Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 255

Lei Ting hears the Xia Tian words, stepped on a Xia Tian foot maliciously, although she just knew shortly after Xia Tian, the skill that but the Xia Tian battlefield disobeys orders may not be really small, Lei Ting is clear, Xia Tian is anything can do. Xia Tian shows a faint smile, although on the foot is very painful, but he finally is the first time symbolic has conquered Lei Ting. After entering the market, Xia Tian took a fast look around, the first majority of market are to sell the table and cosmetics, mentioned the watch, Xia Tian has remembered Zeng Ruo for that oneself bought, before participated in the fight time he has not worn, changed the clothes a moment ago time happen to put on. Looked, here has many signs, but Xia Tian did not know. Goes to that home to have a look.” Xia Tian said that ran directly to one has shown the shop, he saw the sign of symbol and this shop on own watch is exactly the same. The business of this shop is not good, a customer in broad daylight does not have, Xia Tian enters time also nobody in shop to respond him, he is also glad idly, looked in that has a look to have oneself this watch price. He to the present does not know that Zeng Ruo delivers him this watch is how much money. Xia Tian, how you entered this shop.” Binghua Lei Ting followed. „. You help me look for this watch, this table is my friend delivers me, I want to take a look at its how much money, like this I have the integer.” Xia Tian answered. Binghua Lei Ting looked at watch on the Xia Tian, is really same as here sign, but he remembers that this table is very expensive, cheapest takes over ten thousand. Any friend, can give such expensive gift. Lei Ting also looked that here sales clerk did not like responding them, she can also understand that after all here table was over ten thousand, but the clothes that she and on Xia Tian wore were actually the bargain-priced goods. This inside puts on perhaps her who exercise installs, but Xia Tian puts on exaggerates, the clothes are not good-fitting.

It can be said that they here appear very rare and beautiful flowers. Elder Brother Ming, others also want together the watch of count.” Sound in a seductive voice conveys from the entrance together. The Xia Tian bone that this sound whined was continually crisp, Xia Tian saw that Binghua Lei Ting was the whole body has also had a shiver, they simultaneously looked to the entrance, saw only one to wear the big brother of sunglasses to hug one is seeming the 40-year-old female, a female black silk, has drawn a very heavy smoking makeup. Sees this females about 40-year-old time, Xia Tian has almost not spat, that hear was only 18 -year-old girl's sound unexpectedly to say from her mouth a moment ago. Well good, we have a look first.” Dai Mojing's saying of big brother very atmosphere. Saw that has the customer to come , the sales clerk is positive initiative comes out to greet, encircled 78 people all of a sudden. Xia Tian they have come to be very long, but responds him to the present nobody, but others came to encircle 78 people, this was the reality, but Xia Tian had not said that he was still looking for that watch. „Are you have a look this.” Binghua Lei Ting beckons to Xia Tian. Xia Tian walked, has contrasted, probably is really same, but this inside places is just a model, moreover on this has not written the price is many. Makes way.” The vigorous sound behind conveys from Xia Tian together. Also is gawking doing, do you buy, does not buy lets.” Shopping guide very impatient saying. This big brother looks is a rich man, he naturally wanted to flatter this big brother, looked at Xia Tian again, looked like a pauper, wore big end of military leather shoes, the clothes that the body wore were not good-fitting, in this market could not discover the second such person.

That guide felt one spoke with Xia Tian, oneself fell in price. A Xia Tian brow wrinkle, he just wants to ask that slightly this watch how much dollars, opposite party unexpectedly lets his letting. Binghua Lei Ting was a little not happy that although they have a look, but similarly is the customer, opposite party this obviously a little too snobbishness. What looks at to look that the table of what sign knows such? Count, cannot afford do not obstruct the road.” That 40-year-old female disdains looked at Xia Tian and Lei Ting, her sound whined. That Dai Mojing's big brother, gains ground, a nostril appearance upwards, does not look straight at to look at Xia Tian from the start. A bit faster makes, in the words that wants to look at looks at the same time.” A guide most likes now this situation, they give the full sunglasses big brother face, that sunglasses big brother to face, embarrassed does not buy. Their here is this, generally does not make out bill, once making out bill is the big list. Whoops feeds, unexpectedly also looked that the most expensive count is supreme, buys? Saves a money to buy the body clothes.” In that female vision has filled despising. Xia Tian hears the words of female, understood probably, Zeng Ruo delivers his watch unexpectedly is most expensive. The Binghua Lei Ting feeling is very awkward, walks is not, stands that is not. Xia Tian arrived at the Binghua Lei Ting side to pull the sleeve of oneself clothes afterward, has revealed the watch on left hand wrist: Yeah, does not know my this really or false.” Sees that watch on Xia Tian, all people stare, especially these shopping guide in shop.

Their Tiantian looks at the watch of count, nobody understands that watch on Xia Tian compared with them, that watch is in front of Xia Tian the model in that glass cabinet, the count supreme table. The selling price 1 million, the nation only sells ten every year, wants to buy to make an appointment. The truth does not need to examine, because can look, they train, all performance and material qualities of this table have studied, and has studied for three days, including table habitat wait / etc.. They only looked that knows, that in the Xia Tian wrist|skill wears is the genuine goods at reasonable prices. That female looked at that watch on a Xia Tian, looked in front of one cabinet inside model, she also slightly stares, but she thinks carefully that she does not believe what Xia Tian wears is real, saying of ridicule: „The A goods, are not the B goods or the C goods.” Also really has the possibility, I do not know that this is any goods.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Wears the counterfeit goods to come to the real shop to look that you also really feel all right.” That female said that looked at Binghua Lei Ting: Will not bring girlfriend was boasting, was right, this year the girl of head was this, put out counterfeit goods to deceive by others to go to bed.” The voice of female whined, making the person listen not to be very uncomfortable, Lei Ting heard her words, must get angry directly, but held on by Xia Tian. Is inferior to this, what goods do you help me have a look at my this table are, value how much money?” Xia Tian turned the head to look to these guides. Sir, your this is the genuine article, the fixed price is 1 million.” That guide awkward saying, he remembered them to treat the Xia Tian manner a moment ago. Yeah, I am a poor person, can only wear this type of goods.” Xia Tian sighed to say.