Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 276

Xia Tian, did you decide?” Teacher|Division Head regrets looks at Xia Tian to ask. Em, must begin school, I must go back to go to school, this is my father strongest wish.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, going to college is his father's wish, therefore he must go back to go to college. You is a good soldier, has you to instruct them every day, the strength of our first division obtained the rapid promotion.” The first division now is the entire military region strongest division. New King of Soldiers is good, although the cow is new King of Soldiers, but all people know that this King of Soldiers is Xia Tian gives, Xia Tian all removed his all barriers, the final duel he admitted defeat. Xia Tian understands that he impossible to be fettered by King of Soldiers this title, therefore he gave his little brother to be good the King of Soldiers title. I am not, everybody can be first, Fierce Tiger leads, how in the team also possibly to have the dog.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, Teacher|Division Head of first division is the tiger, the following these people are also the tigers, but is not the dog of lacking prospects. Good, if you have time to come back to have a look at me, if there is a matter to need me to help to call me, my telephone cannot make a connection hits to your brigade commanders, I know that you relate have been very good.” First division saying of Teacher|Division Head envy. Senior Official, you said that resembles me to be not quite same as your relations.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Brat, goes, your allies also wait for you, was right, your brigade commanders make me tell you, he did not deliver you, he said that he was old, could not bear the feeling of this separation.” Teacher|Division Head said. Em.” Xia Tian nodded, in the army these days, the brigade commander regards own child same to regard him, they had a lengthy conversation every day all night. Outside, the member whole staff of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team arrive in full, Binghua Lei Ting also came. shenma two brothers' fat people came, the thin person has not come. Xia Tian, the thin person said that he can be crawled, did not deliver you who the Sherry flower hit.” The fat people said. Xia Tian nodded, he knows that the thin person with a brigade commander temperament, does not like separating, therefore intentionally said that although now the Sherry flower also hits the thin person, but making into will unable to stand such.

Thin person almost every other two days will go to Sherry flower there to be hit. Xia Tian, I also soon demobilized, when I demobilized went to Jiang Hai City to look for you, when the time comes I may probably eat your live your.” Small Captain Gu Qi of fifth squad said coldly. We.” 1 million armies shout. You must do, the rebellion, you walked, when I polished rod Captain is.” Binghua Lei Ting shouts. Hears Lei Ting to speak, they show a faint smile, has not spoken. Thunder Dui, I must walk, you are what kind, is less than two months, you punished me to tidy up eight restrooms.” Xia Tian complained, Binghua Lei Ting did not give him the face. Said that tidies up tidies up. You also felt all right saying that which time was you tidies up, was not good and Fan Jin helps you tidy up, was the thin person and Little cold.” Binghua Lei Ting indignant saying, she punishes Xia Tian each time, Xia Tian can find the helper. The most free labor force is good and Fan Jin. The thin people and Little cold have the matter asked Xia Tian the time also will help Xia Tian tidy up. You looked that my this is not the personal connection is good.” Xia Tian cracks into a chuckle. Do not forget the brothers.” Vice-captain fights the tiger has patted the shoulder of Xia Tian, Xia Tian in these days, the Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team is happiest, Xia Tian can take away every day the different happiness to them. Brothers, coming Jianghai to look for me, my mobile number you have, ahead of time informs.” Xia Tian said.

Fan Jin, you must take care of the good Boss, otherwise I hit certainly to explode your head.” Looks at Fan Jin to say good that Fan Jin follows Xia Tian together, the good present is King of Soldiers, temporarily is impossible to leave the army. You do not become a soldier now, could marry our family Xiaojie.” enchantress Yu Lili discontented looks at Xia Tian. This for the past two months, he almost separates for several days to look for the trouble of Xia Tian, but by Fan Jin blocking, her and Fan Jin has fought many actually, the thin person and Sherry spend there not to have a result. However enchantress Yu Lili and Fan Jin have the progress actually, enchantress Yu Lili first coming time had been repaired by Fan Jin, her first time was hit, her unexpectedly gradually liked on Fan Jin. However Fan Jin said that which him Xia Tian goes to go, is not willing to stay with the army. „Can you not say Xiaojie all day, is the Boss willing to be the person who a tree gives up the trim forest?” The Fan Jin lesson said. Looks at the fate.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. enchantress Yu Lili was reproven by Fan Jin, unexpectedly has not spoken, the people all are but shakes the head, is really a thing falls a thing, enchantress Yu Lili has not feared anyone, but she became in front of Fan Jin specially clever. Quickly walks, do not waste everybody's sentiment.” Binghua Lei Ting said. Good unfeeling, you to have forgotten that night story?” Xia Tian suffering from injustice saying. Hears the Xia Tian words, surroundings these all started titter, this matter was craziest matter of Xia Tian in the army, he and Gu Qi were cold they to hit to lose, finally must go to under the Lei Ting dormitory to sing the love song. Gu Qi was cold they also to look for the guitar. Xia Tian held the guitar to sing the love song, afterward in Binghua Lei Ting trough water for foot-washing by building was poured in the head, washes as for that water has not washed foot now is a fan.

Go away, a bit faster leave to me.” Binghua Lei Ting one hear of Xia Tian mentioned that matter on the vitality. Brothers, I walked.” Xia Tian salutes to everybody. Afterward brought Fan Jin to leave the military region together. !! Xia Tian just went out of the military region, the fatty cried: I said that I do not come, the brigade commander makes me come, amn't I sad?” A moment ago Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team member who on faces piled up with smiling face, could not smile, especially the fatty this cried, had their mood, some have also shed tears. Does? Was the pure man, unexpectedly starts to cry, all people fully equipped, 20 kilometers cross country.” Binghua Lei Ting understood that their moods, planned changes their moods with the training. ‚Becoming a soldier to regret for three years, does not become a soldier to regret for a lifetime.’ Before these words Xia Tian, has heard, but he until now some feelings, although he has only been two months of soldier, but the army career enriches him, also has learned many things. „Does Boss, we take taxi to go to the airport directly?” Fan Jin asked. First do not worry, has Assassins with us, found a peaceful place to solve them to walk first again.” Xia Tian felt, this time is two people . Moreover the strength should not compared with previous time that Assassins difference.