Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 238

Any team must have existence of sniper, five people of squads, are 20 People teams, must have the sniper, the sniper is a soul of team, the Sniper Rifle firing distance is farther than the ordinary (spear|gun). Similarly is the Special Warfare team, in the jungle warfare, a sniper can turn around the situation. That is one man guards the pass, Yorozuo opens. Goes forward, kills one, he hits you, you cannot hit him. The third inspection of Xia Tian fires. The airplane moves the target location, although is one kilometer airplane moving target, but this difficulty does not compare two kilometers ground moving target to be easy, because is the upper air, the wind speed may the air current be bigger. The airplane moves the target location is a sheet iron of gangster appearance, the nearby of fixed out of office fighter aircraft, this type of wild fighter aircraft can sit five people generally, training time generally is two people, drives the person of airplane, sits in behind the person who inspects the target. The Xia Tian final inspection must hit three (spear|gun) nine tenth rings, moreover can only fire five (spear|gun)s. Best not to lose face.” Binghua Lei Ting arrives at side Xia Tian to say. Xia Tian rubbish, the tongue extended slightly, induces the wind speed, in the mind has been calculating the distance and deviation fast, although airplane moving target, but the airplane can fly was very low, moreover almost did not go forward, otherwise continuously airplane of proceeding altitude flying, that not with, that the (spear|gun) can hit must need the missile. Bang! The first (spear|gun) projects. The record operator on airplane has held up a big sign, the tenth ring. Sees the tenth ring time, the surrounding person stares, this marksmanship was also too good, airplane moving target unexpectedly can hit the tenth ring, although this tenth ring be bigger than the tenth ring of ordinary target, but can make the person of tenth ring to be possible not to be really uncommon. Attractive.” The brigade commander applauds. Bang! The second (spear|gun) projects. The record operator on airplane holds up a big sign, the tenth ring.

Also is the tenth ring, the first (spear|gun) possibly has the luck ingredient, but second (spear|gun) unexpectedly has hit the tenth ring, Xia Tian also sigh with emotion, this tenth ring was also too big, is five times of ordinary tenth ring, therefore he so is easy to hit the tenth ring. Already two tenth rings, so long as his third (spear|gun) also hits over nine points, he passed. At everybody in sigh with emotion. Bang! The third (spear|gun) projects. The pilots hold up a big sign once more, is the tenth ring. Fired three (spear|gun)s is tenth ring, Xia Tian has succeeded, today's Xia Tian let present all people to see the overwhelming power of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team, created an image in their hearts, only then fierce the talented person like Xia Tian was qualified for the Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team. But Xia Tian has not stood up. Ping! The consecutively two (spear|gun)s make, but this time he has not hit the target, paintball blossomed on the head of that record operator, paintball that this exercise uses does not have the might, sees Xia Tian to hit the goal, laughs on the spot. Xia Tian, are you doing?” Binghua Lei Ting angry looks at Xia Tian. Reported Captain, my marksmanship was not good.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Surroundings these people smiled loudly, this Xia Tian also was really a full thorn head, finally that two (spear|gun) unexpectedly record operator hitting, moreover two (spear|gun)s both exploded. Your boy.” The brigade commander shook the head, afterward left training ground, today he saw a good play. Xia Tian.” Binghua Lei Ting gives a loud shout. „.” Xia Tian should say. Congratulates you to join the Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team successfully, packs your thing, the preparation leaves.” Binghua Lei Ting said.

Reported Captain, I did not have anything to tidy up.” The Xia Tian response said. Good, goes to airplane that.” Binghua Lei Ting waved to Xia Tian. When Xia Tian arrives under the airplane, above that person has dropped out a string: Such buckles, a ladder does not have, to let my rope climbing.” When the Xia Tian complaint, he felt suddenly airplane unexpectedly started to take off, which this was makes him crawl, clearly gives him a string, making him hold, cannot help but he thinks that tied up the string directly on the body, afterward had been towed by the airplane. After Xia Tian was towed, his both hands make an effort, crawls directly to above, his both arms have the strength, the speed is also quick, directly bit by bit crawled, others are holding walking, his unexpectedly climbed up the airplane directly, the pilots had a scare. Flies to forest deep place on such airplane. Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team how possibly in ordinary place. This group of Fierce Tiger smile the arrogant this deep forest, they are here patron god, after the airplane flew for a half hour, Xia Tian places a commodity to throw puts. Xia Tian falls after the ground, vision looks to the surroundings. The surroundings suddenly presented many soldiers, all -terrain vehicle, they are fully-armed, very hardbound, looks is the skilled person, Xia Tian understood this is the plan to oneself demonstration of authority, he will not be frightened, will not submit. Looks on the vehicle these person of solemn vision, Xia Tian has not spoken, he was waiting for that the opposite party spoke first. On all -terrain vehicle a facial color extremely cold person, noticed that his time Xia Tian understands why finally Binghua Lei Ting was a coldly appearance, because of here person this. Snort! A vigilance does not have, such person, wants to join the Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team?” That person stands in front of Xia Tian to scold to say. How to have the vigilance? Kills you? You early said that gives me a weapon, have I you pit-a-pat, you also already been able in this with me horizontal?” Xia Tian said. This boy is interesting, is the thorn head.” Special Warfare team members who surroundings these watch the fun said. Comes the person of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team, which does not puncture the head, now which is dishonest, looked how Vice-captain tidies up him.” Also some people said. Snort!” Vice-captain cold snort, has then stood in the Xia Tian front, they are this face-to-face looks at the opposite party, among them the distance is less than five centimeters.

No one has moved. Really do not hit, this just came to fight, moreover with Vice-captain.” Punctures the head, this soldier is a thorn head.” Hits, we can also watch the fun, interesting soldier..” The soldiers of surroundings these Fierce Tiger Special Warfare teams said with a smile. Really with legend is same, came to stir up trouble.” Vice-captain opens the mouth to say. Report, I only want to work as a peaceful handsome man.” Xia Tian said. Ha Ha Ha Ha!” The surrounding these people all are one laugh. Vice- team, this boy I likes, mixes what kind of me?” An appearance fair and clear man opens the mouth saying that Xia Tian suspected actually very much this boy becomes a soldier, becoming a soldier how possibly not to tan. Little cold, you are also become a soldier, mixes anything to mix, he later was your person.” Vice-captain said that looked said to Xia Tian: Remember, he is your small Captain, he called Gu Qi to be cold.” „Am I his person?” Xia Tian has covered own chest: Do not be so direct.” Ha Ha Ha Ha!” Surrounding person also with smiling, Xia Tian simply is a funny guy. Gu Qi has patted the mark of oneself shoulder coldly proudly, this is his custom, like this others can see the mark of his shoulder, that is small Captain the mark, afterward he reorganized his clothes, stands in the nearby of all-terrain vehicle, wants charming jumping down. At this moment, he felt that own under foot slides. Puff! The whole person lay on the ground.