Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 256

Heard the guide to say watch that Xia Tian wore real, that female whole person has been shocked, that Dai Mojing's big brother was also surprised looks to Xia Tian, why he cannot master a such person to wear the real count to be together supreme. This fully does not conform to the common sense, the clothes that Xia Tian wears now obviously are not good-fitting, on big, moreover looks is the bargain-priced goods, but his unexpectedly has worn a such precious watch. These guides nobody dare to speak at this time, the count shop has a custom, that is when regardless of wears the people who shows supremely is the customers who the head store most respects, but one side they just started unexpectedly to place the customer who this most respects, nobody responds, afterward was intends to drive away him. If Xia Tian sues them, their several all will be dismissed. Yeah, here does not suit our poor people to come.” After Xia Tian sighed, left with Binghua Lei Ting. The face of that female suppresses red, her side the big brother of that Dai Mojing's felt one stand the whole body not to be here comfortable, therefore also went out of the shop: Elder Brother Ming, we have not bought the watch.” I had bought a watch last year.” Dai Mojing's big brother stared her one eyes, oneself walked. The females understand that oneself this time was act high and mighty installs in a big way, Xia Tian walked said one were a poor person, what the poor person bought was 1 million tables, she installed was so rich, must buy compared with Xia Tian on that more expensive table. Your unexpectedly wears 1 million watches!” Binghua Lei Ting frowns to say. Others deliver.” Xia Tian said. Any person can deliver you such precious table, lies does not have the rough draft.” Binghua Lei Ting discontented saying. This year the head, to be honest unexpectedly also nobody believes.” Xia Tian helpless saying. Snort.” Binghua Lei Ting cold snort. They went to two buildings, two buildings are sell the place of woman clothes: Walks, in the past had a look, I delivered you clothes.”

I warned you, my most repugnant second generation of rich, do not draw cash to speak to me.” Binghua Lei Ting said that walks toward downstairs directly. Xia Tian can only with grinning saying: I do not like here clothes, we go to nearby exercise store.” If Binghua Lei Ting did not look that in face that Xia Tian is wounded, she will not accompany Xia Tian to come out to window-shop. Xia Tian wound did not have, therefore she accompanies. Xia Tian has bought two ordinary exercise attires, although the sales clerk does not like responding them similarly, but Xia Tian has not said anything, has bought two clothes and shoes walks. Bought.” Xia Tian nodded. We go back, I have mission.” Binghua Lei Ting serious saying. They sit board the rental car, prepares to return to the military region, but the rental car just walked less than a half hour to anchor, because front trafficked jams. How front stops up is so long.” A driver Master brow wrinkle, head finds out out of the window. Master, does this road usually also traffic jams?” Xia Tian asked. Usually also has stopped up, but has not stopped up today's this.” Driver Master continues to complain: We drive the taxi, the fear traffics jams, such traffics jams, today almost runs a fruitless errand.” Front probably what happened, Master, we have gotten down, you found an opportunity to corbel out.” Xia Tian has given the driver money. Yeah, thanked the brothers.” As soon as the drivers listen to Xia Tian, was happier, he said that the goals of these words are wish make Xia Tian get out, like this he also liberated.

Xia Tian has seen through his thoughts, but made a payment to get out, because he saw driver Master that picture that was placed in front, was he and his son's picture. Xia Tian knows driver is not easy, his childhood father was very severe to him, making him learn the knowledge in various aspects, until he grew up knows in the world father was not easy. Therefore he has chosen landing, normally, if he does not want to get out, the driver cannot make him get out. You clearly know that he is intentionally, but also gets out.” Binghua Lei Ting most cannot have a liking for is this playing mind person, she heard the words of driver a moment ago, is very discontented, but Xia Tian said got out, therefore she can only with getting out. In front of him has suspended one with his son's group photo, no one is easy.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Has not looked that you also very much have the sympathy.” Binghua Lei Ting said. I am not a softy, I look front have the liveliness, wants to have a look.” Xia Tian said. Binghua Lei Ting looked at Xia Tian one to ask: How you know that front has lively?” Here traffics jams does not look to the end, but Xia Tian that stops up actually knows that front has the liveliness, this makes her feel very strangely, Xia Tian that fights her from the beginning to see the tail, in that she many questions. It looks like in the smoke shell to open fire that time, can say that is a war that reverses the war, if Xia Tian had not killed that group of people at that time, mercenary that he will certainly be flushed makes into the hornet's nest. However he can actually the direct hit opposite party in the smoke shell. She even suspected that Xia Tian has any extraordinary physical functions, how otherwise he possibly kills more than 20 scorpion mercenary Expert by a person of strength. Captain of your this Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team so is how stupid, front trafficked jams such seriously certainly what happened, if were building roads that stopped up, definitely will have the roadblock and notice, although will have the trafficking jams situation of small amount, but will not stop up this absolutely.” Xia Tian answered.

Volume!” Binghua Lei Ting by a Xia Tian such saying was felt one probably were really too sensitive, Xia Tian analysis truly right. They walked toward front across the vehicle, walked for probably about ten minutes, they saw the source of matter finally, there has encircled one group of people, could not see from outside what happened. There has at least encircled over a hundred people, will say that died of suffocation completely. Our two had a look in the past.” Xia Tian holds up the hand of Binghua Lei Ting to walk toward the crowd directly. Lei Ting just about to is angry, she had discovered inconceivable, encircled the watertight crowd a moment ago, unexpectedly depends to go to the two sides, probably intentionally in giving Xia Tian yields the way to be the same, but can see from the expressions of nearby these people that they do not yield the way absolutely voluntarily. They probably by a formidable strength pushing. They like this entered the inside of crowd. Well, unexpectedly is she.” Xia Tian just entered the crowd to see an acquaintance, that female star Yang Ziqi that on the airplane bumps into, this time Yang Ziqi complexion is very ugly, the surrounding person is also directing. Xia Tian looked to nearby vehicle, finally understands that the general idea of matter passed through. Looked from the position of vehicle that obviously is the front vehicle wants to merge into inside that saying that however the following vehicle gets on the brakes without enough time, therefore runs upon, but here situation is not such simple, listens to their words, probably was the deceased person.