Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 251
It can be said that the self-confidence of that group of people had helped Xia Tian a moment ago, they think themselves, so long as hides in the smog, that Xia Tian took them not to have the means that but they have underestimated Xia Tian, that smog could not block the Xia Tian X-Ray Vision eye. Also because of their general ideas, Xia Tian can solve that many mercenary one time. Regardless of their individuals battle fiercely, no matter also their marksmanship good, or is the physical quality strong, but they are impossible to evade Xia Tian Sniper Rifle. Was hit the head by Sniper Rifle, that is nobody can go on living. He absolutely does not have the tired feeling probably.” The brigade commanders of first brigade said. So very intensive centralized spirit, he has battled soon to 20 hours continuously, in this case, is equal to one person four days four nights has not slept, he possibly is not how tired.” The brigade commanders of second brigade said. Now supports his is the faith, must kill this group of mercenary faith, therefore he has not gotten down but actually, once he has succeeded, then he will drop down directly.” Binghua Lei Ting said. How long follow-up unit also needs to be able with.” Teacher|Division Head asked. Normal, half double-hour has sufficed, the speed that but Xia Tian they run is too fast, if continues such to run, the follow-up unit cannot follow.” Staff officer Dragon Tiansheng answered. Orders the follow-up unit and medical troops picks up the speed, the clear barrier army must pick up the speed.” Teacher|Division Head most is afraid after is Xia Tian kills these mercenary, by jungle in the wild animal is given to eat, that death may really not have the value. Xia Tian is tracing stupid monkey and tiger. These two completely are running of breaknecking, they do not know that is tired same. Because they know, once they stop the footsteps, their lives did not have. They did not know the Xia Tian only remaining two rounds of bullets, but they think that now like this runs can maintain a livelihood, therefore, they like this were running. These two fellows, but can also run, so long as they stop, they definitely will sit together, at that time was my best opportunity.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought. Both sides on are pursuing like this.

Finally after two hours, they were too tired to move any further finally. This type runs with usual jogging rapidly is different, they used the nursing vigor. Threw off.” Zairean tiger big mouth is panting for breath. I was also too tired to move any further, died of exhaustion me.” Stupid monkey weak on the ground. Ran such a long time, the opposite party did not have to open fire, the stupid monkey thinks Xia Tian radically not with: He also looks at Jake.” Should, Jake unable to run away, he dies always dies to be better compared with our two.” The Zairean tiger may, no matter that many, so long as he does not die, then on line. Has been a pity, has not thought that Jake wise first, was actually finally buried in this China land.” The stupid monkey shook the head saying that regrets. However, actually that person sniper is, so to be how fierce.” The Zairean tiger asked. I do not know that I only know he called Xia Tian, the homicide the younger brother of elder brother master.” The stupid monkey said. I have not seen such strong sniper.” Also has the fear the Zairean tiger to the present at heart. I do not know that he fierce, until now I his surface has not seen.” The stupid monkey knows own present distressed, he does not have to think own unexpectedly will be made by a sniper such distressedly. He acknowledged a sniper regarding an importance of special combat, but the sniper has not gone against heaven's will to this degree, his unexpectedly only depended on a person, killed their this time entered the China team. They are scorpion mercenary, in the world hire one of the Mercenary Group teams famously. „After I went back, regardless of spends how much money, I must kill him.” Zairean tiger angry saying, he never has such distressedly, no matter what he is the chieftain of terrorist organization, but today unexpectedly pursued is so miserable. The clothes already cut the skin, on his body and face everywhere are the opening.

The condition of stupid monkey is not better than him many. First lived is exiting to say again.” The stupid monkey took up medicine to move toward has gripped the tiger. Bang! The stupid monkey and tiger they face-to-face are standing, on their faces has written all over inconceivable, because they saw on opposite party that stature bullet hole. Has killed that many people, today they know the feeling of death finally. Also remains one.” Xia Tian light saying. In the headquarters of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team. Has succeeded, his unexpectedly really success.” Teacher|Division Head excited saying. Xia Tian that (spear|gun) they saw a moment ago, all of them admiring Xia Tian, unexpectedly, for this (spear|gun) hid for two hours, when the opposite party relaxes the vigilant time he starts out this (spear|gun). A (spear|gun) explodes the head, moreover is a (spear|gun) explodes the double headed. Appropriate advantage that the time and position grasp. A headquarters cheers piece, now on the remaining last people, two leader Jake of scorpion. Xia Tian receives the (spear|gun), has not stayed, but continues to run forward. Which present Jake did not know. Xia Tian, you know where Jake is at?” Binghua Lei Ting asked.

Does not know.” Xia Tian said that already two hours, Jake, so long as were not the fool early runs. You run why, keep there waiting treatment.” Binghua Lei Ting said. Killed his me to rest.” Xia Tian said. Running that but you such flanerie is not the means.” Binghua Lei Ting said. You, when faced with the life and death, you most wants to go?” Xia Tian asked. Your meaning is a border line.” Binghua Lei Ting understood finally meaning of Xia Tian, a person in most frightened, the most no use time first idea goes home. Although Jake is mercenary, moreover is splendid mercenary, but he is also a person, he when feels also to think first to run back home frightened. In his idea, so long as he returns to the border line, the China person cannot to his to open fire. But I feared that your body cannot endure.” Saying that Lei Ting worries about. I promise Li Goudan to for him revenge.” Xia Tian said. Great, Xia Tian, you truly achieve those words that we most often spoke, violates my China, although must execute.” Teacher|Division Head said. Xia Tian has kept is running, Teacher|Division Head has ordered the fighter aircraft to support, they saw the determination of Xia Tian, at the Xia Tian speed, the following reinforcing unit cannot overtake, therefore he plans to use the airplane, the reinforcing unit and supplies will ship. Jake has been running, his destination is a border line, but was quick he to discover the heavenly airplane, he knows, the reinforcing unit of opposite party. However when he sees these reinforcing units, the fear, instead has not been on the face had a happy expression.