Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 240

The destruction command system is in the special troops most common mission, destroys the command system of opposite party, the modern war is so, all orders all send out from the headquarters. Six regiment level headquarters are the matters of technical department, they will solve, our mission are routs two brigade commander headquarters and Teacher|Division Head general headquarters.” Vice-captain issues the operating instructions. All teams are divided into three groups of rug searches, one team of two teams merge one group, three teams of four teams merge one group, five teams of six teams merge one group.” Which team Vice-captain spoke of time, the team merged automatically. This is the execution. What are our slogans?” Vice-captain shouted to clear the way loudly. Does not do gracefully, does ruthlessly.” All people shout together. What are our mottos?” Vice-captain shouted to clear the way again. Low key.” All people shout together. „.” Vice-captain shouts loudly, all people board the airplane together, this is the modernized fight, tosses into Special Force using the airplane the camp of place, then carries on the destruction command system mission. In the headquarters of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team. Invades the brigade commander headquarters system of opposite party to me.” Binghua Lei Ting said. On the airplane, all people sit there. Heard that you did offend Thunder Dui?” 1 million asked. Offends? I told you, I will not always offend the woman, because the woman was used to hurt.” Xia Tian said. Won't the woman who you said be thunder Captain? She is very quick terrifying.” 1 million asked again. As long as is the woman, so long as saw I such valiant man, must the little darling probably submit, like I such charming man, so long as were the woman looked, will unable to bear.” Xia Tian said that the people in entire engine room smiled. Rumbling! On airplane a large scale rotation, although their bodies have the safety belt, I went.” Xia Tian has stood directly, these jolted a moment ago, let all people is a body revolution, the chair of body and airplane came a ruthless fierce hit. Ha Ha Ha Ha!” All people smiled. Other people had prepared a moment ago obviously, they may be the Lei Ting veterans, naturally knows method that Lei Ting gave people a hard time.

Xia Tian sat: Really is ruthless.” Bang! At this moment, the airplane has relayed in the midair directly three. All people are all completely muddled. When they sit, earphone inside has broadcast the Binghua Lei Ting sound: Also who?” This chapter of nobody dares to smile, is suppressing. Preparation parachuting.” In Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team headquarters. Puts the chute bag to me, putting.” The Binghua Lei Ting order said. In Teacher|Division Head headquarters. Teacher|Division Head, they have issued the parachuting instruction, we also surveyed the chute bag.” Lei Ting this girl, plays this set with me, this is the overseas tactic, blots in turn, this inside majorities are false, above is a bomb, if our people will be exploded in the past.” Teacher|Division Head has seen through the Lei Ting thoughts. Teacher|Division Head, is the fifth wave.” Informs, making various groups surround in turn, reduces the search turn, do not worry to approach, I must catch the whole lot in a dragnet them.” Teacher|Division Head self-confident saying. „It is not good Teacher|Division Head, the computer of brigade headquarters is invaded, six regiment level headquarters encounter shell bombing of one's own side completely, six Captain died completely.” What? Lei Ting this girl unexpectedly also has this, the headquarters system of regiment level is the temporary system, has not thought that this made her exploit loopholes but actually.” The Teacher|Division Head fist pounded on the table, has not made war, their six groups were annihilated by their shell: Notice brigade headquarters, making them contract the army fast, carries on the rug search.” On the airplane, all Fierce Tiger Special Warfare teams have been divided into three batch of parachuting, they run to the different directions. Xia Tian their this teams with the Vice-captain team. Motion!” After Vice-captain said that all people all hid, Xia Tian fast has also seized a commanding point, there was very easy to hide. After one minute, a military strength of platoon passed by from here, team that they search officially.

Bang! A soldier stepped on land mine, afterward the war started. The opposite party is also well-trained soldier, the first matter that they do must pass on the information, but they just about to contact with outside. Bang! The communication equipment of opposite party was punctured. Attractive, who hits.” Vice-captain said. Nobody answered that however afterward gunshot continues to transmit. Bang! Bang! Bang! Face four (spear|gun)s, wipe out the remaining that several soldiers. Ten people to fighting 30 people, only used for 20 seconds to end the fight, this was the Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team. (spear|gun) is who hit?” Vice-captain asked. Is that recruit hits.” Gu Qi replied coldly. Em, the marksmanship is good.” Vice-captain nodded to Xia Tian. The team continues to go forward, the combat characteristics of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team are fire off a (spear|gun) to fast Ben Li, because they know, the search that the division headquarters arrange definitely is the rug -type search, among such teams the distance will not be far, although the news has not passed on, but will discover here situation to other team very much. Was hit these people, although does not die, but defers to the exercise custom they unable to move, can only lie down is in-situ. In Teacher|Division Head headquarters: This small girl with real good, you who I play prepare how?” Prepared.” Good, opens psychedelic headquarters.” Teacher|Division Head said. The headquarters of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team. Captain, the opposite party opened the psychedelic headquarters.”

The Lei Ting vision looks to large screen, that is three squad present situations, on them has the sensor, on his arm also has the miniature camera, therefore she can clear sees the situation of everyone. Including that several (spear|gun)s that Xia Tian fired a moment ago. Tries to enter the Teacher|Division Head headquarters system to me.” Lei Ting asked. Thunder Captain, this is impossible.” Opens the radio.” Lei Ting said. Thunder Dui, opens the radio the words, their exposed position, will be looked up the position by the division headquarters that side.” Opens.” Lei Ting firm saying. All people obey orders, hit 232, the recruit with fighting the tiger forms one team temporarily.” Lei Ting has issued the order. Afterward the radio switches off directly. In division headquarters. Teacher|Division Head, found their positions, they have now been divided into three teams.” On the large screen appeared red, signal that these red points a moment ago looked up. Draw in a net.” Teacher|Division Head said. Fights the tiger is Vice-captain, after receiving the order, various squads redistribute, Xia Tian temporarily with fighting the tiger forms one team, 232 are the classical formations of overseas tactic, looks like a shape of scissors, the use of scissors is to cut the net of enemy. Follows me.” Vice-captain fights the tiger to wave to Xia Tian, Xia Tian followed directly. Bang! A series of explosive sounds transmitted, fight tiger to look the sensor on own hand: Mother, one team died in battle.” Has succeeded, Teacher|Division Head.” „The tactic of thunder girl almost overseas, classical tactic internationally, but he has not thought here has an international tactical expert.” Teacher|Division Head showed a faint smile, has patted the shoulder of that staff officer.