Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 265

Xia Tian very earnest is trying to find out in the bosom, no one knows that he a book that which from takes: Gives you, is this.” King of Soldiers Hua Wuliu puzzled looks to that book, does not know that Xia Tian does any trick. When he received the book, the complexion becomes pale, the above of that book writes ‚the SB self- training.’ Crooked that these characters write, looked that just wrote. You must the easy to learn study, your SB Kungfu not be well proficient, if like this on descending the mountain, how making me feel relieved under.” Xia Tian is teaching by an appearance of elder. You court death!!” King of Soldiers Hua Wuliu has thrown the book in hand directly, afterward must begin to Xia Tian. A good three tuck dive, leapt on the stage directly, stood in Xia Tian and King of Soldiers Hua Wuliu middle: Hua Wuliu, the Xia Tian body has wound, words that you must hit, I accompany, let alone these do not have the words of nutrition, although you have won me, but I good am not am a vegetarian.” Lei Ting has picked up that book of ground: „The SB self- training, willow tree Teacher|Division Head, you take well, goes back later to make your King of Soldiers attractive, much study study have the advantage.” Snort!” Willow tree Teacher|Division Head cold snort, discarded the book afterward once more, this Xia Tian received that book directly. Xia Tian opened that book, serious discussing: Why condom in the trashcan is the victim frequently, why the underpants in home for the elderly female bathroom suffer the evil behindata-titlehe-scenes manipulator, why several thousand female donkeys midnight called out pitifully, actually the series deceitful pig was who behavior, every night actually the gate of Buddhist convent was knocked is the person is a ghost, behind several hundred mummy unwanted pregnancies was hiding anything, all these back were the humane distortions, was perishing of morals, was the eruption of hormone, was the helplessness of hunger and thirst, asking respectfully the attention 8 : 00 pm year to offer greatly, «Hua Wuliu Not Turning over to Group of», were entered the Hua Wuliu inner world by us along with the scene.” After Xia Tian has read off, flipped in the book: Has blamed, why had not said that is which program broadcasts.” Binghua Lei Ting and the others almost smiled, all admired looks at Xia Tian, has raised up the thumb to Xia Tian, Teacher|Division Head was also the whole face admiring looks at Xia Tian, Xia Tian this series of words, it can be said that cow B guarded the door to oneself, cow B to family. Ha Ha, laughed at me.” The Sherry flower leads that group of enlisted women even to smile to make noise. The King of Soldiers Hua Wuliu complexion becomes pale: Hu Teacher|Division Head, if you do not give me a confession, that do not blame me being cruel and merciless.”

Met act high and mighty, my perspiration flowed.” Xia Tian puts on airs is wiping the sweat on forehead. Old companion, compared with one, otherwise I cannot guarantee that this Hua Wuliu will make any matter to come.” Teacher|Division Head of third division could not listen. How ratio? Xia Tian is a sniper, compared with the words of marksmanship, you try.” Teacher|Division Head of first division knows that Xia Tian has the wound, but if compared with to open fire, that Xia Tian does not suffer a loss. Good, can compared with the marksmanship, but I compared with three.” Hua Wuliu proposed. What compares?” Teacher|Division Head of first division asked. First, group (spear|gun), second, blind monkey, third, wrestle.” Hua Wuliu said. Good, three two victories, if any side has won two, that third did not need to compare.” Teacher|Division Head happy saying of first division, the ability of Xia Tian group (spear|gun) he has heard, that can only describe with the exaggeration that blind he has felt relieved fully, that is he personally sees. These two Xia Tian will certainly win, therefore third will only turn into ornaments. Ha Ha Ha Ha!” Teacher|Division Head of third division laughed to continue saying: „Are we this little good luck?” Good luck is very simple, if I have won, I want him from the waste both legs, if I lost, after me, does not step into your first division half step.” King of Soldiers Hua Wuliu said. It seems like I underestimated you, act high and mighty for a while, was not concerned about face is eternal.” Saying of Xia Tian admiration: Was inferior that we trade, I have won, did you from the waste both legs, how I lose have not stepped into your third divisions one step?” Heard the Xia Tian words, under the stage has heard one pile of scolding sounds of immediately.

„It is not concerned about face, the person of third division really has not been concerned about face.” This is King of Soldiers, King of Soldiers unexpectedly can also not be concerned about face this.” King of Soldiers is King of Soldiers, including is not concerned about face atmosphere that such can not want.” These people under stage whoop. Hears under the stage the words of these people, the Hua Wuliu complexion became uglier, he looks at Xia Tian wickedly, he wishes one could Xia Tian swallow raw and whole now. „Are you how is it?” Hua Wuliu looked that asked to Xia Tian. Bets with your King of Soldiers title, if you lost, above oneself go to resign, if I lost, my life turns over to you.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, very calmly, probably he who said bets is not own life is the same. Good, said it and meant it.” Hua Wuliu has full self-confidence to oneself. The people of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team have not spoken, because they are confident to Xia Tian, they know the fierce of Xia Tian group (spear|gun) and blind monkey. Although Hua Wuliu similarly is also fierce, but speed of Xia Tian group (spear|gun) is the monstruous talent, marksmanship that is the anomaly in monstruous talent. Patted the shoulder of Xia Tian to stand good behind. The components of two pistols were lifted, they compared with is the simplest non- barrier group pistol, this group (spear|gun) method will want is Special Force, but this type of most basic thing most will also test the person.

„The speed of my group (spear|gun) is 4. 2 seconds, let alone is southeast military region, even if entire China is also quickest, first you must lose was very miserable.” Very Hua Wuliu disdains looks at Xia Tian. Your B installs real good, I quite worship you.” Saying of Xia Tian face worship. Hears the Xia Tian words, below smiled. Peaceful.” Teacher|Division Head of third division shouts loudly, however the following sound has not stopped. Here is not your third divisions, they only listen my.” First division saying of Teacher|Division Head coldly, then beckoned with the hand, below was peaceful immediately. Third division reddening all over the face of Teacher|Division Head air/Qi. Starts!” As the first division Teacher|Division Head voice falls them also to get rid. Xia Tian all throws to all components, then both hands like the lightning, such speed have let present all people all startled quickly, they saw one of the miracle, sees only around Xia Tian both hands pushes, afterward the (spear|gun) was assembled directly on. Two seconds, Xia Tian has only used for two seconds, the record of southeast military region is Hua Wuliu, 4. 2 seconds, but from now henceforth this speed must be replaced, is the Xia Tian two seconds. The Hua Wuliu whole person there, inconceivable of whole face, he to the present has not believed that this is real.