Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 241

The common staff officers were a veteran, most at least followed Teacher|Division Head, was very old, but stands now side Teacher|Division Head the staff officer absolutely not over 30 years old, wore a military uniform to be very handsome, however on his shoulder did not have the badge of staff officer, but was a first lieutenant. „The tactic that Lei Ting uses now was internationally the classical 23 World War II techniques, the characteristics of this tactic were empty, the evolution was too quick, echoed, making the person unable to find out the details, this tactic looked like scissors is the same, can cut our clathrias with ease.” That staff officer continues saying: But the characteristics of this tactic are the activity are too quick, following team completely exposed in crisis, so long as makes people make way the front opening, their scissors did not have the net to cut, this was just like exhausted fully fights with the fists in the vacancy is the same.” Words that front makes way, our headquarters completely exposed under the opposite party goal.” A Teacher|Division Head brow wrinkle. Gives them false Teacher|Division Head headquarters, then had it is good.” That staff officer said. Vacation? Will they be swindled?” Teacher|Division Head asked. „The combat characteristics of Special Warfare army destruct the command system, sees guard stern headquarters, they will not let off.” That staff officer said. In the headquarters of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team. In the Teacher|Division Head headquarters has the person of high skill?” Lei Ting innermost feelings secretly thought, a brow wrinkle, she cannot control now that many, she believes the quality of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team member absolutely. Bang! A Xia Tian (spear|gun) has solved one person once more. Vice-captain fought the tiger to go forward with Xia Tian together the half-day time, in this half of the day he was experiences the Xia Tian marksmanship and reaction rate, one time that exaggerated was, his (spear|gun), in that anybody does not dare to go forward, finally they escaped successfully. Gu Dui, Vice-captain they came, probably must gather.” Li Goudan shouts. Closes up to Vice-captain.” The Gu Qi cold order said. All people can once more with. „The front defense is getting stronger and stronger, if I have not guessed wrong, should quickly to the headquarters, moreover is a big fish, if the division headquarters, we together smash it, did not have the threat of division headquarters, the brigade headquarters were good to take.” Vice-captain fights the tiger to say.

I felt that the situation is not right, our brigade headquarters have not bumped into, directly intruded in the division headquarters, don't you think strange?” Xia Tian said. You must believe itself, our Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team will not lose, motion.” Vice-captain fought the tiger saying that having the person to hurry to the front. Xia Tian helpless shaking the head, then followed, this their not full speed advance, but is cautious and solemn avoids these to deploy troops for defense the army that this time they prepare the black day to start. If they clash like this recklessly, that definitely will arouse inside vigilance. In the headquarters of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team. Thunder Dui, how?” The brigade commander came, this time is the field maneuver match of their travel and division headquarters, he sits in oneself there looked that is really not feeling well, therefore he arrived at Lei Ting here. „The first squad and second squad wiped out, several other Special Warfare teams are ambushing to go forward.” Binghua Lei Ting said. „? Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team unexpectedly had wiped out two squads.” Brigade commander surprised saying. My tactic was looked through.” Binghua Lei Ting said. Xia Tian?” The brigade commander asked. „The top right-hand corner that is his miniature sounding set.” Binghua Lei Ting said. The vision of brigade commander looks to there that afterward nodded. Curtain of night arrival gradually, all people all lie in the thick patch of grass, motionless, they are waiting for the opportunity, Vice-captain are fighting the tiger to say in a low voice: We looked for one hour, here should be the headquarters of division headquarters, everybody gets rid to be certainly quick.” Vice- team, I looks at the strangeness, you had a look at their motions a little too to patternize.” Xia Tian frowns saying that he will certainly not say one have the X-Ray Vision eye, has seen through, has seen through in these tents and temporary room radically nobody.

You will not be afraid, does not use on you in any case, kills by stealth in behind on the line.” Vice-captain fights the tiger to look that is cold to Gu Qi: Little cold, you in flank waiting support.” Good.” Small Captain Gu Qi cold point nod. On everybody.” Vice-captain fought the tiger had the person quietly has gotten down, they must solve the guard quietly, did not do the sound. Some exercise stipulation restraints, after these guards were solved, cannot make any sound, the movement of people are very quick, the coordination is very tacit. Ended.” Xia Tian shook the head. „In recruit, you do think nobody?” Gu Qi asked coldly. Affirms nobody, I walked first, you must come to follow me.” Xia Tian said. Gu Qi looked at a following brow wrinkle coldly: I also think right, do not walk together.” The people of their this squad left the battlefield directly, they just walked for one minute, in that false headquarters has resounded the sound of explosion, they know that was annihilated. In the headquarters of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team. Also is really a ruthless person, unexpectedly takes the lead in disobeying orders.” Binghua Lei Ting said. His power of observation and keen the judgment to the battlefield made the Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team leave behind some hopes.” The brigade commander said. Now also can only believe their this squads.” Binghua Lei Ting believes own each subordinate. In Teacher|Division Head headquarters.

Third brigade that side unexpectedly has not sent the surrender signal, has the fish slip through?” Teacher|Division Head puzzled saying, according to exercise rule, once the personnel of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team died must surrender. Escaping should be the sniper.” That staff officer said. Draws in a net to me, he cannot definitely be inescapable far.” Teacher|Division Head has issued the instruction. Xia Tian and the others have breaknecked now running, they know, once exposed, that opposite party will certainly have surrounded them, therefore they must flee from the opposite party encirclement ring fast, then finds the way to fighting these people. Younger brother, kills your person to die.” Kun Sai watches the picture in hand to clench teeth saying that in picture that person Xia Tian. Jake brought his team to submerge the China border quietly, he must make China pay the price. Jake, said that here is mercenary Forbidden Land, in me heard their here most famous should be San deer powdered milk, is the choice of that stepmother, but is not their soldiers.” mercenary said with a smile. Good play just started, the stupid monkey, you have the person to receive the goods, waited for mission to complete us to converge here.” Jake said. „The drop of elder brother master was really good, used this way to transport the thing, the person affirmation of China could not discover.” The stupid monkey said. Other people follow me, actually making us have a look at China Special Force to have any skill.” Jake brought his army like this to enter in the giant jungle, but they had all -terrain vehicle, by words that the foot walked, perhaps walked for several days unable to see the person. In their hands has the most advanced tracing instrument.