, no matter you know anyone, before no matter also you, has set up any merit, so long as you cannot pass my inspection, do not want to enter the Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team.” Said that what tests?” Xia Tian asked. Since you is a sniper, I need to test your three types of things, the wooded mountain cross country, fast group (spear|gun) and fire.” Binghua Lei Ting said. „Can I try the feel of (spear|gun) first?” Xia Tian asked. Lei Ting has not spoken, on the table altogether 20 (spear|gun)s, various types of (spear|gun)s have, Sniper Rifle has five, Xia Tian takes casually, afterward hits to the front 100 meters targets. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Xia Tian has fired five (spear|gun)s fast, a (spear|gun) dies the target: Em, adapted.” „Does your this marksmanship also need to test? Went to the new barracks to be good.” Saying of Lei Ting coldly, 100 meters stationary target his unexpectedly has not hit, unexpectedly must test the Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team.

His marksmanship also too water a point, that group of recruit spherical objects of new barracks probably compared with him.” Five (spear|gun) fixed targets, a (spear|gun) has not projected on.” Whom this marksmanship really did not have.” figure of company commander rank also thorough was speechless, this marksmanship water to family. Big brother, a moment ago what he hit is the target?” The thin people asked. ! A fatty palm of the hand has hit: Your SB, you have not visited him to fire the (spear|gun).” Right.” The thin people show a faint smile, nodded. Can start to inspect?” Xia Tian asked. Snort, do not count on that I will turn on the water.” Binghua Lei Ting cold snort, continued to say afterward: Saw to insert flag that? In five minutes rush to there to calculate that you pass an examination.” Xia Tian has not waited for Binghua Lei Ting to shout starts, the body directly has shot, ran to the position of that red flag. Does not have on this kind of vigilance, the first pass.” Saying of Binghua Lei Ting coldly. The inspection of first pass is wooded mountain cross country, fast runs on the steep mountain wall, each good sniper must seize the commanding point fast, enters the battle condition, therefore the wooded mountain cross country specially is important to each sniper. However Binghua Lei Ting must test is not simple. She must test Xia Tian solely is not the wooded mountain cross country, power of observation.