Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 247

The war in entire jungle is getting more and more serious. In the headquarters of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team, the complexions of all people are getting more and more dignified, because the member wounded person of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team are getting more and more, but died the opposite party to the present also nobody, although some opposite party people are also hit, but the situation good be too more than Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team. „The battle efficiency of opposite party was really too strong, if I have not guessed that wrong, they should be internationally one of the most famous several mercenary teams.” That staff officer frowns to say. What you said is the scorpion, the crow and poisonous wolf!” Binghua Lei Ting said. Right, if is really these three mercenary teams, once another 11 people converge with them, your person may be miserable.” That staff officer said. Bang! A gunshot transmits, all people looked to Xia Tian that screen. Succeeded?” Binghua Lei Ting opens the radio to ask. Succeeded.” Xia Tian affirmative reply. Xia Tian has succeeded, his small Captain Gu Qi also fell down coldly, his leg was hit. 1 million, you deliver to the safe place Little cold, the army, you goes to the position of opposite party sniper, I must have a look at that sniper.” Binghua Lei Ting said. I support Li Goudan.” Xia Tian said that carries the (spear|gun) to flush away to Li Goudan direction. Li Dajun has fired quickly into the position of that sniper, but he does not have the general idea, he knows that nearby the storehouse body of opposite party sniper definitely has the booby mine, after ten minutes, he finally arrived in the hiding place of opposite party that sniper, this booby mine also really has many all the way . Moreover the land mine is the exaggeration, the row has covered entirely the land mine, finally he can only detour. Li Dajun's miniature photograph meter has aimed at that sniper of opposite party. In the headquarters of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team. Scorpion, is the person of scorpion.” That staff officer saw that sniper tattoos.

Binghua Lei Ting looks to the monitoring on screen, personnel who now the Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team can also continue to fight already only remaining 15 people, but opposite party 11 people of squads were killed one. You are still considering anything, making your person remove.” That staff officer looked that shouts to Lei Ting. You think that I don't want to make them remove? However you see emerging Fierce Tiger not to prey in re-steaming?” Binghua Lei Ting understands Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team the dispositions of these members. Bang! Along with a bang, all people looked to the left bottom of screen. Also has killed a member of scorpion, but does not have on any person of face to have the joy, because small Captain of first squad perished together with the opposite party, when they wrestle in the same place, occupied small Captain of leeward first squad to grasp the opposite party stubbornly, then has sounded the anti-tank grenade of waist. This is the manner of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team. Xia Tian has not stopped own footsteps, from radio he knows that a moment ago what happened, here is the battlefield, the battlefield could not avoid the deceased person, now he can do at the maximum speed solves the opposite party, reduced the loss of one's own side as far as possible. A wave has not put down one wave to get up. Next to first small Captain that screen, another person but actually. Is Jake, scorpion one of the two big managing a household, Teacher|Division Head, I requested that you make the members of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team remove, they are the good soldiers, cannot die here.” That staff officer shouts hurriedly. Jake, internationally is very famous figure, he is No. 2 figure of crows three strongest mercenary teams, the strength is immeasurably deep. „All members of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team obey orders, I am your Teacher|Division Head, I know that you have made contribution, but the opposite party is international most famous mercenary, I do not think that you have the loss again, each of you are the outstanding talent who I am selective, casualty one, that is the massive loss, I lost do not get up, therefore I order you to retreat.” Teacher|Division Head has issued the order. Hears this order time, the members of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team were all shocked, on their faces has written all over unwillingly, but this is the order of Teacher|Division Head, becoming a soldier must obey the order. Retreats, leading the wounded person to come back to treat, they need to treat now.” Binghua Lei Ting said.

The failure of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team. All people all start to get ready to retreat, Lei Ting said right, these wounded person need to treat, they lose some time, these wounded person possibly are many a danger. The combat of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team has not lost, but this time they lost, moreover loses is very miserable. Bang! Bang! Bang! Also is a series of gunshots, afterward was one person pours in the pool of blood. Is Li Goudan, what this time pours is Li Goudan, his body had been fired dozens (spear|gun)s, the person of getting rid is Jake. My Grandma CN.” Xia Tian cursed angrily one, afterward ran directly forward. In Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team headquarters. Relates the fighter aircraft, prepares coverage type bombing.” Teacher|Division Head said. Wait / Etc.!” The brigade commanders of third brigade shout suddenly, his vision has locked on Xia Tian that screen, at this time he sees Xia Tian not to retreat. How?” Teacher|Division Head puzzled asking. Xia Tian has not removed.” The brigade commanders of third brigade said. At this time all talented people looked to Xia Tian that screen, Xia Tian not only has not removed, but also his unexpectedly has cast off the large unit several kilometers. Xia Tian, are you doing?” Binghua Lei Ting hurried shouts using the radio. Believes me.” Xia Tian only said these three characters, clarity that but these three character all people listen, Li Goudan is his solid brothers, although just knew for day, but the friendship between their fifth squad each people are not small.

He must revenge for Li Goudan. In the headquarters of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team, all people remained silent. They are become a soldier, the pain that ally died, they know that feeling is not very good, brothers who yesterday can also be merry together, today the Yin-Yang has been separated by. In the small Captain Gu Qi cold eye has flowed off the tears: 1 million armies, you go to transport Li Goudan corpse.” That Xia Tian?” He had we several people of anger to take revenge, if he also died, our three same will revenge.” Gu Qi cold firm saying: I, no matter the opposite party is the scorpion or anything, has killed our brothers' people, must die, even if pursues to the ends of the earth.” Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team all people led the brother of casualty to returning, except for Xia Tian. You determined that can make him go?” That staff officer looked that asked to surrounding these Senior Official. We cannot block him.” The brigade commanders of third brigade said. Informs the fighter aircraft, first do not move, waited for that this soldier charges finally.” Teacher|Division Head has issued the order. Xia Tian, some of your also how many bullets?” Binghua Lei Ting asked suddenly. 20.” Xia Tian replied. Opposite party also 21 people, you determined that you can also pursue? Even if you now (spear|gun) one percentage hundred hit probabilities are impossible to wipe out the opposite party.” Binghua Lei Ting asked again. „That (spear|gun) hit two to be good.” Xia Tian very optional saying.