Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 258
The old person sees rubber grape the anger of time whole face, has arrived at the front of that woman directly. ! A palm of the hand maliciously has hit. You such hope that I do die?” Old person angry saying. Father!” A woman face suffering from injustice sees old person. Do not call my father, you return to your family to stay first some time.” The old person said. Father.” The husband of woman wanted to say anything. You have a face to call my father, how I give birth to your such good-for-nothing to come.” Although the old person a moment ago has been in a comma, but he can hear outside to have anything. The old person moved toward the Xia Tian position: Many thanks you have rescued my this short remaining life.” Slight effort.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Many thanks, this is my name card, if there are me who any need I help calls.” The old person has given Xia Tian the name card, Xia Tian had not looked that has placed in own pocket directly. Nearby police and 120 people have the traffic police not to know that should say any was good. You also look to do, handles the matter, quickly walks , because your here stops up this.” The old person looked that said to the son who his does not make every effort to succeed. Old person's son police and traffic police and the others 11 sending, apologized to female star Yang Ziqi. Who made you board, got down, didn't I make you go your home?” The old person noticed that woman opens vehicle door angry saying. Father!” The females wanted to say anything.

I said that I am not your father, your father go to work in the city bureau, your father is fierce, not having your father the business of our family already to end.” Saying that the old person ridiculed. Father.” The husband of female wants to ask favor. Drives.” The old person closed the vehicle door, the vehicle has expunged to the front. Thanks.” Female star Yang Ziqi said. Our two are really also predestined friends.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Xia Tian, chatted, I went back also to have mission.” Ice flower Lei Ting frowns to say. „Do you go? I deliver you.” Female star Yang Ziqi said. Good, thunder Captain, we did not need to take taxi.” Xia Tian waved to say to Binghua Lei Ting. A Binghua Lei Ting brow wrinkle: Hits the hiring.” Elder sister, you're welcome, he has saved me two, makes me work as one your drivers.” Yang Ziqi looked that shows a faint smile to Binghua Lei Ting. Heard Yang Ziqi saying that Binghua Lei Ting embarrassed has also rejected, can only board with Xia Tian. After boarding, Xia Tian sat in the position of copilot, Binghua Lei Ting sat in behind of car(riage): I thought that you look familiar very much, which have I in seen you?” You have certainly seen her, she is a big star.” Xia Tian first said. Star!” Binghua Lei Ting stares slightly, she does not have to think own unexpectedly saw the big star in the reality, moreover big star unexpectedly, when her driver, although she is one becomes a soldier, but does not represent her not to watch the television. She called Yang Ziqi, has listened?” Xia Tian asked.

„Are you Yang Ziqi?” Binghua Lei Ting surprised looked that continues to say to front: „Are you that most work as red main actress Yang Ziqi now?” Is she, our Jiang Hai City main street and small alley are pasting her playbill.” Xia Tian answered. Elder sister, are you he in Captain of army?” Yang Ziqi asked that she listened to Xia Tian to call opposite party thunder Captain a moment ago. Em.” Binghua Lei Ting nodded. You certainly were also very fierce, on that day on the airplane, he had rescued a life of our airplane person.” Yang Ziqi recalls then situation now also some fear, if were not Xia Tian, perhaps she already died. That group of people not only need rob her thing, but must silence a witness of crime. Even has detonated finally also timing bomb. If not Xia Tian holds the bomb to jump out the airplane finally, the person on that entire airplane was complete. Also good.” Although Binghua Lei Ting is Xia Tian Captain, but she does not dare to say one are fiercer than Xia Tian, because the Xia Tian jungle that fought has established his formidable strength. Elder sister, you, that scene are not big piece more splendid than the movement at that time, I have not thought that China Special Force unexpectedly is so fierce, was right, are that shenma two brothers also your member?” Yang Ziqi chatted with Binghua Lei Ting. Em, they before were, the present is the bodyguard of brigade commander.” Before Binghua Lei Ting, thinks that the rack of star is very big, but she chatted is very comfortable with Yang Ziqi. I think before becomes a soldier not any extraordinary, since on airplane that matter, I specially worship to become a soldier.” Female star Yang Ziqi said. Do not be infatuated with Elder Brother, Elder Brother is only a legend.” Xia Tian serious saying. Type that you cannot a little become a soldier.” Binghua Lei Ting discontented saying. „It is not all milk calls Telunsu, is not all Special Force calls Xia Tian.” Xia Tian said again.

Do not misunderstand, our soldiers are not like him, they usually are very serious.” Binghua Lei Ting answered hurriedly, she must be responsible for the image of serviceman. He such good, becomes a soldier to not to protect our homes and defend our country.” Female star Yang Ziqi shows a faint smile. She likes the frankness of Xia Tian, although Xia Tian seems a little ruffian air/Qi, but she experiences the appearance that Xia Tian has fought a bloody battle, knows that he is just is cracking a joke, like this has seen the people of these semblance honorable gentlemen compared with him. Xia Tian looks from the semblance, although likely is not any honorable gentleman, however his manner, Yang Ziqi very feels relieved. Xia Tian had rescued a moment ago her one time. She also looked to understand, that woman was thinks a moment ago vital point died own father-in-law, then advanced her body the responsibility. If not Xia Tian appears promptly, the plot of that woman also really must prevail. How many are your telephone number?” Yang Ziqi looked that asked to Xia Tian. My cell phone is putting on Jiang Hai City, I have not brought.” Xia Tian said. Number told me.” Yang Ziqi said. Xia Tian told Yang Ziqi own telephone number. This is my telephone number, if you had the time to call me, I asked you to eat meal, was regarded as repays you.” Yang Ziqi said. You must do, I told you me to earn living do not sell into servitude, you want to me to do anything taking the opportunity of making me eating meal.” A Xia Tian vigilant appearance looks at Yang Ziqi: I knew, you want certainly to make me go out to eat meal with you in the evening, then eats too late you said that could not go back the family, then made me accompany you to go to the hotel, I told you, I was not such person.” Xia Tian, after going back, you give to run 20 kilometers cross country.” Sits shouts in behind Binghua Lei Ting loudly.