Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 245
Said that is parallel advancement, but the distance between each squads is also less than 50 meters, reason that walks this formation was worried that which online was ambushed again, words that like this walks, even if some people were ambushed, several other squads can also support fast, but other teams can also pursue the match fast. Bang! Vice- team, some people bumped into the booby mine.” „Is person how is it?” Fights the tiger to ask. Wound is very heavy.” Leaves behind a person to deliver to the following army to go him.” Fights the tiger order to say. Vice- team, I am all right, do not delay everybody to go forward.” Wounded that person of difficult saying. Shut up, your is helped you be completed by the brothers.” Fought the tiger not saying that he will not throw down his brothers. Although some people are injured, but footsteps cannot stop, the jungle warfare will be a pursuit warfare, the pursuit side delays the too long words, the escaping side will thoroughly lose the trace. The people go forward once more. The sound of gunfire transmits unceasingly, but nobody stops the footsteps, the Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team lost some time, cannot delay again, this is in the competion speed. Following some people are injured, but this nobody stops the footsteps again. Some people are injured each time leave behind one person to deliver to the rear area them, afterward continues to pursue the army. The operational experience of this group of international mercenary is very rich, they had the war superiority gradually, their group of people do not have one injured, but Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team here had five people injured, five people are injured also to mean that ten people are unable to join the fight temporarily. Thunder Captain, words this way, cannot block the opposite party.” Teacher|Division Head opens the mouth to say. Teacher|Division Head, the pursuit warfare itself suffers a loss, wants is the endurance that overtakes the opposite party to depend.” Binghua Lei Ting answered. No matter with any means that must kill them, if your Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team is unable to kill them, I will order the fighter aircraft to start spreadability bombing, even if explodes the flat land there, I am impossible to make them leave China.” Teacher|Division Head dignified saying. This is the Teacher|Division Head manner, all people know that he did not say, here border, unpopulated area, although spreadability bombing can create some wooded mountain destructions, but he must defend the China dignity. Encountered.” The brigade commanders of third brigade shout suddenly.

All people looked to the screen. Was bad, here terrain was too awful.” A Teacher|Division Head behind staff officer brow wrinkle. Fights the tiger, removes, cannot in that dozen, otherwise the Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team will be annihilated.” Binghua Lei Ting shouts hurriedly. „It is not good, some people have been injured, gives me on together, cover of fire.” Fights the tiger to shout loudly.Vice-captain, cannot on, be able to extinguish. „ Xia Tian said that at this time the sniper of opposite party in front . Moreover the opposite party firepower is so strong, the probability that if they , the group extinguishes now simply was too high.Leave to me, here I decide. „ Fought the tiger saying that rushed directly. Bang! A sound of gunfire transmits. Fights the tiger to fall to the ground directly.Vice-captain. „ Person anxious shouting.Vice-captain has not died, saves others quickly. „ The following person shouts.Does not want!! „ Xia Tian shouts hurriedly, but late, that several people have rushed. Bang! Bang! Bang! Several sounds of gunfire transmit, the person who that several just about to rush all fell to the ground. Bang! Bang! Bang! My CNM.” The members of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team cursed angrily. Opposite party sniper unexpectedly to lying down in that several wounded person to open fire of ground, moreover he does not kill, but is to open fire hits their arms and legs. Indoor the direction of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team.

Hateful.” Binghua Lei Ting has gotten hold of oneself fist. Thunder Captain, cannot hesitate, otherwise your elites will be killed by a sniper completely.” That staff officer goes forward to say. Binghua Lei Ting closed eye a few words not saying that she was pondering probably , was setting firm resolve probably. Bang! Bang! Bang! Gunshots transmit, that sniper such unceasing to open fire, he probably is the same in the amusement, is this hitting one after another, but does not kill, these people are also the dauntless men, had not shouted actually that clenches teeth to insist, on his face is the sweat. Withdraw, all people obey orders, unload heavy equipment, takes the minority ammunition, copies to me.” Vice-captain fights the tiger to give a loud shout. Vice- team!” This is the order.” Fights the tiger to shout loudly. In some member eyes presented the tears, these small Captain clench teeth to shout: Withdraw.” At this moment, the form runs together fast forward from the rear area, sees this form time, all people all surprisedly looked to him. In the headquarters of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team. „Does he want to do? A bit faster prevents him.” That staff officer shouts hurriedly, in his opinion, this person simply was insane, the situations of how many people hadn't he seen to look a moment ago? Is Xia Tian!” Brigade commander surprised saying of third brigade. Is he.” Binghua Lei Ting nodded. „Who is he?” Teacher|Division Head asked. Senior Official, he that person who you kill.” Lei Ting answered. Is he.” Teacher|Division Head nod of silently, he wants to ask that who before this sniper was, currently finally has the opportunity to experience. Xia Tian unloads equipment completely, the right hand takes Sniper Rifle this forward to run.

New person, danger.” Small Captain Gu Qi shouts coldly hurriedly. Bang! A gunshot transmits, body of Xia Tian but actually. New person.” The people of fifth squad want to save him. In the headquarters of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team. Fool, is a fool.” That staff officer angry shouting. In this time jungle, saw that Xia Tian gets down but actually, the people of fifth squad want to come up the life-saving, but the body of Xia Tian leave on the ground at this moment, saw that such situation all people stare. Paternal grandmother, the clothes puncture, father's clothes are also money, is the hard-earned money of national people.” Xia Tian said in radio that hears the Xia Tian words, the people know that he was all right. Xia Tian arrived injured side these people, sees only his left hand to grasp, then makes an effort to throw to behind. In the headquarters of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team. „Is he doing? Went crazy, this is injuring someone simply, the opposite party definitely meets that person who to open fire hits him to save.” That staff officer angry shouting. Bang! A gunshot transmits, but this (spear|gun) is not the opposite party starts, but is Xia Tian, he such does uses oneself to open fire speed quick means suppression opposite party firepower. Has succeeded, opposite party unexpectedly does not have to open fire.” All people all stare. The members of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team received that person that Xia Tian throws, afterward is fast for him wraps up. In the headquarters of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team, all people were shocked, the Xia Tian unexpectedly success, he has saved really really the person, this also too legend. Inconceivable.” That staff officer dumbfounded looks at Xia Tian that side situation.