Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 261

Sees the enlisted woman time, these soldiers of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team all did not speak, in the military region had the enlisted woman, but the enlisted woman and male soldier separated the training, therefore the male barracks usually little can see the enlisted woman. Naturally, Lei Ting is an exception, usually the enlisted woman cannot go to the male barracks, the male soldier cannot go to the female barracks. However today enlisted woman unexpectedly comes to their dormitories. Moreover is the roll-call looks for Xia Tian, but sees that enlisted woman devils the appearance, they do not think that can be any good deed. Although Xia Tian had done many important matters recently, however his matter is these leaders knows. Has not passed to other military regions to go to be right. But now enlisted woman unexpectedly walks. Who is Xia Tian? Comes out to me.” The female logistics depot shouts in the entrance loudly. You look for Xia Tian is right?” Xia Tian moved toward the entrance. Em, Xia Tian?” The enlisted women nodded. Xia Tian went to the Senior Official office, you asked him to have the matter, I helped you call him.” Xia Tian said that ran the dormitory. Feeds!” That enlisted woman just wants to say anything, but Xia Tian ran not to have the shade. These people in dormitory were shocked, they must admire dead Xia Tian simply, how they also want to take a look at Xia Tian to face such matter, but Xia Tian unexpectedly ran. Xia Tian did not run, but was looks for shenma two brothers. Big brother, Xia Tian came.” The thin people saw Xia Tian time is very excited. ! A fatty palm of the hand has hit: Your SB, I am not blind.”

Fatty, you leaves always bullies the thin person.” Xia Tian far away saw that the fatty was hitting the thin person. Xia Tian, did you think our two brothers?” The fat people saw Xia Tian time shows a faint smile. I also really thought you, but I heard before you, was the Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team people was right?” Xia Tian looked that asked to the fatty. Yes, after our two are, moves, the present is the bodyguard of brigade commander.” The fat people nodded to say. They initially were the skilled people of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team, can therefore be selected as the bodyguard of brigade commander, Xia Tian on the airplane has experienced these two brothers' skills, they were in ten thousand do not have a skilled person. You said that if some people bully Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team nobody, what to do should?” Xia Tian asked. Anyone, is who dares to bully our Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team nobody?” The thin people stand to shout loudly. ! A fatty palm of the hand has hit: Your SB, asked anything in this, went to punch that him to me.” Big brother, my this goes.” The thin people said that walks toward outside. The temperament of thin person is also anxious, goes ahead, the fatty and Xia Tian followed, three people of strides walk toward the dormitory of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team. Anyone, is who said our Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team nobody?” The thin people arrive at outside the dormitory of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team to shout loudly. His sound is powerful. „Are you Xia Tian?” The enlisted women turned head to look at thin person one eyes. I am not Xia Tian, Xia Tian is my brother.” The thin people see the enlisted woman time, stares slightly. Good, first hits you to be also good.” The enlisted women, come up the shoulder to fall, the thin person falls down directly, as a result of thin person god, therefore has not revolted, was fallen by the enlisted woman directly.

You told that Xia Tian, I came to vent anger for Lily, his wasn't Xia Tian fierce? Starting today, our female barracks day tidies up his one time personally.” The enlisted women said that direct turn around leaves. The thin people like this sit on the ground, looks at that enlisted woman, a few words cannot say. Thin person, how you do not hit back.” The fat people run asking. Elder brother, I felt that my spring must come.” Face unexpectedly of thin person one red, in the look has felt the happy heart. ! A fatty palm of the hand has hit: Your SB, likes pursuing, but also sits on the ground does?” Right.” The thin people stand up, ran directly to that enlisted woman. shit, this is also good.” Xia Tian feels very speechless, thin person by that enlisted woman knocking down, later unexpectedly liked on that enlisted woman, moreover probably was the first love feeling. Actually Xia Tian wants also right, because the thin person radically is the first love, he has not made the girlfriend. The members of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team ran to watch the fun. They saw the thin person was knocked down is very surprised, then sees the thin person runs to that enlisted woman the time , is curious he to do, but they saw more interesting one immediately. That enlisted woman was one shoulder has fallen to throw the thin person, but thin person unexpectedly stood, standing that a few words did not say before that enlisted woman, that enlisted woman came one shoulder to fall, the thin person fell down once more. The thin person has stood then, keeps off in front of the enlisted woman once more, a few words did not say. The enlisted women are one shoulder have fallen. The way of this pursuing girlfriend was bright blind the Xia Tian 24 K big alloy dog eye, the thin person pursued the way of enlisted woman soon to make Xia Tian collapse simply. Worthily is my younger brother, has the toughness.” Saying that the fat people appreciate.

Is enough willful.” Willful that Xia Tian said is to the appreciation of thin person. Thin person this time and time again was thrown down, but he stands each time, finally the enlisted woman called a halt finally. You looked quickly that the thin person was probably successful.” The members of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team saw enlisted woman to call a halt, thinks enlisted woman by thin person conquered aggressively. I look possible, the thin person touched that enlisted woman probably.” Fatty excited saying. He saw the thin person to find his home to return to, he was also happy that these many years, the thin person had finally found the woman who oneself liked, moreover must succeed evidently immediately. I look not necessarily.” Xia Tian suddenly one unlucky premonitions. Hears the Xia Tian words, all people look once more to the thin person and that enlisted woman. Saw only the female logistics depot to speak a few words there to thin person, but the distance was too far, their here could not hear clearly. Thin person was miserable.” Xia Tian has not been cruel enough to look, his hearing is several times of average man, therefore he heard the enlisted woman to the words that the thin person spoke, what the enlisted woman said was I must punch you.’ As if in confirming the Xia Tian words is ordinary, the thin person whole person directly by the enlisted woman according to arriving in the place, then that enlisted woman unexpectedly directly rides on the body of thin person, hitting of fist then fist on the face of thin person. „Do we look like this?” Xia Tian did not endure to look straight ahead. Hits kisses, scolding was the love, my father said that he pursued my mother's time this in the past, hit is hitting is marrying.” The fat people look actually very much open, meaning that has not come up to try to break up a fight. Originally your fathers also left your handed down in the family bubble little girl rare book.” Saying that Xia Tian envies.