Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 262

After five minutes, the enlisted woman has patted clapping, afterward the stride went out of the male barracks. The body of thin person weak on the ground, saw the enlisted woman to walk, the people of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team held the thin person hurriedly: Thin person elder brother, we too worshipped you, your unexpectedly came under attack does not hit back.” My father told me, hit scolds is the love.” The thin people have raised up their thumb: She likes me loving was too deep.” ! A fatty palm of the hand has hit: Your SB, unexpectedly hit is so miserable.” Brother, do not blame me not to remind you, what that female is female Special Force instructor.” Li 1 million patted thin person shoulder saying: I can only help you to this.” She called the Sherry flower, brothers can only help you to this.” Li Dajun patted the thin person shoulder to say. Brother, thanked.” The thin people from the heart thanked, he finally knows now the status of opposite party, after that was good to start. ! A fatty palm of the hand has hit: Your SB, made into like this, but also spoke.” The fat people shoulder the thin person on the shoulder, the preparation leaves, but he remembered anything probably, then said: Was right, Xia Tian, brigade commander makes me tell you, making you wear the new military uniform tomorrow, tomorrow Teacher|Division Head will issue the medal for you personally, the new military uniform will meet me to make one to send to you.” „.” Xia Tian nodded. Southeastern military region other armies. „Did you hear? The Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team has contributed to the team first-class merit, tomorrow Teacher|Division Head of first division must publicize is the Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team promulgation.” I heard, it is said the Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team has destroyed completely an international mercenary regiment.” I heard that international mercenary is very fierce, that group of people have participated in the person of genuine war, receives work the elite who from the battlefield.”

This matter passes on unusual is quick, the quick entire southeast military region all the topic about Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team, they heard meritorious military service that the Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team establishes, although some people are wounded, moreover died in battle one person, but the Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team actually redeemed the China dignity. Meanwhile, another legend also spread in the southeast military region. It is said in the Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team presented a super sniper, the name has been called Xia Tian, was this sniper has killed majority of mercenary. You heard that person who called Xia Tian? It is said his marksmanship was superb.” Naturally heard, it is said his bullet can turn round.” Not can only turn round, I heard that he fired the (spear|gun) not to need to look at the person.” The people in entire southeastern military region were discussing the Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team and Xia Tian. Xia Tian, was blown, did not have by the hitting back ability that continually I hit.” Saying that enchantress Yu Lili is not feeling well , since stewardess Meng Xiaojie's matter, she has wanted to teach Xia Tian. Therefore she looked for her good friend Sherry flower to help to teach Xia Tian. Lily, do not look his to trouble?” Meng Xiaojie asked favor. „It is not good, I must vent anger for you.” enchantress Yu Lili said. Lily, you in such words, I was really angry, at that time was really only my wishful thinking.” Saying that Meng Xiaojie disguises to be angry. Was good, was good, should not be angry, I make Sherry spend not to look for his trouble and that's the end.” enchantress Yu Lili helpless saying, although the brigade commanders of third brigade explained was very clear, but she is looks at Xia Tian not to be feeling well. This may be because of the Binghua Lei Ting reason, if at that time Binghua Lei Ting did not act, perhaps underwent the third brigade brigade commander's explanation not to have anything, but she and Binghua Lei Ting that was old is contradictory. She has regarded Xia Tian now is Lei Ting that side person.

I cope with Lei Ting, he definitely obtains the surface, I do not calculate that broke a contract.” enchantress Yu Lili innermost feelings secretly thought. In the female barracks heard the matter of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team also to whoop. „Is that person who teacher, you found before not just Xia Tian?” The person in female barracks asked. Calls Xia Tian, moreover is that Xia Tian of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team, but I go to that time had not found that Xia Tian, but arrives to meet an odd person.” The odd person who the Sherry flower said is a thin person. Teacher, you said that is what odd person?” Said, we have not gone to the male barracks.” The soldier in female barracks very curiously looks at the teacher Sherry flower. Is one is thin the person, he said that he is the Xia Tian friend, but that person is always blocking me, finally had been hit by me.” The Sherry flower said. Teacher, is the strength of that gang male soldier how is it?” Not much, that thin person does not have by the hitting back ability that continually I hit.” The Sherry flower said. At this moment, the entrance presented one person. Sherry flower.” „!” The Sherry flower has stood directly. I heard that you went to the male barracks a moment ago.” What the entrance appears is a male soldier, male soldier very serious, on the face does not have any expression. This male soldier female Special Force Captain, he called good, long was black and strong, his black was exposed to the sun by Sun, was not inborn, if Lei Ting and Yu Lili were in the military compound wind and cloud figure in woman, that good was wind and cloud figure in male soldier.

He was to train the male soldier before, afterward the army said that must train female Special Force, therefore he took on Captain of women's special troops. Yes!” The Sherry flower had not denied. „Do you know the custom in army?” Good callous saying. Knows!” The Sherry flower said. Good, all people obey orders, today's vacation cancels, all people put on the equipment, 20 kilometers cross country.” Good serious saying. Good is a person sends to the first custom that the female barracks decide wrong, all people subject to a penalty completely, the Sherry flower went to male barracks this to violate a taboo, therefore they must be punished together. Xia Tian!” Read this name good silently, recently he heard most names is this. The entire military region was discussing this person everywhere. It seems like, many a match.” Shows a faint smile good, he likes this challenging. In division headquarters. Teacher|Division Head, before our in master, only then the good person is the King of Soldiers candidate, now added on the Xia Tian quota to fill.” The brigade commanders of third brigade said. In each division has the qualifications of two King of Soldiers candidates, I thought in our masters more suitable than Xia Tian on nobody this quota.” Teacher|Division Head nodded. Here is the regiment level above cadre, they have experienced fierce of Xia Tian, unanimously passes. King of Soldiers, is the myth of military region, each military region will select King of Soldiers, in a division has two quotas, this is not only a title, is the symbol of honor, is individual honor, is the honor of division headquarters.