Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 268

Xia Tian, your wound.” Teacher|Division Head of first division worries looks to Xia Tian. Snort, the person of your first division will find the excuse, does not dare saying that does not dare, said any wound.” Saying of Hua Wuliu ridicule, although first two lost, however the King of Soldiers title he has not cared now, at the worst is new campaigns for itself to seize again, the matter that he wants to do was kills Xia Tian, Jiang Tianshu told, making him probably find the way killing Xia Tian in the army. His life is Jiang, his skill is also Jiang Jia gives, therefore he must complete Jiang Tianshu to his mission. Reason that he knows Jiang Tianshu does not get rid to kill Xia Tian personally has scruples these influences in Hidden Sect, otherwise Jiang Tianshu adjusts two Expert to kill Xia Tian casually directly. But if Jiang Tianshu were so dry, that Jiang Tianshu has violated the taboo of Hidden Sect, he does not find out Hidden Sect for a lifetime. Jiang Shao, you could rest assured that I will certainly complete mission.” Hua Wuliu innermost feelings secretly thought. Maintained an army to use the army for an hour on the thousand th. Idle talk are really many, this platform.” Xia Tian looks at Hua Wuliu to say. Xia Tian, do not deliberately create trouble, quickly gets down, how was casual he to reach an agreement.” The brigade commanders of third brigade urged hurriedly, here he and Xia Tian relations were best, he was also first knew that Xia Tian person, he early has regarded Xia Tian is his person regarded, therefore he naturally does not hope that Xia Tian had any condition. Senior Official, won you also to ask me to drink was right?” Xia Tian looked that asked to the brigade commanders of third brigade, he knows that the brigade commander was proceeds from the care in heart he. Xia Tian is such person, others are good to him, he is good to others, others are wicked to him, he is more wicked to others. You get down, I asked you to drink, this time definitely did not eat the shelled peanut.” The brigade commanders of third brigade frown to say. Senior Official, when I fire off this me to go with you to drink, but I must make him know that before then our first division does have the person.” Xia Tian said that turns the head to look said to Hua Wuliu: Jiang Tianshu makes you kill my right? Has he told you me not to be affable.” Senior Official, who this is Jiang Tianshu?” The brigade commanders of third brigade asked. I do not know, but I estimated that should be not a affable role, Hua Wuliu usually that is a nostril appearance upwards, his unexpectedly affirms others to order, that this person is not certainly simple.” Teacher|Division Head of first division shook the head.

I know that you are Profound Grade Expert, if not, has no need for me getting rid.” Hua Wuliu with sound speech that only then he and Xia Tian two people can hear. Said that you do have confidence to kill Profound Grade Expert?” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, similarly with the sound that only then they can hear said. Snort, tried you not to know.” Hua Wuliu contemptuous saying. What were they saying?” Brigade commander puzzled asking of third brigade. Does not know, they said should not want to let the topic that we hear.” Teacher|Division Head of first division said. Quick, on the stage let, on this time stage only then they. Snort,” Teacher|Division Head cold snort of third division, the whole face detested looks at Xia Tian: King of Soldiers we momentarily can seize, words that however breaknecks, you died.” Teacher|Division Head of third division knows the Hua Wuliu skill, but Hua Wuliu Profound Grade Expert, moreover is Expert of Profound Grade intermediate stage, not only that person nobody of same rank is his match, because in his hand also secret weapons, because officially this secret weapon, therefore he does not have the match in same level. He saw with one's own eyes Hua Wuliu to kill Profound Grade late stage Expert, that Expert is his personal enemy, is he looks for the Hua Wuliu help, Hua Wuliu has not disappointed his expectation, cut to kill the opposite party thoroughly. Regarding their this status people, has listened to study the differentiating grade of person of military. World yellow and black! Yellow Grade is most common, later is Profound Grade, Profound Grade Expert in entire China is topest Expert, as for Earth Grade, that almost cannot see. But Heaven Grade is only a legend. Before coming, his Hua Wuliu had notified him, the goal that today they come will be to hit remnant Xia Tian, the words of murder will have greatly is very troublesome, but if will hit remnantly, that well explained were many, said that was under has a heavy touch to be OK, at the worst closed several days of confinement, but once Xia Tian left the army, disabled he will directly be killed by the person of Hua Wuliu arrangement.

All arrangements is that good, but has not thought that finally actually had such a mistake. They have estimated the Xia Tian marksmanship wrongly. However is still controlling, so long as the following martial arts contest, Hua Wuliu uses that thing, that Xia Tian must lose without doubt, when the time comes Hua Wuliu, so long as broke the arm and leg of Xia Tian is good. Once Xia Tian leaves the military region, he died did not have any relations with here person. Jiang Tianshu this name others are perhaps strange, but he is not absolutely strange, Hua Wuliu had indicated with him status, he is in Hidden Sect comes out, but Jiang Tianshu Hidden Sect few hosts in big school. Xia Tian, with the fate that Jiang Shao opposes, only then, that dies.” Hua Wuliu said that flushes away to Xia Tian directly. Quarrying a mountain fist! A Hua Wuliu fist rumbles, just likes the quarrying a mountain crack stone is ordinary, the enormity of this fist, did these people under stage even hear the sound of fist, the fist have also been able to make the sound? Naturally is impossible, this is the speed of fist is too quick, causes the fulmination that the air sends out. Good that comes.” Xia Tian sees the fist of opposite party is also very excited. The body draws back slightly, Finger of Consonance by one extremely strange route direct in Hua Wuliu the place of wrist|skill. Attracts!!” The Hua Wuliu wrist|skill eats the pain, bite back own wrist|skill. However his attack has not stopped, the right foot kicks fast. Quarrying a mountain leg.

The strength of this leg is very strong, although said that quarries a mountain is some exaggeration, but it is said practices the highest Realm person really to achieve the quarrying a mountain crack stone, the effort is very formidable. Saw that this foot Xia Tian nowhere may evade. Some people have even closed the eye not to be cruel enough to continue to look. Tiny step! Xia Tian hid such long tiny step to use finally, his body presented in Hua Wuliu instantaneously, afterward a foot trampled in Hua Wuliu the place of back of the body. Bang! A Xia Tian foot trampled to fly Hua Wuliu directly. All people could look at Xia Tian to have completely the superiority, but on the third division Teacher|Division Head face under stage did not have the appearance that any worried about, he did not worry probably the Hua Wuliu situation was the same. Hua Wuliu single-handed brace! Good, is very good, worthily is the person who Jiang Shao must kill, you were worth me using that thing.” On the face of Hua Wuliu has filled excitedly.