Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 237

She must test Xia Tian may not only be the cross-country power, the cross-country power can train through the day after tomorrow diligently, but to battlefield the analytical ability of power of observation and surrounding terrain is actually the sniper must have. On this mountain she made person bury many land mines, moreover there is a booby mine, the booby mine was on that type of anti-tank grenade is tying up of one rope, belayed was just one type. Here buries not real, but is the exercise special-purpose thunder, so long as Xia Tian stepped on has made a sound, that also represented his inspection to finish. Elimination. This is she to the Xia Tian true inspection. Five minutes is not short, if no these tests, the ordinary soldier can also within five minutes run up to the red flag again the place, but adds on these land mines and booby mines, that may not be coming up that the average person can run. He runs quite quick.” Suddenly some people shout. Yes, this speed simply was too quick.” Also some people shout. Is quickly useful, thunder Captain definitely laid a mine, he runs is so quick, definitely steps on the thunder.” Right, he will definitely step on the thunder.” Everybody understands that this distance is their here, some people can also run in five minutes, therefore this test is not absolutely simple. When everybody waited for Xia Tian steps on the thunder, the time little past, after divided in half. Xia Tian rushed to the red flag position, all people were shocked. Because a thunder has not made a sound. „The thunder that who buries, you buried the thunder to the back side of the mountain.” Binghua Lei Ting angry shouting. Thunder Dui, I altogether have buried 40 land mines, 20 booby mines, unreasonable.” That person of going forward answered. Good, calculates him to go through a strategic pass, lifts to me the hot sand.” Binghua Lei Ting said that while fast decomposes the (spear|gun) on table, that 20 (spear|gun)s completely were disassembled by her quickly, then made her throw into the sand pot completely.

All people looked to Xia Tian, he descended the mountain unexpectedly was a thunder has not stepped on. Does attractively.” The brigade commander said. Big brother, I saw, he discovered probably these thunder, he went round these Thunder Pao intentionally.” The thin people said. ! A fatty palm of the hand has clapped: Your SB, you have forgotten the matter in airplane first-class cabin.” The thin people then responded, Xia Tian broke the airplane first-class cabin time, sufficiently proved the power of observation and object of his scene keen judgment. Reported Senior Official, completed mission.” Xia Tian said. Calculates that you passed, the second pass, group (spear|gun).” Lei Ting is a coldly appearance, on the face does not have any expression: Covers the eye, discovers you had used a moment ago that from the earthenware cooking pot the blockade (spear|gun), and in assembly, time limit ten minutes.” This pass may be more difficult than previous pass wanting, because the earthen pot is very hot, the hand must go in fast, is fast, otherwise the hand will be burnt badly, wanted to find the familiar part in that flash to be very difficult, therefore this needs to test being familiar of spear-play. Ten minutes, listening to the time is very probably long, however the time of true being used group (spear|gun) are not much. This was also too abnormal.” „The inspection of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team was also too difficult a point, this anything person can complete.” No wonder I cannot go in the Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team, originally inspects unexpectedly to be so difficult.” The person who surroundings these watch the fun says with emotion. All people all anticipate looked to Xia Tian, Xia Tian took up a cloth to cover own eye, he felt is very funny, played blindman's buff the eyeball not to have the significance regarding him, his X-Ray Vision eye saw through completely. Like cross country, these booby mines and land mines did not have to his threat, only if some people buried the land mine to 50 centimeters by getting down, but buried that deep words, wanted to detonate to be difficult.

Can start?” Xia Tian asked. Was OK.” Binghua Lei Ting said. Following became the myth of southeastern military region, all people could not forget that to have anything, Captain Binghua Lei Ting of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team was also shocked. Her under elite capable general like clouds, however following that completely has surpassed her cognition to the group (spear|gun). Sees only the Xia Tian both hands insertion earthen pot, ten fingers in fast is trying to find out in the earthen pot. His hand stayed in the earthen pot for three seconds, when all people think his hand is waste, his both hands extract fast, one pile of components dance in the air in the midair, but both hands of Xia Tian, fast touches to these components, when all components fall to that flash of ground, Xia Tian also lay on the ground, in his hand was taking that Sniper Rifle. Peaceful. Scene thorough is peaceful, anybody has not spoken. Being shocked. Was shocked completely. Shocking everybody. Only then this glossary can describe matter that had a moment ago. Entire process less than about eight seconds, but Xia Tian has actually completed such magnificent feat, this is completely impossible to achieve. Big brother, you hit my, am I having a dream?” The thin people said. ! A fatty palm of the hand has hit: Pain?”

Pain.” The thin people nodded. That real.” Fatty whole face surprised looks at Xia Tian, this (spear|gun) group whom did not have. Hears the words of fatty, the people responded that the brigade commander was also shocked, the speed of this group of (spear|gun)s can break the entire military region simply has recorded, no, even can say that in the world should not have the second person to achieve. This is the myth is simply same. I calculate that passed?” Xia Tian looked that asked to Binghua Lei Ting. Passes.” Binghua Lei Ting knows, even if the present makes an exception to employ Xia Tian, others will not gossip absolutely, because this Unique Skill has definitely been able to enter the Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team, but she also wants to have a look at the Xia Tian following performance. Excuse me, the body has the wound, the group (spear|gun) was slow.” Saying of Xia Tian apology. However in his words may not have the meaning of slight apology, that speed added slowly, this clearly is provokes. Punctures a soldier, this is the full thorn head. Snort, leaves is too self-satisfied, the marksmanship is not good, you cannot enter the Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team in the same old way.” Binghua Lei Ting cold snort, she could look, Xia Tian is a thorn head, but in the Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team which does not puncture the head, now different was tidied up by her honest. Tests?” Xia Tian asked. One kilometer motion target location, five (spear|gun)s must have three (spear|gun) nine tenth rings.” Binghua Lei Ting said that this is a request to sniper, one kilometer distance was very far, but the member of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team, must meet fire one kilometer away. Because the combat of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team is the elite battles completely, in the elite combat, a super sniper can change the entire fight the destiny.