Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 242

Oh I go, your boy can run, resting meeting, resting meeting.” Saying that small Captain Gu Qi pants coldly, they ran for a half hour, moreover is the quickest speed runs. The skilled person of his field operation, but he cannot follow the Xia Tian footsteps. 1 million armies lay down on the ground directly cannot move, Li Goudan condition was cold with Gu Qi almost. Gu Dui, we now what to do?” Li Goudan asked. Rests same place for five minutes, then kills.” Small Captain Gu Qi said coldly. Kills?” Li Goudan looked is cold puzzled to Gu Qi. Right, genuine and fake, perhaps really headquarters in false behind.” Small Captain Gu Qi said coldly. Em.” Xia Tian nodded, is really reasonable, this is most likely, a more dangerous place is safer. What are our slogans?” Small Captain Gu Qi asked coldly. Does not do gracefully, does ruthlessly.” Several people shout together, they shouted that discovered own sound was too loud. Mother, to the father the dot sound, wants dead.” Small Captain Gu Qi reproved coldly. What are our mottos?” Small Captain Gu Qi continues to ask coldly. Low key.” All person together low voice saying. Walks, the brothers, kill together with me.” When the fifth squad all members always the place killed together. Now the imposing manner has sufficed fully, therefore they can kill. In Teacher|Division Head headquarters. Running is really quick, orders all people, seeks for the commanding point, once discovered that the enemy surrounds to me.” Teacher|Division Head has issued the order, the sniper most major characteristics are where regardless of will run up to will look for the commanding point. We are the jungle kings, certainly cannot lose.” Small Captain Gu Qi said coldly. In the headquarters of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team. Also is really exciting, worthily is the Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team, even if only the remaining five people also still have plenty of fight in one, the new attack must come finally.” Saying that the brigade commander appreciates.

Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team, even if only the remaining people must complete to destruct the opposite party command system mission.” Binghua Lei Ting said. Makes me have a look at these old friend surprised expressions.” Saying that the brigade commander anticipates. Brigade commander you will see the Teacher|Division Head distressed appearance.” Binghua Lei Ting self-confident saying. The Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team fifth squad is shuttling back and forth in the jungle fast, when road that goes back compared with escaping also easy, the opposite party has not thought completely they also dare to wheel around and strike at the pursuer, there deploying troops for defense almost cancelled. But Teacher|Division Head headquarters unexpectedly moved to here. This is really also false highest Realm. After the snare, Teacher|Division Head believes that the remaining these people do not dare to step into here absolutely again, where all has not compared here to be safer. After a half hour, the fifth squad returned here. The Xia Tian X-Ray Vision eye opens, saw inside situation, this is the true Teacher|Division Head headquarters. „Does new person, what have to discover?” Small Captain Gu Qi asked coldly, although Xia Tian was a new person, but after the matter, he had discovered the Xia Tian power of observation was very strong. Has discovered the Teacher|Division Head headquarters.” Xia Tian said. Begins!” Gu Qi cold is not that womanishly fussy person, after hearing the Xia Tian words, orders several people to begin directly, under their diving quietly, places exercise blasting explosive on the following these automobiles. In Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team headquarters. They began, it seems like they discover anything.” The brigade commander said. Teacher|Division Head there really has the person of high skill, unexpectedly with this means that when a moment ago the false headquarters of trap will regard really the headquarters.” Binghua Lei Ting nodded. Had the good play to look.” The brigade commander shows a faint smile. Since has discovered the target, that Fierce Tiger naturally must emerge. Several people of movements are quick, the following guard does not have, this was wise of Teacher|Division Head, unexpectedly plays the Fortress Stratagem. Xia Tian had found the best ambush point.

Begins!” Gu Qi spoke in the ear wheat coldly. Bang! All bomb explosions. In Teacher|Division Head headquarters. What's the matter?” Teacher|Division Head asked. „It is not good, Teacher|Division Head, the opposite party has struck back, they killed.” Retreats, loads into me the trash can.” Teacher|Division Head said. „It is not good, Teacher|Division Head, in the trash can anything has, cake and...” Do not regard here is the exercise, regarded directly is the actual combat was good, in the actual combat, do not haggle over these small issues, my body was carrying the direction password, I was killed, then the command system will be paralyzed.” Hits!” Gu Qi said coldly: New person, gave you.” What they hit is the shield. Xia Tian looks at the person within field of vision range, the X-Ray Vision eye took a fast look around on the bodies of these people, finally saw that trash can, shows a faint smile: A moment ago with is you who X-Ray Vision arrived shortly.” Bang! A Xia Tian (spear|gun) hit on that trash can. The paintball smoke has braved, in the trash can stands a person: This weaponry hits.” Has succeeded, removes.” Gu Qi said coldly. In Fierce Tiger headquarters. Attractive.” They look at Xia Tian that screen a moment ago, was waiting for his to open fire, why just started is their also doubts Xia Tian not to open fire, afterward saw the Xia Tian aiming trash can time, they are clear, originally in this trash can unexpectedly has hidden Teacher|Division Head. Teacher|Division Head Teacher|Division Head, Ha Ha.” Brigade commander excited saying with a smile.

mission has succeeded, destructs the enemy command system mission to complete, Teacher|Division Head of enemy had been killed. The headquarters of first brigade and in second brigade. Paternal grandmother, Teacher|Division Head headquarters was copied, gives me on together, kills these small tiger bastards.” Brigade commander angry shouting of first brigade. You are also gawking doing, runs.” Gu Qi shouts coldly loudly. The Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team fifth squad opened the running pattern once more, running of breaknecking. Xia Tian that is running that does not return, behind has over ten thousand people of armies, will not run exactly is peeled, Teacher|Division Head was killed, that group of boys affirmed insanely same must look for them. The people ran a double-hour, later had found a small cave avoidance. New person, your (spear|gun) is wonderful, has not thought that Senior Official also acts slippery.” Li Goudan has raised up the thumb to Xia Tian. New person, has to acknowledge, although I am more graceful than you, however your marksmanship is truly better than me.” Small Captain Gu Qi cold point saying of nod appreciation. Meanwhile. Jake, discovered them.” mercenary takes the tracing meter in hand to say. Goes round them, we are bring the thing to leave, from now on will ask them to do accounts again.” Jake said. Others said that China is known as hires | Commission | Forbidden Land of soldier, I do not believe that wants to give a try.” These mercenary very excited. They are having fought many battles super hires | Commission | Soldiers, but visits the China territory to carry out mission also is really the first time. Do not go to offend the China dignity, words that wants to fight, later said again.” Jake said.