Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 252
He saw these soldiers time as if saw the hope is ordinary. Xia Tian is pursuing, he also saw his army quickly, these people also saw Xia Tian, hurried was Xia Tian dresses wound, on the jungle warfare cannot avoid leaving behind the scar. On present Xia Tian the scabs are really many, although ancient Buddhist Relic will help him treat, but ancient Buddhist Relic is not the panaceas, moreover Xia Tian felt obviously the ancient Buddhist Relic resiliency was getting more and more slow. That knife wound on his shoulder, has the scar to the present. Xia Tian has eaten a pilot biscuit, drank water later takes up Sniper Rifle to leave directly. Waits for these people to discover, which Xia Tian did not know. Jake present is specially happy, he saw the border line finally, moreover he had left here method, he struck to kill a China soldier a moment ago, then wore that China soldier clothes on own body, afterward cautious and solemn walked toward the border line. He also really has bumped all the way into several China soldiers, but this time he has not killed people, but fits out the appearance of search. Jake completely vanished, was he escaped from China.” The brigade commanders of first brigade frown to say. Should not have, cannot let go any opportunity, if he lives is leaving China, then to our China, this will be a big defeat, later will have the second wave, the tertiary wave person enters China, they hope one will also live like Jake is leaving China, will then amaze the world with a single brilliant feat.” Where Teacher|Division Head is unable to imagine such China to turn. When the time comes even many people to become famous to intrude China intentionally. Xia Tian, you confident?” Binghua Lei Ting asked. Has.” Xia Tian has not said anything, only said that has the character, but everybody remained silent, they were waiting. Time little past.

Jake had finally found an opportunity, moved toward the border gradually, that side in border had the army of terrorist to wait for there. When Jake steps onto that moment of border line he hat in the hand high lifts, afterward shouts loudly: China, I walked.” His shouted that China these patrol soldiers saw, on their faces has written all over unwillingly, if infiltrates others' country the bullet, this on has provoked, that responsibility no one can shoulder. Therefore they can only look that Jake is rampant there. That side the border line terrorist has supported Jake. Makes a picture to me, I must keep commemorating.” Jake excited shouting, he feels own present to cover the infinite ray. From now henceforth he will turn into a legend, breaks the myth the legend. Internationally was known as that China is mercenary Forbidden Land, but he entered China today, moreover was living. Yeah!” Shaking the head that in headquarters, all people keeping, even if Teacher|Division Head does not have any means that he cannot make the army throw the opposite country the missile, that is not makes war, when the time comes the international opinion has no way to explain. When sighing that in all people keep. Bang! A gunshot passed on, all people looked once more to the screen, Xia Tian unexpectedly to open fire. In a moment ago most silent that moment, Xia Tian had made this (spear|gun).

Xia Tian, who lets the (spear|gun) that you fire, he has stepped into the opposite party international boundary, your this will create very big trouble to the military, do you know, once initiates the international opinion is to shoot you 100 also insufficiently.” Staff officer Dragon Tiansheng angry shouting. Who said that he did cross?” Xia Tian said that walked to the Jake corpse directly. When he approaches, people discovered that Jake unexpectedly is one treadons in the China territory. Saw that Jake was killed, therefore the person are the incomparable excitement. unexpectedly.” Staff officer Dragon Tiansheng surprised saying. What meaning was your manner?” Binghua Lei Ting looked that asked to the dragon inborn. Lei Ting, do not misunderstand, I am just anxious.” Staff officer Dragon Tiansheng answered. Snort, I thought that your appearance must execute to be the same Xia Tian probably.” Binghua Lei Ting cold snort. Staff officer Dragon Tiansheng looks to Teacher|Division Head, hopes that Teacher|Division Head spoke two words for him, but Teacher|Division Head also has turned the head, has probably not seen him to be the same, he knows that the own words truly went too far. Xia Tian for the China honor, goes on an expedition continuously for day a night, to fighting most ferocious one group of people, but his unexpectedly such spoke with Xia Tian, he a little regretted now, steady he, unexpectedly will always lose control. He knows that he definitely is envying Xia Tian, just started him saying that to the opportunity of Xia Tian fair competition is because he thinks that Xia Tian is impossible to live coming back, said that will appear his very big stomach, will have the demeanor very much. However the last resort is anxious, he real truth of own innermost feelings saying. Complete solution.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, he who the body, has tightened the spirit but actually highly, at this moment finally relaxed, his muscle already reached the limit, but is he has been carrying on the shoulder hardly, now fought to finish, he could not shoulder finally.

That gang People's Liberation Army lifts Xia Tian, they understand that this person is the China hero. Xia Tian was lifted up the airplane, shipped back rear area. Physical condition is very good, wound too major problem, he just has not been because faints overtiredly.” The military doctor gets the physical exam of Xia Tian to say. Good, you give him to wrap up well, making him rest well.” Since Xia Tian was transported, Teacher|Division Head has followed in the Xia Tian side, keeps close, he reported the Xia Tian merit, and was Xia Tian applied for a special title. Xia Tian this sleep rested was very long, rested very soundly, three days later, Xia Tian revived finally. He awoke.” The nurse discovered after he awoke, has first sent to the military headquarters this news. In the military headquarters Teacher|Division Head is leading three brigade commander and Fierce Tiger Special Warfare Captain Lei Ting, has caught up together, Vice-captain fought the tiger also to be supported by the arm was arriving at the Xia Tian hospital ward. You awoke finally.” Brigade commander excited saying of third brigade, in this with the Xia Tian friendship is deepest on him, but also has drunk together. Xia Tian sat slowly, muscle aches, but this ache regarding him is not anything, he looks earnestly to the surrounding these people, aroused the courage saying: I was hungry.”