Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 264

Teacher|Division Head complexion is very ugly, if by the government position, the opposite party absolutely does not have his officer to be big, but he cannot control the opposite party, the first opposite party is not his soldier, second King of Soldiers in the entire military region is unique existence, usually does not have mission time, he can stroll in the military region casually. Moreover the people who he usually contacts are commander commander anything. Naturally he very respected to Teacher|Division Head of oneself that master, but treats the manner of other masters not to be good. Among each divisions had many internal small struggles and friction. In a division presented King of Soldiers words, that this division is the entire military region best B master. Previous King of Soldiers Hua Wuliu, this time Hua Wuliu has arrived on the stage: You called Xia Tian was right?” Em.” Xia Tian nodded. King of Soldiers Hua Wuliu arrives at the Xia Tian side: „It is not strong, can the gesticulation gesture?” Hua Wuliu, are you how is it?” Teacher|Division Head of first division discontented looks to Hua Wuliu. Mr. Teacher|Division Head should not be angry, I am very friendly, but wants to compare notes with this new person.” Smiling face that a King of Soldiers Hua Wuliu face disdains. Hua Wuliu, must hit me to accompany you.” In the crowd has stood good. Defeated.” Saying that King of Soldiers Hua Wuliu disdains. A Xia Tian brow wrinkle, he understood, this person is finds fault, but have not offended him to be right probably: Because of my long was too graceful, therefore he does envy me?” King of Soldiers Hua Wuliu approaches Xia Tian to say in a low voice: You should know Jiang Tianshu.”

He only spoke such a few words, but Xia Tian understood, originally this fellow is Jiang Tianshu looks, he has not thought that Jiang Tianshu unexpectedly has such big skill, oneself came the army he to know. Xia Tian thinks Jiang Tianshu left, that should little be many troublesome, but Jiang Tianshu unexpectedly looked for such a fellow. King of Soldiers of southeastern military region. Hua Wuliu, should not be too wild, here is not your masters.” First division Teacher|Division Head very discontented saying, King of Soldiers regarding a division is very important, Hua Wuliu became King of Soldiers, the weaponry that their divisions obtain is most advanced, no matter, so long as will be the exchanging weapon will have given their masters to equip first, had any good thing also to be possible their masters to come first, was other masters selects remaining. Person who my Hua Wuliu must move, can you block?” Hua Wuliu ridicule looks at first division Teacher|Division Head. This is King of Soldiers, even if facing Teacher|Division Head time, the speech also dares so wild. Because the atmosphere his these words become intense. You dare!” Teacher|Division Head of first division angry looks to Hua Wuliu. Old companion, the temperament so should not be big.” At this moment, behind the team left one person, sees this person time, the first division Teacher|Division Head complexion was uglier. Three Teacher|Division Head, what do you mean?” Teacher|Division Head coldly of first division looks at the opposite party. That person of third division Teacher|Division Head. Any meaning, youngster, should not a little vigor, since they want the gesture gesture, that gave them an opportunity to be good.” Teacher|Division Head of third division shows a faint smile to continue saying: In any case sooner or later compare, now solved behind one everybody also to omit to trouble.” Mr. Teacher|Division Head, wasn't your first division nobody?” King of Soldiers Hua Wuliu looked that said to Teacher|Division Head of first division.

Hua Wuliu, you, if must hit, I fight you, if you do not hit, do not clamor above.” Saying of good coldly. Good, you are not my match, three years ago is not, now is still not.” King of Soldiers Hua Wuliu said that looked continues to say to Xia Tian: You think that you join the army now, were you safe?” Has not thought really that King of Soldiers unexpectedly of solemn southeast military region is the Jiang Tianshu running dog.” Saying of Xia Tian ridicule. Like your this type of useless thing, how also to know that fierce of Jiang Shao, you think that here is the army I do not dare to kill you?” King of Soldiers Hua Wuliu expression very ice-cold saying. The Hua Wuliu words, are very it can be said that wild, where is here? Army, southeast military region, but his unexpectedly said that must kill Xia Tian. Dissolute!” Teacher|Division Head of first division thorough was angry, here is his domain, but Hua Wuliu unexpectedly in his domain so flagrantly said that must kill Xia Tian, this was supercilious simply: Hua Wuliu, your words I was consider commander there to go to me to be also rational.” You go, how having a look at the commander to punish me, will be you treats with him in the same place time is long, I will treat with him in the same place time am long.” The Hua Wuliu speech always does not cover up, this saying said was very clear. He is King of Soldiers, usually the bodyguard of headquarters senior official. First division Teacher|Division Head is very clear, so long as were not Hua Wuliu has made the specially big mistake, the headquarters will not go into seriously. Most closes a confinement. Do not go too far.” First division Teacher|Division Head angry saying. Xia Tian, I give you an opportunity, now you break your two legs, I ensure Jiang Shao will not continue to investigate, if you are not obedient, he he.” King of Soldiers Hua Wuliu coldly smiles. Wild, extremely wild.

His unexpectedly is so flagrant, said this words before these many people. Moreover opens the mouth to want Xia Tian to discard own both legs. Whom I look at to dare.” Binghua Lei Ting direct shouts loudly. Lei Ting, do not think one calculate really figure, in my eyes, your anything is not.” Saying that King of Soldiers Hua Wuliu disdains. Snort, has the skill, you try!” Binghua Lei Ting goes forward to say. You dare to move Xia Tian one to try!” Small Captain Gu Qi cold Shangqian of fifth squad said that all members of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team all walked. „Don't the Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team, come out disgraced? Or do the people of your Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team on, behind these good-for-nothing brothers try with me together?” King of Soldiers Hua Wuliu said that his behind that several people jumped under the stage directly, face-to-face was standing with the members of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team. Old companion, you have a look, now this situation what to do? Or you call to be suffering from injustice above report report, said that your first division had been bullied by my person, making Senior Official raise one's head what kind of you?” But the Teacher|Division Head these words of third division a Teacher|Division Head escape route blocked. Among their Teacher|Division Head also has the division of ability, each Teacher|Division Head hopes one can carry over the nice soldier to come, one is the overall quality, another is the individual operational capacity. Whose soldier is fierce, who has the right to speak in front of the military regions leader. If his telephoning whereabouts Senior Official report, his face may all lose, above Senior Official also thinks that he does not have the ability. Mr. SB, hello, I have a book.” Xia Tian said that takes away to own bosom.