Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 250

Smoke shell throw to the front. Advance at the same time continues to throw.” The stupid monkey order said. Their strengths are limited, is impossible to throw Xia Tian there directly, therefore they will need to hide in the smog. Smoke shell, is not good, the opposite party will hide in the smog, like this on thorough cover the line of sight of Xia Tian, this time was impossible to see the opposite party using the mirror.” Brigade commander anxious saying of third brigade. Yeah, these people have sealed up his escape route, now is he wants to run away, falling that is also impossible to run away.” Staff officer Dragon Tiansheng helpless shaking the head. Bang! A gunshot transmits. Also remains 11.” Xia Tian light saying. Bang! Also remaining ten.” Xia Tian said again. Ping ping! Also remaining five.” Xia Tian said. In this entire headquarters has been completely shocked, they are very difficult to believe that Xia Tian unexpectedly hit. Stupid monkey there has also discovered that just starts him to hear the gunshot time, he thinks the opposite party in blind to open fire, pitiful yell sound that but periphery hears afterward unceasingly, he understood, opposite party unexpectedly hit. Hiding, all hides.” On the forehead of stupid monkey has flowed off the sweat: „Is this person?” Jake does not dare to move, Xia Tian is he has seen the most terrorist sniper, therefore he has not moved, he , the fact showed that his procedure is right, although has not exited, but he basic has found out outside situation: Died several?”

Seven, are counted you now, five people, we could not hit, words that continues to hit, our is impossible to live departure.” The Zairean tiger has somewhat been afraid, he is a terrorist organization chieftain, can say that he kills people does not blink completely. However now he has feared, he has not seen such terrifying sniper, he runs away with great difficulty, he does not want dead in China. But elder brother master wants this person dead.” Stupid monkey hesitant saying. Makes the means that he dies have, and may not hardly spell here, the matter that you must handle now sends out China me and elder brother master younger brother's bone ash.” Zairean tiger strong saying. What to do but did we such walk Jake?” The stupid monkey frowns to say. Does not need to manage me, listens to grip the tiger, I have the means.” Jake light saying. Xia Tian looks at the hideaway places of front these people. This group of people must run away probably.” Xia Tian said. Five people, on the remaining five people, were too fierce.” Saying that Teacher|Division Head keeps, to be honest, he has not thought Xia Tian can achieve this, even he has prepared Xia Tian sacrifice at heart. Now completely is but different. 22 mercenary of scorpion add on a terrorist organization chieftain to grip the tiger, perished together a person besides and small Captain of first squad, other people were killed by Xia Tian really one by one. Now living also remaining five people. Four rounds of bullets, it seems like must come to select ruthlessly.” Xia Tian said that the whole person crawls directly to the tree, the people all are very puzzled looks at the screen, does not know that he must do. Quick, Xia Tian crawled the most peak of tree. Bang! Bang!

Also is two gunshots transmits, afterward two mercenary fall to the ground. Hateful, runs away.” The stupid monkey had been shocked completely, this does not dare to turn head, he has not seen such fierce sniper, they have not even done yes what's the matter time had been killed. Now living person only remaining three. Jake, stupid monkey and tiger. Also remains three.” Xia Tian jumps down from the tree, afterward fast they pursues to the stupid monkey. He will not make these people escape. Although Jake also hides there, but he is impossible to pass, Jake is impossible to come out, if they such drag, the stupid monkey and tiger must escape from China. Succeeded.” In the headquarters on the faces of all people have revealed the happy expression, although also remaining three people, but in their opinion, Xia Tian has succeeded. After a moment ago Xia Tian that several (spear|gun)s, he completely hitting not to have the fighting spirit of opposite party. If before , because this group of mercenary enter the China excited battle efficiency is 120 words, now perhaps links Wushidu not to have, their remaining, only then escapes, escapes from this terrifying place. Today they understand finally why China was called mercenary Forbidden Land. The stupid monkey and tiger discarded equipment, the stupid monkey is holding the elder brother master younger brother's bone ash, their fast runs away to the front. Xia Tian has lifted the (spear|gun), afterward shook the head, now this distance, he can definitely strike to kill the opposite party, but can only kill one, now his altogether only remaining two rounds of bullets, if (spear|gun), that definitely has a person to escape finally. His how not to open fire?” Teacher|Division Head puzzled asking. His only remaining two rounds of bullets, opposite party also remained three people, he wants to have a (spear|gun) to hit two.” Binghua Lei Ting answered.

(Spear|Gun) two? This is how possible.” Staff officer Dragon Tiansheng shook the head discontented saying. „Before several hours, you think that kills the member possibilities of more than 20 scorpion mercenaries by his strength?” Binghua Lei Ting asked. Volume.” Staff officer Dragon Tiansheng nodded, truly so, Xia Tian has created the miracle. Xia Tian is pursuing, good that very but he will have hidden, does not have exposed, regarding a normal person, unknown forever is most terrorist, Xia Tian must do is makes the opposite party unable to find out own details, does not make the opposite party see the appearance. Such opposite party will fear at heart. Once has defeated the confidence frightened, that this person absolutely did not have any revolt ability. Like initial Xie Xiaofeng, he obviously was Profound Grade Expert, if hit that final result really is very difficult to say with Xia Tian, but he actually defeated by his fear. Therefore Xia Tian can sneak attack successfully with the silver needle, defeats it. The present stupid monkey and tiger fighting spirit absolutely did not have, they only know to run away, does not dare to return. They want to run away to the border go, there some people support them. Hides had not moved there Jake, reason that he, he had not moved two reasons, first he does not know that Xia Tian left, second he wants to let that two person again running distant points. Once the stupid monkey they ran away, that Xia Tian will certainly pursue that two people, when the time comes he had the means to run away. So long as he can live is leaving China, the elder brother master will not only not blame him, instead will hold in high esteem to him, he also becomes an legend in international mercenary, before after mercenary cannot intrude China, is living departure, once he lived were leaving, he was first breaks the person of legend. Time was up.” Jake starts to crawl in the thick patch of grass, now this time, he does not dare to have slight careless.