Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 257

Here responsibility definitely is front that car(riage), although behind that car(riage) has hit front that car(riage), but the responsibility almost is front that car(riage). Xia Tian looked at to understand that the general idea of matter passed through. Female star Yang Ziqi opens is behind that car(riage), shouted deceased person is front the almost 40-year-old woman of that car(riage). Sees Yang Ziqi Dai Mojing, becomes aware solid the face, the opposite party was wilder, thinks that Yang Ziqi does not have the face to see the person. „Do we deliver to hospital the person first? Has any responsibility I to take.” The Yang Ziqi persuasion said. You take responsibility , because you have hit my car(riage), now my father-in-law was not good, you are the behavior of murder.” That about 40 -year-old woman wicked saying. Is you must say that I run upon your car(riage), even if were the traffic police came, the responsibility also in you, I said compensates money that you repaired a vehicle, first saved others, you were why aggressive.” Yang Ziqi has acknowledged that the punishment is deserved, planned that takes out money to give the opposite party to repair a vehicle, but the opposite party is shouted that she killed people. The vehicle hits was not serious, cannot spend several money. Was good, you had not to have, first sent to the hospital my father.” The husband of that woman goes forward to persuade. Do not be meddlesome, you looked that the father was good? Definitely a moment ago was hit that to frighten by her, we cannot walk, must wait for the police to come.” That 40-year-old woman said that looked continues to say to female star Yang Ziqi: You have a look at her, is so solid, is definitely shameful, perhaps any fugitive that face covers.” Please speak to pay attention to a point, the responsibility of first collision is you are not I, why second you must create a scene here, you want to look that your father-in-law does die?” The Yang Ziqi anger has also come up, in any case she was public figure, unexpectedly is also talked into is fugitive. That woman seemed said the thoughts were the same, in the vision is somewhat startled, but immediately responded: You lie, this is just you thinks that evasion of legal sanction excuse, my father-in-law was not good, you do.” Looks at your appearance, should by me be said that you delayed here nearly for 20 minutes, had already can deliver to the hospital to go your father-in-law this time, you deliberately here delayed are hoping probably he died to be the same.” Yang Ziqi understood, but also made her say , the opposite party definitely was this goal, then advanced her body the responsibility. Rubbish, boards.” The husband complexion of woman changes, he also discovered the goal of woman probably.

„It is not good, cannot such walk, what to do otherwise did she run?” The woman rejection said. You want to kill my father.” The husband of woman looks angrily to the woman. At this moment the police and medical care personnel also had the traffic police simultaneously to rush, because behind trafficked jams, therefore their people came, the car(riage) was still putting on behind. Here what happened?” Police asked. That woman saw the police to come, became unscrupulous, shouted directly: She has hit my car(riage), scares to death the father-in-law who I fall ill.” „Do ambulance personnel, look at person to be what kind of?” The police shout. 120 people went forward to nose: Person is also living, needs to deliver to the hospital immediately.” Good, carries the opposite [say / way] the person.” The police said that opposite that does not traffic jams, but is reverse. „It is not good, must clarify the matter first walked again, she has killed my father-in-law, must catch first her.” The women hear have not died shouts hurriedly. Madame, the life-saving is important, now the situation of patient is not good, the words that delays again might be in danger very much.” The medical care personnel said. I said that is not good is not good.” The women shout loudly. Madame, if you continue to stop, we will consider you to hinder the official business, moreover your father-in-law, if has any danger, you are also responsible.” The police go forward to say. „Do you frighten me? Do you believe my telephone to make you come off sentry duty.” That woman wild saying.

„Do you actually want to do?” The husband of woman goes forward to scold to say. „Do you want? Your unexpectedly dares to shout with me, if not my father, perhaps what the business in your family turned into.” That woman sees her husband angrily. Her husband by her such saying, but also shut up. Needs to help?” Xia Tian arrived at the female star Yang Ziqi side to ask. Is you!!” Yang Ziqi recognized Xia Tian. Good, you also dare to look for the helper, I told you, my father went to work in the city bureau, whom you asked to come not to be easy-to-use.” Woman angry shouting. Xia Tian has not spoken, but moved toward the old person. „Do you want to do?” The husband of woman looks vigilantly to Xia Tian. You also think that your father does die?” Xia Tian asked. Xia Tian arrived at old person's side, the right hand has built on old person's pulse, showed a faint smile: He is all right.” „Who are you? Who makes you touch my father-in-law, quickly makes way to me.” The women look at Xia Tian vigilantly, she seemed is being afraid Xia Tian to go bad her good deed. Sir, please do not approach the patient, otherwise there is words of any issue, you are also responsible.” The police said. Lets the words that you such refuse to compromise, he was really dying.” Xia Tian said that the right hand grasps directly to old person.

Blocks him quickly, he must silence a witness of crime.” The women worried to shout such bewildered words. That several police really blocked to Xia Tian, the woman said a moment ago her father went to work in the city bureau, the young police in their these places may unable to offend the person of city bureau, therefore listened to the words of woman to act accordingly. Moreover now the situation does not have the fate, they cannot make the stranger approach the old person. The Xia Tian physical quality is not they can compare, will put out a hand the old person to draw, then he old person will shoulder on the shoulder, will start to run. „Is he doing, a bit faster holds him.” That woman shouts loudly. Quickly puts down the old person, otherwise our to open fire.” Police unexpectedly has put out the (spear|gun). Coughs! At this moment old person unexpectedly has coughed, afterward a grape has spat from the mouth. Shouted whistling!” Old People mouth is panting for breath. Xia Tian the old person will place the ground, the old person has stood there is breathing greedily, sees such situation, all people were shocked, old person unexpectedly was good. Xia Tian bent the waist that grape that picks up the ground to pinch pinching: This grape is interesting, unexpectedly also has the elasticity, such pinches is not broken.” Hears the Xia Tian words, all people look to that grape in Xia Tian hand, this grape with ordinary grape long exactly the same, but it is actually not the genuine grape, but is a rubber rubber ball.