Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 271

The cow is a temperament frank person, he is this, kept promises, he entered the brothers of army with Fan Jin together, special troops that the training that took part in together, entered together. Afterward had become the King of Soldiers candidate of first division together, went to battle for the first division. Because between the first divisions and third divisions have had the contradiction, therefore Hua Wuliu in the competition process aims at them specially, even hit remnantly Fan Jin in the final competition process, finally was good is almost also hit by him remnantly, if were not Teacher|Division Head of first division acts to stop hurriedly, was good also ends. Now Xia Tian has revenged for Fan Jin, his from the heart thanked Xia Tian. I listen to you to raise that Fan Jin, he now where?” Xia Tian asked. His family is a city, his leg was remnant, now can only sit the wheelchair.” Said with a sigh good. Your relations are probably good.” Xia Tian asked. Em, our two same places enlist, joins the special troops together, was punished together studies with a teacher, finally becomes the King of Soldiers candidate of first division, but afterward he was hit by Hua Wuliu remnantly, I have lain down for three months in the hospital.” Answered good. I want to see that Fan Jin.” Xia Tian said. Good, you help him revenge, he saw that you will be very certainly happy, I go to ask for leave with Senior Official first, then our two walk now.” Good also was very long has not seen Fan Jin. After asking for leave, Xia Tian and went by car good together the city. In the Fan Jin family the condition is good, his father is the leadership of city, their family is becomes a soldier for generations, therefore Fan Jin young time also has become a soldier, moreover is so splendid, but unexpectedly ends up to turn out finally so is out. Brought Xia Tian to arrive at the community of Fan Jin good. Hey, enters the child, I am the big cow, quickly opens the door to me.” Telephoned to Fan Jin good, Fan Jin hears is good, specially excited. Before long, a maid pushed youngster to walk. youngster sits on the wheelchair, a face smiling face, he not, because turns into a stuffy melon disabled.

Big cow, you so are how long come to see me.” Fan Jin saw good time laughs was saying. My this is not busy, can you exit? We chatted well.” Asked good. Naturally did not have the issue.” Saying of Fan Jin face smiling face, looked at an behind maid afterward: You go back first, this is my ally, you told my mother saying that I have had meal with Niu Chuqu greatly, she knows that was.” Comes, I push you.” When Niu Ping is a very callous person, but he sees Fan Jin time, on the face is the smiling face. Who are this brothers?” Fan Jin looked that asked to Xia Tian. I one will tell you his matter, you will be very definitely happy.” Pushed Fan Jin to go to a nearby hotel good, before this hotel him, has come with Fan Jin. This hotel is not big, but this hotel but neighbor is most famous, dozens years of history, were good and Fan Jin just entered the hotel the time, Boss saw: Was slightly comes, recently how?” Also such, strength elder brother, today my ally came, you may probably give me to come several adept good vegetables!” Fan Jin and Boss are very familiar. Relax, makes you satisfy absolutely.” Boss shows a faint smile. Fan Jin in neighbor is a very famous person, his young joining army has obtained individual first-class merit, although was afterward disabled, but his open disposition let infect a large quantities of person. Three people arrived in a theater box. Now can introduce to me.” Fan Jin looks that said good. He called Xia Tian, was my Boss, the member of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team.” Said good. Your Boss? That is also my Boss.” Fan Jin said. Enters the child, I one will say, your this Boss called definitely was sincerely convinced.” Shows a faint smile good.

„! Mentioned listens.” Fan Jin also came the interest. Hua Wuliu and Boss ratio fights, loses one game after another two games, lost the King of Soldiers title.” Said good. Ha, the good deed, good deed, must drink today, this news made me happy.” Fan Jin laughs was saying. This is also only starts, afterward Hua Wuliu was not convinced, must compete with third, finally had been broken the arm and leg by the Boss, I estimated that his latter half of life should meet passed on the bed.” Continues to say good. What?” The Fan Jin whole person was shocked, Hua Wuliu unexpectedly was disabled. No, he is not disabled, he should exactly tonight.” Xia Tian light saying. „Did Boss, you attempt to pervert to him?” Good puzzled asking. He must kill me, I was certainly impossible to let off him.” Xia Tian very optional saying, he does not like killing people, but Hua Wuliu he must kill, because makes oblique charges cannot exposed. This Spirit Tool becomes his secret weapon. Happy, the Boss, my Fan Jin this whole life has not admired anyone besides my master, you are one, from now henceforth you were my Boss.” Fan Jin excited shouting. Boss, gives me to come the bottle white liquor.” Fan Jin shouts loudly. Today he specially happy, in the three years, he never has to be so happy today, although he is grinning every day, but the disabled person is he biggest worry. When Hua Wuliu to he starts that ugly countenance, he to the clarity that the present records. He has not thought that some unexpectedly people revenged to him. Comes, making me have a look at your leg.” Xia Tian said.

Boss, I am all right, these many years were used.” Fan Jin thinks that Xia Tian was afraid him to say sadly. Comes, I understand some medical skill.” Xia Tian said. Fan Jin moves the wheelchair forward, forced smile said: Boss, you do not need to be worried about me, the doctor could not reach an agreement.” Bang! Xia Tian fought with the fists on the leg of Fan Jin. Ah! Fan Jin pain hoarse grinning. Boss!” Good doubts looks to Xia Tian. Also good, some feelings, can govern.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Can govern?” Fan Jin surprised looks at Xia Tian. Problem is not big, moreover you usually also very pay attention to stretch a little bit, seven days later, you should be able under to walk.” Both hands of Xia Tian congealed the direction in the Fan Jin knee place. Afterward both hands eject the silver needle, pricked his leg. Em, my leg had the consciousness probably.” Fan Jin was shocked, he felt his leg, although could not have moved now, but he felt his leg obviously. On your leg was inserted 78 silver needles by me, somewhat will be itchy, but has not related, do not pull out.” Xia Tian patted the shoulder of Fan Jin to say.