Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 239

The chin of Xia Tian must fall to the ground, this presence posture was also too graceful. Small Captain Gu Qi cold Pa has made a more ridiculous movement in that flash of ground, his both hands place in the ground, unexpectedly started the push-up, he probably is the fact that concealed him to throw down a moment ago. Gu Dui, were you threw down a moment ago?” Xia Tian awkward asking. Right, I must test your eyesight, I was led a moment ago upside-down by myself, but I can the earliest possible time save my charm.” Small Captain Gu Qi cold self-confident saying. „.” Xia Tian nodded. Starting today, you are the member of our Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team.” Gu Qi cold Pai has patted the shoulder of Xia Tian, afterward shouts loudly: „Did brothers, what tell him our slogan are?” Does not do is gracefully most ruthless.” All people shout together. What are our mottos?” Gu Qi shouts coldly once more. Low key.” All people shout together. shit, which your was low-key.” Xia Tian speechless, this team also is really Top Grade in Top Grade. Since there is a young blood to come, I decided to offer one.” Small Captain Gu Qi said coldly the start that is very infatuated with shouts: Yoyo, the friend on tree, the friend in water, puts down the work in your hand, hi gets up with my rhythm together, AV8D Kang Mang, mean dog.” Comes together, boundless horizon is my love.” Small Captain Gu Qi cold vocabulary has shocked Xia Tian directly, is here really the Special Warfare team? Gu Dui, we one will have also the exercise, you remain to triumphal return to sing again.” The small Captain Gu Qi cold behind person shouts hurriedly. Also right, 1 million armies, bring to change the body equipment him.” Small Captain Gu Qi said coldly.

1 million armies? Our does here have 1 million armies?” Xia Tian stares slightly, Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team unexpectedly has 1 million armies, this was also too scary, this was the China true strength. I called 1 million.” On all -terrain vehicle a person puts out a hand to say. I called the army.” Another person puts out a hand to say. Xia Tian this time was to look to understand, the original 1 million armies were two people, was called 1 million, is called the army. Boy, boards, one will have also the exercise.” 1 million shout loudly. What exercises?” Xia Tian asked. With the field maneuver of division headquarters Senior Official.” The armies answered. Captain, I discovered that you are also graceful today.” 1 million turn the head to say to Gu Qi coldly. I like your such person, will speak the truth on TM.” Saying of Gu Qi cold appreciation. Graceful that such Gu Dui, you dresses up, wants to soak Thunder Dui.” The brothers of side that car(riage) shout loudly. I think you am strip man, might as well be my person, I ensure you have the meat to eat.” Gu Qi cold satisfaction looked that said to that side that brothers. Little cold, you person, if dares to snatch the father, the father tells your young married woman the matter that you soak the enlisted woman.” Captain angry shouting of side that car(riage). Does, is the brothers, where I can snatch your person am not.” Gu Qi cold Jimang explained that he is known as Yushu to face the wind, loose clean, seems like the Pan An young handsome fellow, but he most fears is also that young married woman of his family.

Captain, couple days ago shenma two brothers me and army hitting, him also scolded you.” 1 million suffering from injustice saying, he cut to put in great inconvenience the pattern, a moment ago was an appearance of dauntless man, but unexpectedly has exhibited a piteous appearance now, the tears spun in the eye socket. How did they scold?” The Gu Qi cold temperament came up immediately. They scolded you are not the long commanders-in-chief, did not have an attractive fiancee, jumped over field operation cow B extraordinary.” 1 million complained tearfully. Volume, ok, is brothers, I endured.” Gu Qi has exhibited an appearance of big stomach coldly. Gu should Dui, give the new person to introduce?” That person that driven said. Right, this matter forgetting.” Gu Qi looked said coldly to Xia Tian: I give you to introduce, I called Gu Qi to be cold, was the entire military region most graceful person, they were the brothers, was called Li 1 million, to be called Li Dajun, usually we called them 1 million armies, front drove that to call Li Goudan, but do not misunderstand, he called the son-of-a-bitch is not the real son-of-a-bitch, if were real son-of-a-bitch that may end.” He did not explain booing, this explanation, Xia Tian understood, this son-of-a-bitch definitely was his nickname. Gu Dui, can you save face to me in the new person eyes.” Li Goudan complained. Li Goudan, since sees first of your girlfriend, your this brothers I handed over, I will not give how possibly you face.” Gu Qi cold held in the arms Li Goudan to continue saying: To be honest, Li Goudan, your girlfriend long is so attractive, you ask that she does have the boyfriend, if no minded that some words did mind trades one, words that does not trade, minds many one.” Gu Qi is cold, I must kill you.” A Li Goudan foot steps on brake, afterward a foot goes to small Captain Gu Qi cold Chuai. „Do you do, we are the brothers, your is my, my my.” Small Captain Gu Qi shunts a Li Goudan foot to say coldly. I must kill you.” They got out to hit directly. Li 1 million jumped directly, opened boards, bringing Xia Tian to leave.

„Don't they have the issue?” Xia Tian asked. What issue has?” 1 million asked. Meets does not have exercise, do the words that injures how also participate?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Gu Dui is the Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team field operation first person, Li Goudan is the pursuit warfare first person, do they hit? Runs away to pursue, hits three days three nights not to fire off.” Li 1 million said. Xia Tian really understood now, in the Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team is one crazy fellows, moreover is various aspect most outstanding people. Here does not look at your talent strongly, but looked that your ability is actually strong to any degree, here wants strongly. The Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team altogether six squads, each squad most five people, the entire Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team is counted Captain Lei Ting and Vice-captain now altogether has 26 people. Xia Tian arrives at the equipment department, has exchanged an equipment, here equipment exercises the equipment, including the anti-tank grenade and bullet wait / etc. is paintball, so long as will not project on the eye not to have any danger. Here equipment is very advanced, in the wrist|skill of everyone has the compass and radio transceiver, the wireless headset on ear is the special line, the general headquarters is Captain Lei Ting there. On after the clothing equips, prepares to gather to outside. The small Captain Gu Qi cold Heli son-of-a-bitch also came back, straight standing in team, standing that Vice-captain unemotionally in front, his vision 11 has swept the people on the scene, is powerful. I announced that this mission, destructs the enemy command system, place that altogether nine need to attack, six Captain headquarters, two brigade commander headquarters, with Teacher|Division Head headquarters.” Vice-captain said loudly.