Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 272

Hears the Xia Tian words, Fan Jin is dumbfounded, he can feel that his leg, he knows his leg was really good, one side good is also surprised, he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly also meets the medical skill. Boss, my cow takes you thoroughly, regardless of later you had any dispatching, I will not wink good the eye.” Strikes one's chest the guarantee to say good. Boss, my Fan Jin words of pleasant to hear will not say that from now henceforth my life is your.” Although Fan Jin only said such one, but these words said is actually sincerest. The life, person, gives Xia Tian own life. Although before , he has been living, but the soul almost died, the disabled person is he biggest worry, now his sickness has been better, he felt that his life once more became meaningful. Drinks.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. The good strength is not bad, although has not arrived at Profound Grade, but was also similar, moreover he is a versatile war talented person, Fan Jin and he shares the honor, the strength naturally will not miss, Xia Tian received two strength such strong little brothers, naturally is very happy. Three people drink to be very late. Overseas. Elder brother master, we have related to American most mystical two Assassins organizes.” Terrorist chieftain respectful saying. „Who is?” Kun Sai frowns to say. These people of scorpion all died in China, the person was also incurable, his younger brother's enmity has not reported that thought of these matters, he thought cannot fall asleep, therefore he planned that sought for the international most famous Assassins organization to kill Xia Tian. Has the SSS level Assassins organization, one is seven blades, inside SSS level Assassins is called the imaginary god corrupt wolf \; Another organization is called the Mafia, inside has SSS level Assassins Mo Li.” That terrorist chieftain said. Snort, talked nonsense, in seven blades really had to call SSS level Assassins of imaginary god corrupt wolf, but SSS level Assassins Mo Li was not the Mafia, she was not any organization, she met mission to look at the mood completely, Mafia unexpectedly has the advertisement by her name.” SSS level Assassins of Kun Sai to world quite understands.

China Wei Guang is SSS level Assassins. „Is your meaning?” That terrorist chieftain asked. mission to seven blades, money is not the issue, making them send Expert to go to China, must kill Xia Tian to me.” Kun Sai angry saying. Imaginary god corrupt wolf is impossible to get rid at will.” That terrorist chieftain said. I know that seven blades are not only then this Assassins, making other people go also good, so long as kills Xia Tian on the line.” Kun Sai understands that SSS level Assassins at will not get rid. America, in seven blades. Chief, Kun Sai mission has taken, this is that material that called Xia Tian.” A hand holds the person of material to say. Surnamed Xia!” Sits Assassins coldly saying of by Chief. Qi Huan, you interested?” Chief looked that asked to that person, that person of SSS level Assassins imaginary god corrupt wolf, the imaginary god corrupt wolf was just his nickname, Qi Huan is his name. Did not have the interest, Xia Tianlong died, if he has not died, I am willing to try but actually, I heard his legend to grow up since childhood.” Qi Huan expression very ice-cold. Bao Nu and girl now happen to Jianghai, or makes Bao Nu get rid?” That hand holds the person proposition of material to say. „Do you want to make their two bring death? Who Kun Sai is, if good to cope, how he can look for us.” Saying of Qi Huan coldly. Sorry, Sir Qi Huan.” That hand holds the person of material to apologize hurriedly, he knows that Bao Nu and girl are the Qi Huan righteousness younger sisters, if presents any danger the words, he may die.

Was good, sending S level Assassins to go, the goal of that two girl should be China person who called Zeng Ruo, but under the mission person abolished, making their two come back.” Chief said. Subordinate this arranges.” Person who that hand holds the material left the conference room. In room only remaining Chief and Qi Huan they. For a long time has not begun.” Saying of Qi Huan coldly. You cannot begin casually, you are my advertisement, so long as there are you, my mission is continuously.” Chief is very clear SSS level Assassins regarding the importances of their this organization. Also because has existence of Qi Huan, therefore seven blades will become in the world the famous Assassins organization. Has the time to go to China to stroll, that is my motherland.” Qi Huan said. You happily on line, but the China crouching tiger , hidden dragon, do not act unreasonably.” The Chief reminder said. I want to take a look at these tigers and dragons actually , since I am 18 years old, has not run into the match.” Qi Huan very extremely arrogant saying, but he has the extremely arrogant capital. In Mafia. Chief, mission by seven blades robbing.” The file clerks said. Seven blades, hateful, is they, irritated me, for these years, our mission majority of by seven blades robbing.” Chief angry saying. In seven blades had the SSS level imaginary god corrupt wolf, the bystander naturally likes issuing mission in their there.” The file clerks said.

SSS level Assassins has any extraordinary, we do not have!” Chief indignant saying. You also know that Mo Li is an idle personnel, although has met our many mission, but the genuine honored and popular people know that she is not our organization.” The file clerks answered. Hateful, sooner or later I must eradicate seven blades.” Chief angry saying. „Such big anger of which coming, I just came to see you to send such big fire.” The entrance presented a subdebutante, young of young girl, what is solid is a beautiful woman semifinished product. An eye ancient spirit demon. She has not knocked on a door has come, according to normally, some people dares not to knock on a door comes, Chief of Mafia will certainly dig up the skin of opposite party, but sees the young girl time, on his face has actually piled up with the smiling face: My young lady, because of you, you have not joined our Mafia to be good, I ensure the Mafia second position in a hierarchy forever is your.” Does not have the interest.” Young girl SSS level Assassins Mo Li. Yeah, this time mission by seven blades snatching.” Chief depressed saying. This has anything to be good to be angry, did not make them complete is not good.” Young girl very optional saying. „The relaxedness that my young lady, you said that our lines have the custom, cannot destroy others' mission.” Chief said. I destroyed was not good, who dares to discuss the custom with me?” Mo Li very aggressive saying. This does not have but actually, but this time goal is China.” Chief hears Mo Li to be willing to get rid, naturally was very happy, words that Mo Li got rid, even if some people know that she did the destruction, nobody dares to go to be reasonable with her.