Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 275

How did you come?” Xia Tian puzzled looks to Fan Jin. Boss you here, I naturally must come, I said to Teacher|Division Head, temporarily demobilizes, Teacher|Division Head asked that I injured was how good, I said that bumped into Divine Doctor to cure outside.” Fan Jin is very sensible, had not divulged that Xia Tian meets the medical skill the matter, he will be afraid will bring to Xia Tian troublesome. Good, since came, that with good together trains.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. In seven blades organize. Chief, assassinated Xia Tian mission to be defeated.” The record operators said. Was defeated? S level Assassins will be how possibly defeated.” Chief puzzled asking. Does not know that S level Assassins died, but I heard that Mafia there SSS level Assassins Mo Li went to China, I suspected that is she starts.” The record operators said. Hateful, does the Mafia plan to break the rule?” Chief angry saying. Chief, you also know that SSS level Assassins Mo Li is not any organization, therefore is we want to investigate that also can only look for her, who dares to look for her.” The record operators answered. Hateful, they actually want to do, if Mo Li meddles, our mission were impossible to complete.” Chief depressed saying. I also go to China.” The imaginary god corrupt wolf that had not spoken spoke. „Do you want to get rid personally?” Chief puzzled asking. „Do their money please move me? You send, I watch Mo Li.” Saying of imaginary god corrupt wolf coldly. Good, has you to get rid to watch Mo Li, this mission was good to complete.” Chief nodded, afterward looked said to record operator: This time sent out two S level Assassins in the past, to complete mission.” Good.” The record operators nodded. In Mafia organization.

mission of seven blades were defeated, moreover lost S level Assassins.” The record operators said. Good, good, it seems like it is Mo Li begins.” Chief hears seven blade mission defeats, moreover loses S level Assassins time is specially happy, S level Assassins each is the elite in elite. Spends countless painstaking care to cultivate. Every time dies is the organization massive losses. Chief, there is not a good news.” The record operators said. What news?” Chief has not restored from the joy. „The SSS level Assassins imaginary god corrupt wolves of seven blades must go to China.” The record operators said. What?” Chief hears the imaginary god corrupt wolf goes to China the time, a brow wrinkle, the good mood to vanish, he understands, reason that the imaginary god corrupt wolf went to China is diverts certainly Mo Li. Just obtained the news, with has two S level Assassins that he goes.” The record operators answered. Yeah, ok, it seems like their this time must complete mission, but they lost S level Assassins, this good matter regarding us.” Chief sighed. China, Jiang Hai City. What's the matter, why I can aging of Tiantian.” Wen Zhaohua angry mixed up front all things, his hair every day part of whitenings, moreover he now seems looks like a 40-year-old person. Wen Shao, this is the report that hospital gives, they said that you are the nature are senile, looks like person normal birth and death is same.” Why, is this why?” Wen Zhaohua angry shouting. That side Young Hu also has the sign of aging, but his you so are not serious.”

„Did Young Hu also age? Certainly is Xia Tian, only then he has coped with us, hateful, I must kill him.” Wen Zhaohua blamed all on Xia Tian. Can inform Jiang Shao?” Right, my this relates Jiang Shao.” Wen Zhaohua as if caught a straw to grasp to be the same. In Hidden Sect. Jiang Shao, is the Wen Zhaohua news, he and Hu Fangye all aged.” Yu He swung own feather fan gently. Aging is normal, Black Gown is not the deity, cures their wounds certainly to pay the price.” Jiang Tianshu light saying. Wen Zhaohua hung the charge on Xia Tian.” Yu He continues to say. This is the good deed, making them fight, my matter about one year has not been is impossible to finish up, first makes their several constrain Xia Tian to me, has not thought that this Xia Tian unexpectedly is so fierce, Hua Wuliu defeated.” Jiang Tianshu received the Hua Wuliu death news. Is he sends for solving Hua Wuliu personally, Hua Wuliu lives the ratio dead also uncomfortably, Black Gown in the past already without enough time, therefore he made nearby person give a Hua Wuliu happiness, no matter what Hua Wuliu was his dog, he had this duty. Jiang Shao, do we such let off him?” Yu He asked. First handles here matter, he cannot escape.” Jiang Tianshu said. Present Jiang Hai City is uneventful, since Jiang Tianshu and Xia Tian leave, Jiang Hai City becomes specially tranquil, does not have the sanguinary rule again, Jianghai four few Wen Zhaohua and the others are also specially low-key. The only important matter was fire cooperates with Ma Yongzhen. But Jiang Hai City also rose a new company, Xia Group, this group presents time, the entire Jiang Hai City celebrities arrived, the trade that Xia Group involves is very broad. The channel of cooperation is also the Jiang Hai City highly respected person.

These people know that who this Xia Group back Boss is, that dares with Xia Tian that Jiang Tianshu does against. Now Xia Group operating the rudder has four people, Grandfather Huo, Ma Yongzhen, Xu Dechuan and Zeng Ruo. Xia Group starts doing business, Wen Zhaohua and the others have also found fault, what a pity maliciously was repaired by Xia Tian apprentice Gao Fei, Gao Fei started specially ruthlessly, he appearance that starts to kill people, Wen Zhaohua also by his to control. Wen Zhaohua is afraid Xia Tian, but he knows that Xia Tian will not kill people casually, therefore he still bickers with Xia Tian on the mouth, but bumps into Little Fei time, he does not dare the speech. Because a Little Fei word does not kill people at earliest convenience. The person in Shenlong martial arts school went to Jianghai University to look for Xia Tian, but had not found, afterward heard that Xia Tian had the relations with Literature and Art Department, they have encircled Literature and Art Department, making Ye Qingxue associate with people. Finally is the leaf rising sun of martial arts department has the person to expel that group of people, the leaf rising sun is that contends in martial arts is hit the person of remnant that martial arts department, afterward was Xia Tian has saved him, has cured his wound, he has wanted to repay Xia Tian. Therefore he when heard Literature and Art Department to be encircled has the person to break through immediately. Naturally all these Xia Tian do not know that these days he with also has had Fan Jin to train good together, he directs their Kungfu every day, the Fan Jin background is very good, although several years have not begun. However restored after some time, has consolidated own strength. Yeah, should go back to have a look.” Xia Tian stayed nearly for two months in the army, these two months he has treated in the army has not exited.