Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 266

Teacher|Division Head of third division is also dumbfounded, he has not thought completely some people of unexpectedly can like this group of (spear|gun)s, this founded the new method of group of (spear|gun)s simply. Two seconds of group (spear|gun) speeds, this it can be said that broke the world record. That group of people of first division also all looked silly. Although Teacher|Division Head of first division has heard the terrifying speed of Xia Tian group (spear|gun), but he is also first seeing, on the good face has written all over inconceivable, this time understood, oneself underestimates Xia Tian. „Is he a person?” The teacher Sherry flower of female barracks said. Teacher, his unexpectedly is so fierce, you determined that he isn't your match?” These enlisted woman apertures of female barracks asked. Group (spear|gun) calculates that he wins.” The Sherry flower said. Stage the members under of these Fierce Tiger Special Warfare teams also all are dumbfounded, this group of (spear|gun) speeds are really knowing a person by his reputation not as good as meeting him face-to-face. First Xia Tian wins.” The Teacher|Division Head a few words of first division have pulled back the reality everybody. Yeah, act high and mighty Kungfu is very fierce, real skill.” Xia Tian shook the head, in the vision has filled despising. Hears the Xia Tian words, on the face of Hua Wuliu air/Qi the blue vein sticks out suddenly. Snort!” Hua Wuliu cold snort. Second compared with blind monkey, moving target 500 meters away, the traveling speed is invariable.” Teacher|Division Head of first division shouts, what this comparing is to the control of memory and feel. This time I must destroy your confidence thoroughly.” King of Soldiers Hua Wuliu angry looks at Xia Tian, that he of losing did not have the face a moment ago very much, therefore he planned that this time wins the face. Started act high and mighty.” Xia Tian helpless saying. You.” Reddening all over the face of King of Soldiers Hua Wuliu air/Qi, but he does not know that said any good, can only get hold of the fist, he pledged that must in third abandon Xia Tian personally. That it can be said that made Xia Tian have completely the superiority a moment ago, the imposing manner is also taken away by Xia Tian, this Hua Wuliu pledged that must destroy the Xia Tian confidence thoroughly.

After Sniper Rifle took, both sides inspect Sniper Rifle, and tries the (spear|gun), the (spear|gun) did not have the problem to start to compete. These quite difficult, although 500 meters are not far, but covers the words that the eye hits, but was a little difficult.” I experimented excessively blind monkey, but cannot hit the tenth ring.” „The thing of blind monkey test were too many, only then true Expert can hit the bull's eye.” These Special Force under stage whoop, today arrives here is Special Force of first division, although the Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team is the first division strongest Special Force army, but the first division also has other special troops similarly. The female barracks are one of them. Teacher, will you be blind monkey?” The enlisted women asked. I not, Captain meeting.” The Sherry flower said. Why that doesn't Captain teach us?” The enlisted women asked again. Has not learned to run, first practiced your marksmanship to say again.” The Sherry flower lesson said. On the stage Teacher|Division Head of third division disdains looks at Teacher|Division Head of first division. This we won, the blind monkey was nobody can win Hua Wuliu, he to train the blind monkey, has practiced for one year.” Teacher|Division Head self-confident saying of third division, Hua Wuliu is his pride, similarly Hua Wuliu has also brought the infinite glory for the third divisions, reason that the third divisions can become the southeastern military region strongest division because of existence of Hua Wuliu. Moreover the King of Soldiers army will obtain many attendances, the weaponry, the exercise equipment is best, selects first. Spoke with the real skill.” Teacher|Division Head of first division said. Real skill? What also has compared with the King of Soldiers title skill real?” Teacher|Division Head extremely arrogant saying of third division: Hua Wuliu is King of Soldiers, he is impossible to lose, however, your King of Soldiers candidate good physique is really good, I think that the previous competition he will be from now on same as your Fan Jin, could not stand again.” What Teacher|Division Head of third division said is the previous King of Soldiers challenge tournament.

That war, the first division loses miserably is very very miserable, studies under not to lose that miserable. Two King of Soldiers candidates, was broken the both legs, has lain down for three months in the hospital. Moreover the people who starts are King of Soldiers Hua Wuliu. Greatly silly, meets me to help you revenge, when you my little brother is what kind of?” Xia Tian looked at good one to say. Hears the Xia Tian words, all people stare, Xia Tian unexpectedly said that must receive Brother Niu Dang, who is the cow? Now in the first division the individual operational capacity strongest person, Xia Tian unexpectedly said that makes him become own little brother. Was too extremely arrogant, unexpectedly called our Captain to become the little brother to him, irritated me, had the opportunity I to teach him.” Sherry flower angry saying. Teacher, you must repair him well.” Is, his unexpectedly makes our Captain give him to become the little brother, is really is too not concerned about face.” Punches, must result in punches.” These person of angry saying of female barracks. Xia Tian, do not make.” Binghua Lei Ting shouts below. I not noisy, what I said is real, greatly silly, don't you do dry?” Xia Tian looks that asked good again. Good, you, if can hit him does not know him his mother, I good when your little brother.” Complied good very happily, hears complies good, everybody was more inconceivable. When Niu Ping belongs to figure of aloof, is very serious, but his unexpectedly accepted Xia Tian this impolite request. He he.” King of Soldiers Hua Wuliu has sneered: Good, you were really more and more trash, little brother who unexpectedly must work as a new person.” Said that you also think one lost certainly right? Also is, lost you completely to finish again.” Good that coldly appearance.

Snort, I am impossible to lose.” King of Soldiers Hua Wuliu cold snort, had turned the head afterward. Started act high and mighty, I am willing to look at your act high and mighty appearance specially, fired the (spear|gun) to be strong.” Xia Tian did not speak by, air/Qi resulted in Hua Wuliu to redden all over the face in a moment. Under the stage has heard a series of laughter. Preparation starts.” Teacher|Division Head of first division said that they covered their eye with the cloth. Really is the idiot, what difference does my eye hoodwink also has?” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought. Starts!” Along with the first division Teacher|Division Head words, Xia Tian has started out the first (spear|gun) fast, all people hoodwinked, because the Xia Tian first (spear|gun) was really too strange, hit unexpectedly not to hit the target, but will move the bearing that under the target moved breaking, in other words moved the target to turn into the stationary target. Nobody dares to speak, because now this situation, if some people spoke, that must be sentenced to lose. Ping! Xia Tian afterward two (spear|gun)s make directly, hits completely 100 points. Bang! A King of Soldiers Hua Wuliu (spear|gun) makes, on face has filled self-confidently, although his eye is hoodwinking, however in his mind has calculated, the target should be now arrived here: With me compared with the blind monkey, courts death to be the same.”