Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 267
King of Soldiers Hua Wuliu still in being infatuated with, after Xia Tian fires off three (spear|gun)s, has cast off on the eye has been hoodwinking the cloth strip, looks that King of Soldiers Hua Wuliu is infatuated in there, this self-intoxicated act high and mighty feeling, making Hua Wuliu very refreshed. He does not know, because the Xia Tian first (spear|gun) decides the target there, he also in that position to open fire that deferring to own brain calculates. His (spear|gun) has missed the target, but he is self-intoxicated there, thinks the own first (spear|gun) hit. The following these people want to smile, but is actually suppressing, Teacher|Division Head of third division on the forehead presented the sweat, but he has not dared to make noise, because he, once spoke, Hua Wuliu was really eliminated. Therefore he can only wait for the remaining two (spear|gun)s. Blind monkey test is not only the memory, to the control of wind speed, moves the control of target location, the boy, you must study also has.” After King of Soldiers Hua Wuliu fires a (spear|gun), is carefree and content is teaching Xia Tian there. He had as if recognized oneself this (spear|gun) has been hit the target. Moreover he to oneself very self-confident, he likes this type educating others' feeling, he not only need defeat Xia Tian in the strength, but must crush Xia Tian in the imposing manner, adopts the stance of superior. Quite fierce.” Xia Tian coordinates his saying. Snort, studying, boy, but you should not have that opportunity, because you lost.” King of Soldiers Hua Wuliu said. King of Soldiers Hua Wuliu still in the self-intoxication, he thinks that he has been hit 100 points, the first (spear|gun) regarding him is simplest. Therefore he spoke to Xia Tian with the manner of superior. As if is educating Xia Tian, in fact he is highlighting the ability formidable, he must make everybody know the rate of accuracy of his blind monkey. But he does not know that he has not hit.

Bang! The King of Soldiers Hua Wuliu second (spear|gun) makes. He is very confident to his (spear|gun), he thinks one calculate will not have any deviation, even if this (spear|gun) does not have 100 points also to have nine tenth rings. Hua Wuliu that so likes boasting how will let up such good opportunity, blowing that he must make an effort: How is it? Was bright blindly your 24 K big alloy dog eye.” Em, brightly was truly blind.” Xia Tian nodded, afterward looked asked to Teacher|Division Head of third division: Also with continuing?” The Xia Tian three (spear|gun)s have hit 200 points, two King of Soldiers Hua Wuliu were two (spear|gun)s has hit zero ring, even if were his next (spear|gun) hits did not have any use. He was doomed is impossible to win. On the Teacher|Division Head face of third division has written all over unwillingly, he completely could not speak now, they a moment ago boasted was really too big, the result three games two won lost two games directly. Ha Ha Ha Ha!” The surrounding these people could not bear again, started to laugh, a moment ago that too comedy, King of Soldiers Hua Wuliu anything has not hit obviously, but he actually kept boasted there that probably he has hit 100 points to be the same. Hua Wuliu, you lost, did not need to fire the third (spear|gun) again.” Teacher|Division Head light saying of first division. Hears the first division's Teacher|Division Head speech, Hua Wuliu has taken off ignorant hurriedly in the eye on cloth strip, when he sees the target, inconceivable of whole face: Is impossible, this is absolutely impossible, you have cheated, certainly was you cheats.” Snort,” Niu coldly snort: Don't insult King of Soldiers this title again?” Really disgraced, lost has not dared to recognize.” The Binghua thunder said.

Hua Wuliu a few words could not say, his unexpectedly lost, his unexpectedly lost to this kind of recruit, this was the great shame, he was not willingly, he was very not really willingly. Hua Wuliu, according to the custom, you should go to the headquarters to relieve oneself King of Soldiers title now, if you do not go, I was having the written agreement and video go to the headquarters, when the time comes feared the face of your entire third division also to lose completely.” Saying that Teacher|Division Head of first division disdains. The Teacher|Division Head facial color of third division is very cold, a few words could not say. No, definitely was you cheats.” The Hua Wuliu angry words shout. Shut up!” Teacher|Division Head of third division gives a loud shout, today they lost, if Hua Wuliu continues to make, that face may all lose completely: You lost.” No, is impossible, I am impossible to lose, I must compare finally that with you.” King of Soldiers Hua Wuliu angry looks at Xia Tian. Why? You now are not King of Soldiers, you already not with the chip that I bargained.” Saying of Xia Tian ridicule: Recognizing of your third division also is really laughable.” Really disgraced, third divisions on this skill?” The Sherry flowers and behind these enlisted women shout together. This is King of Soldiers, I also think fiercely, not only the strength is disappointing, the moral behavior also so is bad, the words that cannot lose do not bet.” Which others that cannot lose, after others go back, looks for above Senior Official to complain tearfully, perhaps King of Soldiers this title could not have lost.” Originally King of Soldiers this title trades with the self-respect, simply too comedy.” Saying that under these Special Force disdain. The words of below these people said is very loud, hears their words, Hua Wuliu felt that each few words like is a knife, maliciously jabs into own pit of the stomach.

Hey, act high and mighty is crazy, do you want to compare one again?” Xia Tian looked that asked to Hua Wuliu. Ratio, you, if dares to compare, any gambling stake I do.” King of Soldiers Hua Wuliu shouts loudly. Did not use the gambling stake, our two third compared, the Kungfu did not have the eye in any case, if your arm leg anything's interruption, your third divisions has not investigated on the line, when the time comes do not run up to front of Senior Official to complain tearfully.” A Xia Tian words saying, all people have understood what is heard, the person of third division will complain, loses has not acknowledged mistakes. Snort,” Teacher|Division Head cold snort of third division: You do not need to stir up me with the words, I had said the words certainly will keep a promise, the King of Soldiers title, our third divisions give up and that's the end.” Really aggressive, worthily is Teacher|Division Head.” Xia Tian feeds to smile. Xia Tian, I completely will certainly break your bone.” Hua Wuliu wicked looks to Xia Tian. Xia Tian, on you also has the wound.” The Binghua thunder shouts loudly. Copes with him also to use heyday? He does not have except for act high and mighty probably any fiercely.” Xia Tian very optional saying: Was right, should not be sad, although your King of Soldiers title lost, however your present had the title of king of act high and mighty, this title we acknowledged that does not believe you to ask that the following brothers, the brothers, his title is?” „The king of act high and mighty!” All person shouting of one voice. „The person who you have a look at our first division supports you, since person of our first division has been such hospitable, therefore you do not need to thank us.” Xia Tian light saying.