Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 244
The war of annihilation, a very simple glossary, the meaning must not hesitate at all costs, annihilates the opposite party. The China dignity does not allow insult. The opposite party when rescues that terrorist organization chieftain to grip the tiger, attacked guarding to roll 925 groups, causing 925 groups to lose seriously, then 925 groups think that was the team of practice comes, has not cared, will therefore be hit one to be caught off guard by this group of people. Died 17 people, that is 17 human lives. China is mercenary Forbidden Land, in the past will have the mercenary illegal immigration, China will send out the army to warn, circumstance serious will seize, but this difference. The opposite party has offended the China bottom line, they have killed the China soldier, such being the case China must display own manner, does not make their any person live is going out of China. Violates my China, although must execute.” This is the China military spirit. „The fifth squad, we arrived, outside has not discovered any danger.” Vice-captain fights the tiger to say using the radio. The people of fifth squad went out of the cave, outside the cave, the other members of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team will equip to throw to their several people, Xia Tian will have exercised the badge to cast off, have exchanged the badge of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team. Weapon and ammunition all discarded, have exchanged the genuine weaponry. Brothers, this time mission and past were different, these mercenary have stepped into our national territory, has killed our brothers, what to do did you say us should?” Vice-captain fights the tiger to look that asked to the people. Kills!” The people of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team also shout. Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team.” As fights the tiger to issue an order, all people all pursue to the jungle deep place. Li Goudan takes the lead in overrunning, he is the Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team pursuit warfare first person, observation scene situation nobody is more skilled than him: Vice- team, the front was made the massive booby mines.” Gives me to arrange.” Fights the tiger saying that the function of booby mine is very big, especially the jungle pursuit warfare, will not pay attention to be exploded flies. Therefore they have all anchored the footsteps. Wait / Etc.!” Xia Tian shouts suddenly.

„Has new person, what you discovered?” Small Captain Gu Qi asked coldly. In your quality of being worth looking, these birds have been circling do not dare to fall.” Xia Tian said. Standing by.” Fights the tiger to understand that meaning of Xia Tian, the bird does not dare to fall is because they are afraid, actually will that be what will make the bird be afraid? That is a person. All people of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team fully entered the battle condition. Jake, this group of people discovered us.” mercenary said. Since has discovered that that starts.” Jake issues an order, all people simultaneously to open fire. Bang! Bang! Bang! A series of gunshots. Encountered. Hiding, the enemy in 11 o'clock directions, do not appear, found the opposite party the sniper.” Fights the tiger order to say. In the headquarters of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team. Finally bumped into.” All people have all gotten hold of the fist, the situation that they all anxiously look at the screen, on the screen on the Special Warfare member has the miniature camera are patting. In the Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team, is counted the Xia Tian altogether five snipers, each sniper is the absolute skilled person. Both sides are not all able to determine the concrete position of opposite party, but the gun battle started. Xia Tian had found an excellent ambush point, afterward is seeking for the trail of opposite party, has saying that this group of mercenary also are really not the lids, the place that they hide is very covert, even if the Xia Tian X-Ray Vision eye is also very difficult to discover the trail of opposite party. Li Goudan, with me on.” Fights the tiger to give a loud shout, he knows that like this hits is not the means that must result in found the opposite party the person, then annihilates, if continues to tow, the opposite party might escape their pursuit very much. Li Goudan rubbish, with fighting the tiger they did has given a hand signal, then they outflanked from about circuitously.

Cover of fire.” The personnel of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team start to advance with their steps. Jake, the opposite party swallowed the bait.” Hits.” Jake gives a loud shout, at the same time he according to starting red button. Bang! Bang! Bang! A series of explosive sounds transmit, the surrounding trees were exploded crush, the members of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team first threw, but several people all are injured, but died in nobody well. In Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team headquarters. Is the tree, they pull out spatially the middle of tree, then hides the bomb in inside.” Binghua Lei Ting first transmits using the radio. This is true special combat. The new skill emerges one after another incessantly. Even if Li Goudan such pursuit warfare Expert has not seen some people to put the bomb in the tree. The Fierce Tiger Special Warfare member who just rushed, by the fire of opposite party, cannot be lifted including directly. „It is not good, in this case, does not rush, so long as the enemy opened fire to us while the explosion during that time, can suppress our firepower completely.” Fights the tiger response to say. In Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team headquarters. Lets blasting explosive on the pursuit warfare Expert investigation tree, then makes the sniper hit.” In the headquarters a Teacher|Division Head behind staff officer said. Heard this person's proposition, Binghua Lei Ting stares slightly, turns head to look to that person of speech, when saw the appearance of opposite party, Lei Ting gawked slightly: Is you.” Lei Ting, does not see for a long time.” That staff officer shows a faint smile. Binghua Lei Ting nod of slightly, ordered using the radio afterward: Li Goudan, fights the tiger, you discover these blasting explosive positions on tree to me, making the sniper hit.”

Hears the order of Lei Ting. Li Goudan and war tiger start to move the running position, was quick they to discover the position of bomb. Seven o'clock directions, 13 o'clock directions.” Bang! Bang! Two (spear|gun)s transmit, punctured the blasting explosive directly, the blasting explosive has blasted out, but these blasting explosive were away from the members of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team to be very far, therefore cannot cause any harm to them. Succeeded.” Using this means that the people of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team turned on 12 bombs one after another. Jake, we now what to do?” Opens the jungle warfare, you are jungle warfare Expert, making the China soldier experience your fierce.” Jake said that takes the lead to run to the jungle deep place. Genuine jungle warfare must start, Li Goudan also 11 removes other booby mines. Six squads give me to be parallel to the front advance, alternately shields. The true Expert showdown solely is not the competion of marksmanship and skill, this must look at the tactic, looked like the tactic of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team broke that deadlock a moment ago. If not that staff officer finds out this means that that Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team wanted to continue to pursue must detour, perhaps where when the time comes the match ran up.