Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 253
Ha Ha Ha Ha, good, you want to eat anything, I make them buy for you.” Teacher|Division Head laughs was saying. Teacher|Division Head they look at the Xia Tian coy appearance, but also thinks that he must say anything, finally his unexpectedly said hungrily, a person in room has smiled. Teacher|Division Head, his several days has not eaten the thing, his present physical state can only sip gruel.” Binghua Lei Ting answered. Right, you have a look at me, worries, this matter forgetting, when you will thoroughly restore tomorrow, I asked you to eat the thing again.” Teacher|Division Head has tapped own head, appearance that being suddenly enlighted. Sips gruel, this treatment was also too bad a point.” Xia Tian depressed saying. Your boy was obedient has resulted, this for hello.” The brigade commanders of third brigade said. Good, I recognized.” Xia Tian nodded, afterward looked asked to ice flower Lei Ting: „Did Li Goudan things to do after death process?” Em.” The Binghua Lei Ting expression becomes serious, nodded to continue saying: His bone ash was returned to his native place, the pension of army will also send to his family through the local government.” How many does pension have?” Xia Tian asked. Has about 300,000-400,000 probably.” Binghua Lei Ting answered. Hears 300,000-400,000 times, a Xia Tian brow wrinkle: So to be how few.” Brat, this were many, because he in carrying out mission died, therefore so will be high, if he dies in special lesson, that company 100,000 will not have.” Binghua Lei Ting answered. Em.” Xia Tian nodded. At this moment, Lei Ting cell phone sound. Li Goudan girlfriend?” A Lei Ting brow wrinkle. Good, I go back immediately.”

After Lei Ting has hung up the telephone, discovered Xia Tian strange visits her: Is Li Goudan girlfriend and his mother.” I also together go back.” Xia Tian said. Nonsense, your injury does not have, cannot wander about aimlessly.” The brigade commanders of third brigade angrily rebuke to say. Who said that my wound does not have.” Under Xia Tian came a somersault directly, this rallies him to hurt. Told you not to move heedlessly.” The brigade commanders of third brigade saw the appearance that Xia Tian contorts one's face in agony said. All right, so long as is not the present carries out mission to be all right.” Xia Tian said. Sees the Xia Tian firm appearance, Teacher|Division Head nodded: Good, we pass together.” After Vice-captain fought the tiger looked at Xia Tian, returned to own hospital ward, he has not spoken too many words, but he can look that Xia Tian sufficiently proved his approval to the Xia Tian. Three brigade commanders, Teacher|Division Head, Captain of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team, Xia Tian, several people rode a car(riage) to hurry to the military region. After two hours, the vehicle has arrived at the military region. The people in military region received Li Goudan girlfriend and mother. Saw came these many people enormously and powerful, Li Goudan girlfriend and mothers stares. Hello, I am Li Goudan ally.” Xia Tian looks that they open the mouth to say. You are useful, I must see to be an official, our family sons-of-a-bitch die for the country, but final bone ash unexpectedly was delivered, how this makes us be possible to live.” Li Goudan mother is very excited. Aunt, the person dies cannot come back to life.” Xia Tian said.

I know that the person dies cannot come back to life, my son dies for the country, we are not sad, because he is a martyr, however his bone ash was delivered, what matter this is, wasn't the martyr buried in the martyr's grave?” Li Goudan mother more said that is more excited. Li Goudan girlfriend is comforting Li Goudan mother. Aunt, I am Li Goudan leadership, this matter I explained to you, in the common soldier death bone ash will be delivered to go home, only then after obtaining the people of many meritorious military service had died, is buried the martyr's grave, although Li Goudan was an outstanding soldier, but he has not participated in any special fight.” Binghua Lei Ting tactful answered, the jungle warfare was Li Goudan has attended the first war. However he died in this first war. Xia Tian doubts looks to Teacher|Division Head, Teacher|Division Head nod of silently. My pitiful son.” Li Goudan mother cannot stop is crying. Aunt, should not be sad, your place should have the martyr memorial, Li Goudan request should conform to there to be right.” Binghua Lei Ting said hurriedly. I have asked that there person said that our family sons-of-a-bitch go, however there memorial must collect fees, ordinary becomes a soldier goes to need 400,000, our family sons-of-a-bitch go in also need 300,000.” Li Goudan mother complained tearfully. Why does martyr memorial also need to collect fees?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. These martyr memorials personal, although some countries tacitly consented, but that after is the personal place, certainly wants the receive fees, but they collect fees are very reasonable, if in the martyr memorial needs 300,000, that outside tomb needed almost 500,000 again.” Binghua Lei Ting answered. „Didn't army give to examine and approve pension?” The brigade commanders of third brigade asked. „The present examination has naturally does not know that money that troubles your to become a soldier perhaps wants in our hands to wait for several years, moreover must look for the relations to probably return to these money, finally arrives in our hands perhaps 100,000.” Li Goudan mother said. Nonsense.” Teacher|Division Head angry saying. His shouted that had a scare Li Goudan mother actually. Do not be afraid, I said is not you.” Teacher|Division Head answered.

„The present place is this, so-called Emperor Shan tall is far, who takes them not to have the means.” Li Goudan girlfriend eyes cry to be swollen. Aunt, you told me bank card number.” Xia Tian opens the mouth to say. In room person all puzzled looks to Xia Tian, does not know that he must do. After having attained the bank card number, Xia Tian borrowed a telephone, went out of the room. Brother Xu, helping me give in this account number to hit 500,000.” Xia Tian told Xu Grandfather Li Goudan mother's card number. Good, in ten minutes to account.” Xu Grandfather management ability does not blow. After Xia Tian has hung up the telephone, turned back in the room: Aunt, I discussed with the above leader a moment ago, they decided that is subsidizing you 500,000, but this 500,000 are the soldiers donates, first makes Li Goudan enter the memorial, the remaining pension some people will help you want.” Hears the Xia Tian words, how many people in room stares, Xia Tian above leadership? These people in room are not just the Xia Tian above leadership. Thanks, was really too thanks you, I for our family 38 obligation cardinal virtue thank you.” Li Goudan mother said that must kneel, Xia Tian pulls up her hurriedly. Had has buried Li Goudan money, Li Goudan mother and girlfriend left the army. Has not looked, you is a second generation of rich.” Binghua Lei Ting most does not like was the second generation of rich.