Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 248

Xia Tian fast flushing away forward. Xia Tian, must revenge for brothers.” The Binghua Lei Ting commission said. Relax, the father is not easy dead, the father can drains off each drop of blood for the woman and country, naturally, includes you.” Xia Tian fast shuttle in jungle. In the headquarters of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team, all people heard his words, because here is manifestation, hears his words, the people in entire headquarters were shocked, afterward helpless shaking the head. Only the complexion of that staff officer is too not good, he arrives at the Binghua Lei Ting side: Boy, I called the dragon to be inborn, Lei Ting grew up together the friends from childhood with me, if you want to struggle with me, that lived is coming back.” Binghua Lei Ting stared his one eyes. After the dialog, atmosphere in the headquarters was not serious a moment ago. Your this group of youngster.” Teacher|Division Head is also helpless shaking the head. First lived is coming back to say again.” Binghua Lei Ting unexpectedly does not have meaning of rejection, has not scolded Xia Tian. If this saying said from others' mouth, she already tidied up the opposite party, but she has not done at this time. Discovers a head.” The body of Xia Tian leaps, body jumped up flexible the branch. All people all gazed at Xia Tian here situation, the Xia Tian screen are enlarged, they all surprisedly looked to Xia Tian there, because he on a moment ago the speed of tree was really too quick. Bang! A (spear|gun) makes. In the people that miniature camera from Xia Tian sees a person of form, Xia Tian is a (spear|gun) makes. Saw only that person of body but actually.

„The first head, but also remains 20.” The Xia Tian body in airborne tuck dive, falls to the ground steadily, afterward continues to run forward. This boy, body like monkey flexible.” The brigade commanders of third brigade said. Monkey may not have such good marksmanship.” Teacher|Division Head said that person was away from the Xia Tian at least 700 meters a moment ago, but Xia Tian unexpectedly on fast sets up, afterward direct to open fire, a (spear|gun) hit. The people as if saw the hope, they start to anticipate that anticipated Xia Tian can kill the opposite party by a person of strength. The present battlefield situation is favorable for Xia Tian slightly, because in the 11 people of squads of opposite party, only then a sniper, that sniper had been killed by Xia Tian, therefore Xia Tian does not need to be worried that was sneak attacked by the opposite party. When Xia Tian arrived at just by that person of side that he killed, has taken up the anti-tank grenade of his waist, threw to the front. Rumbling!! A series of explosive sounds transmit. Front unexpectedly has the series thunder, but the series thunder completely was broken by Xia Tian now. Soldier who this boy, in which working as, this power of observation and vigilance were really too strong.” Teacher|Division Head said. After Xia Tian broke the minefield pattern of opposite party , to continue to clash forward, he believes that can certainly overtake these people at own speed, so long as he is more careful, kills these person of issues not to be big. Ping ping! A series of sounds of gunfire transmit, the body of Xia Tian leapt, has shunted these bullets, but the opposite party absolutely did not have the end of mission. moda foka.” Xia Tian does not dare to gain ground, is running forward . Moreover the way that he moves is the S shape. In the headquarters, all people reported that breath, front all these may looking at the big piece stimulation were more, so long as Xia Tian on slow little, he will make into the hornet's nest by the bullet.

Is now.” Xia Tian hears that flash body that the opposite party sound of gunfire vanishes to squat down directly, fast aiming. Bang! A (spear|gun) has punctured the head of opposite party directly. He knows that this international mercenary Expert, trades the speed of bullet less than likely absolutely for one second, therefore he has one second, if were not the X-Ray Vision eye had already locked the opposite party position, Xia Tian was really impossible such happily to solve the opposite party. Attractive!” Teacher|Division Head excited racket on table. Was too fierce, this soldier is I have seen the most outstanding soldier.” The brigade commanders of first brigade said. Called him not to be overrated for King of Soldiers.” The brigade commanders of second brigade said. Xia Tian the (spear|gun) lets people is incomparable admiring, because their nobody dares to say one can achieve his such. He will escape with to open fire this video truncation a moment ago gets down, serves as the teaching video.” Teacher|Division Head said that this video was really too classical, he did not ask all soldiers to have Xia Tian such to open fire speed, but most at least was not each match has international mercenary to be so strong. Moreover that escapes is also very classical. This escaping way truly can the opposite party results in the pressure at heart, the opposite party has thought sweeps away can definitely hit, therefore Xia Tian successfully escapes. Senior Official, you a day have not eaten meal.” The adjutant said. Eats anything to eat, when our heroes come back us to open the western-style food.” Teacher|Division Head said. 19.” Xia Tian light saying. After solving this, Xia Tian has put out the pilot biscuit in pocket, he is really tired and hungry.

Senior Official, after I go back, what did you ask me to eat? Do not look like our brigade commanders to resemble, asking me to drink takes a shelled peanut to coax I.” Xia Tian is eating the pilot biscuit while said. You come back me to ask you to eat the meat.” Teacher|Division Head very natural saying. After Xia Tian has eaten the pilot biscuit in hand , to continue, this time was the pursuit warfare, Xia Tian makes all people see his skill, only used for three hours, Xia Tian to solve five. 14.” Xia Tian said. Xia Tian, your can stamina also endure? You have not rested.” Binghua Lei Ting asked. Li Goudan they have helped me rest.” Xia Tian said that he will certainly help Li Goudan they revenge, in the cave, Li Goudan watched the picture of his girlfriend to Xia Tian, is truly attractive, they said that and other Li Goudan retire marries. He and Xia Tian said related to the matter between him and his girlfriends, but he again is unable to see his girlfriend now. Xia Tian has discovered two people, but the vigilances of these two people are very high, Xia Tian just entered the fire range, that two people hid, now the scene fell into the deadlock, Xia Tian has died of suffocation them in a piece of jungle. Jake, remaining our two, other people by that sniper killing.” I know that has not thought his unexpectedly is so fierce, it seems like I underestimated China Special Force.” Jake has to acknowledge that fierce of Xia Tian, his first time was compelled this region. What to do do we, exit to kill him now?” You exit to try, having a look at him to hit your head.” Jake depressed saying. „Have we treated here?” Naturally, when the stupid monkey, I have informed the stupid monkey they, after one hour, they will support us.” Jake light saying, how he possibly does not have waiting of plan.