Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 249

The weaponry makes into now this, even if were behind has the support unable to follow, among this perhaps many land mines, has made many booby mine, the following these armies wanted with coming up, was almost impossible. Moreover this is contest between Special Force and mercenary, if Xia Tian won, that China Special Force reputation specially will be resounding in the world. If sets out the bomber aircraft to raze here, after China, mercenary Forbidden Land, but internationally these people only think that here to mercenary resistance mood, they think that China Special Force radically is the trash. Therefore this war, Xia Tian not only in the dignity of safeguard state, but also is China Special Force strives for honor. Gripped the tiger gentleman, Jake is surrounded, we must rescue Jake immediately.” The stupid monkey said. How many people does the opposite party have?” A Zairean tiger face cross peen, on face has long scabs. „A person.” The stupid monkey said. „A person, is Jake an idiot? Their unexpectedly by a person surrounding.” Zairean tiger angry shouting. „The opposite party is a sniper, Jake spread the news to say a moment ago that in their 11 people of squads had been killed seven people by that sniper.” The stupid monkey said. This is how possible, mercenary each of scorpion is in ten thousand does not have a skilled person, these many person unexpectedly had been killed seven by a sniper.” Zairean tiger whole face inconceivable saying. Moreover that sniper is that person who kills the elder brother master younger brother, the elder brother master mentions by name to want his head.” In the hand of stupid monkey was taking the elder brother master younger brother's bone ash. Since is the person who the elder brother master wants, that kills him, our these many people, person of spit were drown to death he.” The Zairean tiger nodded. Their here 12 people, in addition Jake there two, altogether 14 people, 14 people put together one, their confidence very feet, they usually battle time is ten people to fighting over a hundred people, most to fighting over a thousand people, each of them is the elite in elite. Today 14 elites to fighting a person, this simply is the simplest fight.

Xia Tian has hit for 18 hours with this group of mercenary jungle war, in these 18 hours he has eaten two pilot biscuits, thinks that has not said that his eye has not left the opposite party hiding place, so long as the opposite party dares to crop up, he meets a (spear|gun) to solve the opposite party absolutely. Xia Tian, you also anti- living?” In the headquarters, all people are accompanying Xia Tian, their thing has not eaten, has been staring at Xia Tian there screen. The competion endurance is also the instinct of sniper, they must several hours in a place conceal, to wait for the goal frequently appear. Was inferior that we talked openly, was each other understands, in any case after you, perhaps also wanted, when my woman.” Xia Tian light saying. Hears the Xia Tian words, headquarters inside person was speechless, in such serious situation Xia Tian unexpectedly also has the thoughts to pick up the little girl. Well, how you did not speak.” Xia Tian asked. At this moment window of headquarters inside detection meter, that frame detection meter was hit to explode. Xia Tian, quickly leaves there, their support.” Binghua Lei Ting shouts hurriedly. Just right that comes, my this ambush point occupies a commanding position, they want to save others, I happen to can kill them directly.” Xia Tian very calm saying. The defense fights forever compared with the happiness that attack war must come. Jake, I am stupid monkey, waits a while our cover of fire you, you come to converge with us, we kill that sniper together.” Stupid monkey their distances sufficed near, the radio has been able to put through. Good, but you are careful, the marksmanship of that sniper is very good.” The Jake reminder said. Relax, what sniper I have not seen.” Stupid monkey self-confident saying, they have seen the super sniper is innumerable, naturally also had to cope with the means of sniper.

Careful, he is different from other snipers.” Jake hears sound that the stupid monkey does not care at all, reminded again. Relax Jake, after ten seconds, you clash.” The stupid monkey shouts to person afterward: Throws to me the anti-tank grenade.” In the headquarters of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team, the spirits of all people tighten once more, the final war must start finally. They are topest mercenary, what now they use is the anti-tank grenade law, using covers the line of sight of sniper the anti-tank grenade explodes instantaneously, thus rescues that two by the person who the sniper watches.” The staff officer dragon inborn is analyzing to the battlefield. Xia Tian, careful, they must run away.” Binghua Lei Ting shouts. Bang! At this moment a gunshot transmits, hid with Jake in that person of same place just cropped up is killed by a Xia Tian (spear|gun), he saw stupid monkey and the others used the anti-tank grenade time knew their goals, therefore he thought that this was the best opportunity of escaping, but he has not thought that in this case, Xia Tian unexpectedly can also be able to see him. Also remains 13.” Xia Tian light saying. Hears the Xia Tian words, people in the headquarters, although has not seen, but also understood, Xia Tian has killed one. „Does he aim at the opposite party? In the international tactic, this method is to cope with the best means of sniper.” Staff officer dragon inborn puzzled saying. Blind (spear|gun), he has used this means on airplane.” The brigade commanders of third brigade have remembered that war in airplane first-class cabin, that fights the Xia Tian use is the blind (spear|gun). „It is not right, the blind (spear|gun) judges by the sound generally, on the airplane, he possibly hears the sound, but on his present range that person kilometer, moreover had the explosive sound a moment ago, how he possibly could hear.” Binghua Lei Ting shook the head. Is the mirror.” Xia Tian answered, afterward he has aimed at a mirror on left front tree the sounding set.

So that's how it is, too extraordinary.” Brigade commander surprised saying of third brigade. Gets down this video also truncation.” The Teacher|Division Head order said. unexpectedly broke the blasting procedure of opposite party using the mirror, good intelligent brat.” Saying that the brigade commanders of first brigade appreciate. After Xia Tian that (spear|gun), the leg that Jake stepped received a moment ago: Stupid monkey, this method is invalid.” Hateful, how this sniper achieves, his field of vision should be covered by the dust that our explodes completely is right.” The stupid monkey cursed angrily one. First do not converge, on, killed that sniper to say together first again.” The Zairean tiger opens the mouth to say suddenly. Right, first kills him.” The stupid monkey shouts one, these mercenary flush away to above following the different positions. Bang! Also is a gunshot: Also remains 12.” Drops to the ground.” The stupid monkey shouts loudly. „The words that such clashes, the person will be killed by him finally, on the smoke shell, puts on, against smoke eyeglasses.” The Zairean tiger shouts.