Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 273

I happen to go to China to stroll, you give with the money.” Mo Li extended the right hand directly. In this card has 100 million dollars.” Mafia saying of Chief atmosphere, he gets rid is very truly natural, gets rid is 100 million dollars, this is not a small number. „Do you give me these much money to do? To buy over me, I told you me to earn living do not sell into servitude.” Mo Li took the card to leave the room directly. Chief helpless shaking the head of Mafia, he understands the Mo Li disposition, Mo Li never casually with others' money, once after taking his money, had any matter to ask Mo Li. Chief you are really wise.” The file clerks show a faint smile. That is natural, Mo Li most does not like owing others the favour, I have given her 100 million, later had the matter to be good to open the mouth.” Chief of Mafia said. In the evening, Xia Tian and returned to the military compound good. After the previous competition, Teacher|Division Head special approval, Xia Tian can the free activity in the first division, does not need to take part in the training of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team. Idles bored Xia Tian to start to direct good Martial Arts. Good Kungfu with an old military science, at that time he and Fan Jin was punished goes to the tipping site in military region, there has two Senior, their gradually mixed with that two Senior ripe, later day that two Senior have taught them Martial Arts, various fires and wrestle skills. Good and a Fan Jin person requests a veteran to be a master. Good every day could not be stood to leave by Xia Tian fight. However every day is good comes, because he discovered that each time and Xia Tian fires off him to feel own strength has been promoted, this is the pain is being joyful. One week of time quick on the past. Xia Tian has learned the lots in the military compound, but he has asked for leave today, he must look at Fan Jin, pulls out these silver needles. Boss, I have also asked for leave, I go with you together.” Knows good Xia Tian must go to do.

Walks, was right, your female barracks have called Sherry to be colored right?” Xia Tian asked. Volume,” hears Xia Tian to ask that good the Sherry flower stares slightly, because he knows that the Sherry flower looks for Xia Tian to be troublesome, he is afraid the Xia Tian retaliation: Boss, she at that time was just spur-of-the-moment, do not lower oneself to the same level with her.” What do you think? I am so mean-spirited.” Xia Tian speechless. „Is your meaning?” Looked asked good to Xia Tian. I have brothers, thin person, is shenma two brothers' that thin person, he knows that I with your relations, hopes that you give to be accommodating, he will go to you not to catch up with him to walk next time.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, the thin person sought his several times. After the thin people since previous time had been hit by the Sherry flower, thinks that the Sherry flower was his woman, therefore he has wanted to go to the female barracks to look for the Sherry flower, but the good temperament was very big. Before also many people had the idea of female barracks, but maliciously had been repaired by him. The thin people go to the female barracks, good was expelled. „, This matter, since the Boss has opened the mouth, that naturally did not have the issue.” On the good face had smiling face, he thinks a moment ago Xia Tian must tidy up the Sherry tweed. After all at that time was the Sherry flower was not right, unexpectedly looked for the trouble of Xia Tian. Good, walks.” Xia Tian nodded. They arrive Fan Jin home time, Fan Jin is walks, although moves a little is not quite convenient, but has definitely been able to walk. Jiang Tianshu the medical skill of that subordinate compared with my must much, have the opportunity to medical skill plagiarize of that person come.” Although Xia Tian has cured Fan Jin, but seven days passed by could not like be the normal people, he remembers that at that time Jiang Tianshu that subordinate, only used one to cure the whole body is wound Wen Zhaohua. Boss, you have a look at me, can walk.” Fan Jin excited saying. Comes.” Xia Tian waved to Fan Jin.

Fan Jin arrives at the Xia Tian side, the Xia Tian right foot kicks on two knees of Fan Jin, these silver needles all flew to shoot, Fan Jin both legs some did not adapt slightly, fell down directly, wanted to go forward to hold Fan Jin good. Do not move, making him stand.” Xia Tian has blocked good. Hears the Xia Tian words good, has stopped the footsteps. The Fan Jin both legs make an effort slightly, imagines that to be incapable without him, oneself stood slowly. Jumps.” Xia Tian said. „Won't the words that Boss, his wound just, jumps, what issue have?” Good puzzled asking. Jumps.” Xia Tian had not explained. Fan Jin nodded, the direct both legs made an effort to jump. His unexpectedly jumped, on this time Fan Jin face has been full of the smiling face, his unexpectedly jumped, his unexpectedly can jump. Boss, my unexpectedly can jump.” Fan Jin excited saying. Nonsense, this skill if no, I also when how you are big.” Xia Tian light saying. unexpectedly can jump.” Good is also surprised saying. Was good, some of my also matters, first walked, is good, you remain to accompany him to get one well, three years had not begun, he should the hand be very itchy is right.” Xia Tian light saying. Boss, you come with great difficulty, how such to be doing in haste, my father must face to face well thank you.” Fan Jin saw that Xia Tian must walk, said hurriedly. You are my little brother, saves you should be, did not need to thank, I walked first.” Xia Tian said.

Fan Jin and again has not detained good, because Xia Tian said that has the matter, that definitely has the matter. Big cow, accompanies me to fight one.” Fan Jin excited saying. Comes Ah! to say good. Two like this dozen in community. You look quickly, that is not Fan Jin, his leg was not remnant, stood.” Is he, his unexpectedly is fighting against others.” He was good, this boy unexpectedly was good, is really the good person has the good report.” The person in community are getting more and more, some people just started to try to break up a fight, but Fan Jin said that this is his ally, they are training, everybody again has not said anything, but encircles there watches the fun. The Fan Jin father and mothers hurried back. After Xia Tian left them, has not been coming back promptly the military region, he just trod the military region time discovered that some people tracked him, but at that time he to treat the wound to Fan Jin, has not displayed. Now the silver needle in Fan Jin leg takes, he naturally must solve this tail, therefore he intentionally said that has the matter to leave ahead of time. Xia Tian must begin to have a custom, he will arrive at a very remote place, moreover he most likes the narrow space. Also wants me to ask you to come out?” After Xia Tian arrived at a very remote alley deep place, saying of coldly. The opposite party has not moved.