Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 263

Next morning, the members of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team stand there neatly, including that several people who comes back from the hospital, although they have the wound, but has the companion to support by the arm mutually. Today is the big day of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team. All group above cadres all arrive, moreover there are members of other Special Warfare teams also to arrive. They stand there neatly. Teacher|Division Head has arrived on the stage slowly. Salute! Teacher|Division Head to the following soldier salute. All soldiers also completely return a courtesy. Thinks that everybody heard the matter of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team, I formally announced here, the Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team routed to submerge mercenary of our country, and killed it completely, they were the pride of our first division.” Teacher|Division Head said loudly. Below very peaceful, nobody spoke, before they passed on was the hearsay, but said from the Teacher|Division Head mouth, that this was the fact. „The Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team obtains the team first-class merit.” Teacher|Division Head said. Below has broken out the neat applause, team first-class merit that is the unsurpassed glory. Lei Ting moved toward on the stage. Thunder Captain, I am proud for you!” Teacher|Division Head said. Lei Ting received badge that Teacher|Division Head hands over, afterward turns round to salute: Brothers, I are proud for you.” Xia Tian, has the honor to receive individual first-class merit.” Teacher|Division Head said.

At this time all people looked to the coming to power position, because Xia Tian will come to power from there, they have heard the Xia Tian name, but has not seen Xia Tian, today the person in female barracks also arrived at the scene. Xia Tian moved toward on the stage slowly, he attracted has presented the vision of all people. Well, isn't he that person?” The Sherry flower saw Xia Tian time stares, she remembers this person, initially told himself Xia Tian not in that person: Originally he ran at that time.” Teacher, he is Xia Tian, does not seem anything special.” „Can he let the bullet corner really?” His long quite white, army inside person year to year was exposed to the sun, how he has not tanned.” These enlisted women are very curiously are discussing. Talked nonsense, was others blind biographies, how possibly to have the bullet to turn round.” The Sherry flower said. Peaceful, otherwise next time will not make you come.” Good serious saying. Hears the good words, all people peacefully have gotten down, good in the entire military region that may be figure that became famous, just started this group of enlisted women also to refuse to accept him, but afterward to his thorough taming. Teacher|Division Head has given Xia Tian the badge. Xia Tian turns round to salute. Everybody is very clear, in our southeast military region each division can have the quotas of two King of Soldiers candidates.” Teacher|Division Head spoke of here time looked at the people under stand: „Since our masters continuously only then the good person obtained this title, is selective after us, finally had found the second quota, that is Xia Tian.” Below these people hear the Teacher|Division Head words, all was shocked, nobody does not know this quota, because this is the goals of first division all people. Obtains that quota good, everybody any words may not say that is very clear because of good strength everybody.

However now suddenly presents such one called Xia Tian took away the quota, how this let them to accept. Teacher|Division Head, we are not convinced.” Xia Tian hears some people to shout. Has the first person to open the mouth to have the second person then. Everybody talked, below must explode simply boils. Peaceful.” Three brigade commanders all stand to shout, below was peaceful immediately. Isn't convinced?” Teacher|Division Head looked that asked to the following these people, afterward continued saying: I know your moods, but the qualifications of King of Soldiers candidate have those who are able to occupy it, you can ask that your Captain, ask your brigade commanders, Xia Tian does have the qualifications to take this quota.” The brigade commanders of third brigade get on the stage, looked that said to the following people: „Aren't you convinced? You also give me to take two first-class merits to have a look continuously, the Xia Tian first first-class merit has rescued on an airplane all people, if not he, on the airplane all passengers must die without doubt, you were certainly asking why I do know? Because I on the airplane, his second first-class merit pursued at that time for day a night, has eaten three pilot biscuits, has killed 22 international mercenary, you also who can, stand to make me have a look.” Hears the words of third brigade brigade commander, the following these person of thorough peace got down. They have heard the related Xia Tian legend, but had not heard that Xia Tian has also saved a passenger of airplane, moreover his unexpectedly person pursued 22 international mercenary, and kills them completely. Although these people have not fought with international mercenary, but they are very clear, international mercenary that group of people are any roles, they are retired Special Force from world. The elite of world. A person kills 22, this also too legend. This too has also exaggerated, is not the brigade commander will deceive us.” Sherry flower surprised saying. Real, couple days ago I looked have fought the tiger, the Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team altogether had sacrificed them, they kill international mercenary, but Xia Tian have killed the remaining 22 people.” The good this time has not reproven them, but answered. What?” The Sherry colored mouth opens big, the Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team was their master most famous Special Warfare team, but unexpectedly linked them hit was so miserable.

What thing is this King of Soldiers candidate?” Xia Tian stares slightly. Each military region three years will select King of Soldiers to come, this King of Soldiers is the military region is proud, in each division can select two people to participate in the campaign, the campaign is very brutal, finally only then a person can obtain the King of Soldiers title.” Teacher|Division Head answered. Sounds is very interesting.” Xia Tian nodded. Not is only interesting, that is in hundreds of thousands of soldier minds the loftiest status.” Teacher|Division Head said. „A person kills 22 international mercenary, good.” Here has broadcast a sound from the rear area of team, when master who sees this sound, all people all on own initiative made way a channel, that person of followed several people. Sees this person time, Teacher|Division Head and brigade commander and the others the brows all wrinkled. Hua Wuliu.” Clenches teeth to say good. King of Soldiers Hua Wuliu, is he King of Soldiers Hua Wuliu?” These people in female barracks all surprised looks to that person. On this person King of Soldiers Hua Wuliu. Hua Wuliu, did you do?” Teacher|Division Head frowns to ask. Teacher|Division Head, I am King of Soldiers, the entire military region does not have the place that I cannot go, today heard that your this came out a very fierce new person, isn't this has a look?” Hua Wuliu moved toward on the stage step by step.