Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 246

That staff officer witnessed inconceivable one, in the headquarters all people looked to him. What's the matter?” Teacher|Division Head opens the mouth to ask. „The motion aiming speed of sniper has the time, especially the topest sniper, he calculates that this time, has hidden to open fire to that sniper before opposite party to open fire, the opposite party has to give up aiming, he saves others while this time.” That staff officer answered. These, although listens to be very simple, but the most difficult several points, how he discovered truly the hiding place of opposite party, second, he must be quicker than opposite party to open fire, third, his unexpectedly one has equipment Special Force to throw on with a left hand, this strength of arm is imponderable, the body weight of that several person adds on the equipment is more than 230 about jin (0.5 kg) heavy.” Binghua Lei Ting said. Good fierce young fellow, when your Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team had such fierce sniper.” Nod that Teacher|Division Head keeps, he likes the young fellow on screen very much. He was yesterday moves.” Binghua Lei Ting answered. Whose army comes out from?” Teacher|Division Head asked. From brigade commander there accent.” Binghua Lei Ting looks to third brigade brigade commanders. How I do not know that your also has such skilled person.” Teacher|Division Head looked that said to the third brigade brigade commanders. This mentioned also skillfully, what in his file wrote was requests to join the Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team as southeast military region soldier, was I gives to approve.” The third brigade brigade commanders answered. Report words, how will be one's turn your this brigade commander personally to act, is your relative?” Teacher|Division Head serious looks to the third brigade brigade commanders. Teacher|Division Head do not crack a joke, our military region does not let go through the motions, I am clear, this boy is I bumps into on the airplane, we bumped into the hijacking at that time, the opposite party mentioned by name to want me to such thing that you bring, I handed over at that time for the passenger safety on airplane, afterward that group of people must silence a witness of crime, shenma two brothers have gotten rid, finally this Xia Tian successful has rescued all hostages on airplane.” The third brigade brigade commanders answered. Originally is this, the matter of hijack I heard, I know probably is who does, this matter I such will not consider as finished, but your this time also really searched for a treasure, gives my his details.” The Teacher|Division Head order said. In jungle. The body fast activity of Xia Tian there, opposite party machine gunners cannot project on his here, the Xia Tian distance has gone beyond their fire area, only then the sniper can project on Xia Tian here, but he was suppressed by Xia Tian completely. The members of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team went forward to save the person together.

Vice-captain fights the tiger whole body is the blood: Do not manage me, reduces equipment while present all people, pursues to me, must remember, cannot make them live is leaving China.” In mercenary camp. Jake, this boy has real skill, we what to do?” mercenary asked. Elder brother master, but the roll-call wants his head, cannot such walk.” A Jake brow wrinkle, he has not thought that opposite party marksmanship unexpectedly is so good: All people obey orders, dispersing, divides forces to battle, their one team, gives me to kill this group of Special Force in turn, making them experience our fierce.” Then satisfies a craving.” Robust man mercenary said. „Before noon tomorrow, regardless has killed the opposite party to go to the assembly point set, the stupid monkey they will aid us there.” Jake said. 11 people dispersed six teams, Jake one team, other people hurried to the different directions. Brothers, have sorry, I cannot accompany you to walk, following gave you.” Vice-captain fights the tiger big mouth is panting for breath. Salute!” All people salute together. „.” The major squads, this time they have unloaded heavy equipment once more, has only left behind the simple equipment, the sounding set, the anti-tank grenade, the dagger, the submachine gun, the pistols and few bullets. Such equipment to pursue, were few dozens jin (0.5 kg) equipment to make their speeds quickly. In the headquarters of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team. Can look up the opposite party that to help the mercenary status?” Teacher|Division Head asked.

Only if kills one, otherwise is impossible to know their status, so long as the miniature detection meter will approach them to be killed.” That staff officer shook the head. Has hit such quite a while, opposite party unexpectedly links one injured does not have, they definitely are not ordinary mercenary, once makes them leave China, that later China was not mercenary Forbidden Land.” Teacher|Division Head frowns to say. Fighter aircraft and heavy weapon have prepared, will step into that moment of border to carry on spreadability bombing in them.” That staff officer said. I believe the Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team.” The brigade commanders of third brigade said. In the jungle, the gunshot and explosive sound unceasing transmitting, the fight promotes as the jungle tangled warfare. Nobody knows that other person of there are any situations, they only know own here enemy is very formidable. New person, I works as bait, discovers the opposite party to me the sniper, kills him.” Small Captain Gu Qi said coldly. This is too dangerous, the opposite party absolutely is the topest sniper.” Xia Tian said. Does not kill the words of that sniper, other squads there same will have the danger, now our here sniper only remaining two, other lost the combat capability, therefore we must kill the opposite party the sniper, such we can let loose hit.” Gu Qi said coldly firmly. Be careful.” Xia Tian rubbish. 1 million armies, you watch the new person to me, if he has the danger, I have shot you.” The Gu Qi cold order said. Relax, Gu Dui.” 1 million and army said. Li Goudan, you overtake opposite party that exceed field operation Expert to me, do not do, constrains him to be good, after we kill that sniper, supports you.” Gu Qi orders to say coldly once more. Em.” Li Goudan nodded, afterward looks to Xia Tian: New person, you may probably protect itself good, my Li Goudan this whole life has not admired several people, you are one, waits for the opportunity I to lead you to see my girlfriend.” The fifth squad opened the jungle tangled warfare pattern officially.

Gu Qi throws the submachine gun on the ground coldly, in the hand takes the pistol to start to the front to run. Running (spear|gun). He does not dare to pull rank, he when the second second must change. Bang! Opposite party sniper to open fire, but the first (spear|gun) has not projected on Gu Qi to be cold. The Xia Tian vision has locked 60% spaces, he knows the opposite party the sniper certainly in that piece of space. Bang! The sniper of opposite party is a (spear|gun) makes, this Gu Qi cold good luck, the time under foot of his turn around has not stepped on the weed to slide, does not have prompt turn around, his right arm had been punctured. Gu Dui!” Do not be anxious I to be all right, new person, your side how?” Gu Qi asked coldly. Also almost.” Xia Tian said. That continues.” The Gu Qi cold body leave on the ground, afterward continues to start.