Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 259

Binghua Lei Ting soon collapsed, Xia Tian really gave them the Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team to lose face. She wished one could to divide Xia Tian exactly. Too disgraced. Ha Ha Ha Ha.” Female star Yang Ziqi has soon smiled to turn. Highest Realm that is not concerned about face is anything, if must use a synonym, that is Xia Tian, later said that others are not concerned about face do not need to scold the opposite party you too not to be concerned about face directly, but said your too Xia Tian directly. Hears the Yang Ziqi laughter, Binghua Lei Ting was more embarrassed. Had such soldier is really too awkward. You also smile, blames you, admires me to admire, must display, you had a look at our thunder Captain to be jealous, now started to use one's office to redress personal grievances.” A Xia Tian suffering from injustice appearance. He he.” Binghua Lei Ting this anything had not said that was only he he one. However this he he makes Xia Tian from top to bottom absolutely terrified immediately: Thunder Captain, I have decided that after going back, my 20 kilometers cross country.” He he.” Binghua Lei Ting coldly smiles: Does not use, bathroom just right quick one month of nobody has cleaned, after going back, scratched to be cleaner, otherwise you bathroom may unable to eat meal.” I force to go!” The chin of Xia Tian must fall to the ground, this was also too strong. He sees has given people a hard time, but has not seen Binghua Lei Ting to give people a hard time like this, he heard that before the Lei Ting terrifying, the members of entire Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team fear her, finally why now Xia Tian understands. Xia Tian knows that today cannot escape. After one hour , the vehicle has arrived at military region.

Xia Tian, remembers that calls me, otherwise I come this to look for you.” Female star Yang Ziqi said goodbye to Xia Tian. Xia Tian and Binghua Lei Ting has arrived at the gate guard place. Thunder Captain, some inside people look for Xia Tian of your Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team.” The gate guards know Lei Ting, Lei Ting is Binghua of southeast military region, she is the goddesses in entire southeast military region all soldier hearts. „Do some people look for me?” Xia Tian stares slightly, he does not know any person in this city, only then Young Aunt knows that he came to here. You are Xia Tian, is your girlfriend looks for you.” The gate guards said. My girlfriend? My concubine has several actually, but the girlfriend did not have probably.” Xia Tian stares slightly, he did not have what girlfriend until now, perhaps if were the person of his girlfriend also has Zeng Ruo and Yun Miao. Concubine, but also several?” The face of Binghua Lei Ting got dark immediately, she has seen unfaithful, but has not seen Xia Tian such not to be concerned about face. Em.” Xia Tian very earnest nod. How external family member did you let?” Binghua Lei Ting very puzzled asking, according to the custom of army, the family member cannot visit relatives casually, but gate guard unexpectedly made the opposite party go. Is the enchantress Lily elder sister has person to go.” Gate guard awkward saying. „Who is the enchantress Lily elder sister?” Xia Tian puzzled asking, in army how also enchantress, moreover looked that the manner of gate guard feared probably very much she is the same. Is Senior Official daughter.” Binghua Lei Ting facial color ice-cold saying, she does not like that enchantress Lily elder sister obviously. Which Senior Official?” Xia Tian asked again, in the army had a custom, was so long as was official rank high called is Senior Official. In the Teacher|Division Head granddaughter, I do not go, you met do not forget to brush the restroom, if forgot, did not need to sleep.” Binghua Lei Ting very serious saying: Was right, is not our that Teacher|Division Head.”

„? Brushes, Thunder Dui, I now am a wounded person, you have a look at my wound not to have.” Xia Tian very suffering from injustice saying. Good, looked that in share that you are wounded, first to you, but I told you, you cannot escape.” Binghua Lei Ting said that direct turn around leaves. Xia Tian has wiped the sweat on forehead, today had escaped finally, as for Lei Ting said that first records him not to be worried actually, on has the policy, below has the countermeasure, when the time comes he found the way to be good again. Who he must have a look now is looks for him, but also said that is own girlfriend. Xia Tian moved toward inside, although said in the ordinary circumstances the family member not to let, but also has the peculiar circumstance, for example was wounded or sacrificed wait / etc.. Therefore the military region has the family member restroom. Xia Tian arrives at the gate of restroom to open. Opens the restroom gate flash in him, a sense of crisis raids, the body of Xia Tian squatted, has evaded the fist of opposite party, but the opposite party has not let off Xia Tian in light of this, but was a flying leg kicks directly to the body of Xia Tian. Xia Tian can shunt using the tiny step, but the tiny step is his card in a hand, in the ordinary circumstances he will not use. Moreover his present has not recovered, is not suitable to make fierce exercise, therefore he has not shunted the foot of opposite party. „Is Lily, you doing.” Behind ran over a female to support Xia Tian, female Xia Tian in that stewardess Meng Xiaojie who on the airplane knew. Xiaojie, you make way, I help you teach this heartless Chinese well.” enchantress Yu Lili said that pulls open Meng Xiaojie to kick once more to Xia Tian. Xia Tian body fast retreat. Withdrew from the restroom directly.

Outside these people saw to hit, all hid distant, on nobody came to mediate a quarrel, because they knew enchantress Yu Lili, directly therefore they hid distant. The gate guard who just changed the guard noticed that such scene ran directly. Thunder Captain, is not good, hit.” The gate guard of that changing the guard ran to look for Binghua Lei Ting. Said slowly, which dozen?” Lei Ting asked. A moment ago that Xia Tian, with the enchantress Lily elder sister, probably hit is very miserable.” The gate guard of that changing the guard said. What?” Binghua Lei Ting ran hurriedly to restroom. When Binghua Lei Ting goes into the hall, he saw Xia Tian and the others, they have projected on the hall to come, now the Xia Tian situation is not good, retreats in defeat again and again, moreover he has dodged, does not hit back. Stop.” Binghua Lei Ting runs, caught a fist of enchantress Yu Lili. Lei Ting, do you want to do? I am help my sisters vent anger, today I must teach this heartless Chinese well.” enchantress Yu Lili angry saying. He is my soldier, I do not allow you to move him.” Lei Ting said that looks to Xia Tian: „Are you all right?” You did not come me really to hang.” Saying that Xia Tian pants, his muscle aches, does not dare to make too fierce exercise. Lei Ting, you make way to me, otherwise I link you to hit together.” enchantress Yu Lili looks at Lei Ting to say. Come, who fears anyone.” Binghua Lei Ting is also one appearance that prepares to attack brutally.