Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 270

The body of Xia Tian moved: Does not know that your making oblique charges can launch several times?” Hua Wuliu understood, oneself were swindled, the ray that the Xia Tian unexpectedly use a moment ago chatted the opportunity of will make oblique charges with him compelling, he had not seen the ray that some people can making oblique charges forces. Therefore will be swindled. On however the Chinese angelica was swindled, but makes oblique charges altogether can launch three times, after three times, needed the thermal energy storage, had launched one chapter a moment ago, two opportunities. This time I will again surely not give you opportunity.” Hua Wuliu angry saying, he will not tumble in the same place absolutely twice, after this time he trigs Xia Tian, must hit remnant Xia Tian directly, does not give Xia Tian make a comeback the opportunity. Hua Wuliu has launched making oblique charges directly. Xia Tian this time has not dodged, that had proven a moment ago, making oblique charges cannot hide, its fixed way should like the (spear|gun), the straight line not project. His X-Ray Vision eye opens directly, this time he saw clearly, that so-called making oblique charges has tied up by him in the waist, the thing is not big, the thing that projects is the purple ray. Today Xia Tian any retention, he has not known, once had to retain him to die without doubt, Hua Wuliu will not show mercy to him. This is his first time uses Finger of Consonance Second Layer. Saw only the right hand of Xia Tian double to refer to grips directly has shot at his forehead that purple beam, he must do was the earliest possible time eliminates the purple beam in soul. Bang! As the right hand of Xia Tian double refers to grips that purple beam the time, all people heard one of the bang. Together virtual during huge double points out is now void.

Under the stage all people were shocked, they felt that now probably is making the movie to be the same. I will not misread, what that empty shade is, scissors?” I also saw, real, absolutely real.” „Is this humanity? Humanity will make how possibly such big move to come.” Under the stage these people all looked silly, this was any ability, the empty shade, looked like the mirage is the same, this scene was also too scary. Human unexpectedly can cause the mirage, but they have made a mistake, this is not a mirage, but is Finger of Consonance Second Layer, that giant finger empty shade is not the ornaments. All purple beams completely by that giant finger empty shade gripping. This skill only then Xia Tian can use, because Xia Tian has the X-Ray Vision eye, his both eyes can see these purple beams, therefore double refers to being able to grip these purple beams. If not the X-Ray Vision eye, his Finger of Consonance practiced Second Layer Realm not to be impossible to grip these purple rays, because he does not know when these purple rays shot. Actually today this war, Xia Tian is also very thrilling, if not Hua Wuliu is negligent, exposed does not make oblique charges, he can relaxed killing Xia Tian. What a pity he that opportunity, has not been his exposed making oblique charges, therefore Xia Tian will make the countermeasure. What?” Inconceivable of Hua Wuliu whole face, he has not thought Xia Tian unexpectedly successful has blocked the attack of making oblique charges, this simply was too inconceivable, he used several times to make oblique charges, this was his secret weapon, this thing he has not let slip. Any people who knows him to have making oblique charges died, even if Teacher|Division Head of third division also simply knows that he has the secret weapon, as for is any he does not know.

Ka! Xia Tian not to the opportunity that the opposite party responds, double referred to the direct point breaking to pieces the Hua Wuliu bone on patella and arm. Several silver needles pricked Hua Wuliu within the body quietly. Afterward the Xia Tian right hand in a Hua Wuliu waist racket, will make oblique charges to receive in own bosom. Hua Wuliu, you lost, I am impossible to give you a heavy labor time opportunity, I know that side Jiang Tianshu has fierce Divine Doctor, can cure all disease symptoms, but I thought him should without enough time.” Voice of Xia Tian speech only then they can hear. The Hua Wuliu continually surprised opportunity does not even have, the Xia Tian silver needle injected Hua Wuliu within the body on according to Organization, this time he does is very clean, after the silver needle pricks, was pulled out by him. Xia Tian knows that side Jiang Tianshu has the capable person, Wen Zhaohua and the others are he cures. Stop, stops to me.” Third division Teacher|Division Head under stage runs hurriedly to the stage, he behind also together ran with that several people to the stage. You make me stop I to stop, I do not have the face very much.” Xia Tian fought with the fists on the belly of Hua Wuliu, a blood spouted from the Hua Wuliu mouth, the whole person fainted. Hua Wuliu!” Teacher|Division Head of third division runs up to the Hua Wuliu side, anxious shouting, he has not thought that Hua Wuliu unexpectedly lost. Hu Teacher|Division Head, today's matter I such will not consider as finished.” Teacher|Division Head of third division angry looks that first division Teacher|Division Head said. I remember in the past Fan Jin was hit the remnant time by him you were tell me.” Teacher|Division Head of first division looks that Teacher|Division Head of third division said: Technique was inferior that the person do not come out disgracefully.” Snort!” Teacher|Division Head cold snort of third division was saying to behind person: We walk.”

This fought the face of third division it can be said that to lose completely, they lost, moreover lost was very miserable, the King of Soldiers title lost, King of Soldiers Hua Wuliu is also seriously injured. Was good, all troops go back to rest, lived it up you also to look enough, went back to give me to train well, studied study Xia Tian, brought honor for our first division.” Teacher|Division Head of first division looks that the following that helps Special Force say. Xia Tian does not know the person who his today's war, lets the first division looked like hits the chicken blood to be the same, training time never had the person to shout tired. Afterward the first division in southeastern military region turned into the entire China strongest division. However all these were something to be talked about later, after this war ended, Xia Tian simply became in Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team these person of minds the hero. Your boy, I knows that you will not have the matter.” The brigade commanders of third brigade have patted the shoulder of Xia Tian: Walks me to ask you to go to city to eat meal.” Senior Official, after letting you owe me a food, have the matter to be good next time to speak.” Xia Tian cracks into a chuckle. You but now Teacher|Division Head favorite, has the matter to look for Teacher|Division Head to go.” Brigade commander helpless saying of third brigade you were truly tired today, goes back to rest, will wait for you to have the time I to ask you to drink next time again.” The special troops of first division almost returned to own camp. Boss.” When Xia Tian wants to leave, his has broadcast a vigorous sound. Volume!” Xia Tian turns head to look, unexpectedly is good. You help Fan Jin revenge, you later were my Boss, so long as you had anything to tell, I good immediately.” Strikes one's chest the guarantee to say good.