Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 278

The King, what is a King? Is the overlord. If asked that who the beforehand Jiang Hai City overlord is, that all people will reply, Jiang Tianshu, Jiang Tianshu is the Jiang Hai City overlord. But if some people asked that who now the Jiang Hai City overlord is, then everybody will say Jiang Tianshu and Xia Tian. The Jiang Tianshu invincible image was broken, Xia Tian must kill Jiang Tianshu on the luxurious cruise publicly, but Jiang Tianshu actually lets it go finally, although Jiang Tianshu had afterward coped with Brother Xiaoma and Grandfather Huo, but ends the defeat. Therefore , Xia Tian and Jiang Tianshu to war, Xia Tian has gotten the advantage, which including Jianghai four young master has not eaten owing of Xia Tian, gambling Xia Tian also won. Everybody is willing to believe that now Jiang Hai City is the Xia Tian world. Although Xia Group just started doing business for two months, but quick turned into the entire Jiang Hai City biggest enterprise. Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team.” Xia Tian said. „Did the Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team, you know that is called Gu Qi to be cold.” Mo Li asked suddenly. Understanding, my small Captain.” Xia Tian looked that said to Mo Li, he has doubts very much, the opposite party wants to assassinate Gu Qi to be cold, therefore vigilant looks to Mo Li: „Do you want to do?” Do not be worried that I am not kill him, he is my younger brother.” Mo Li very optional saying, her words are very simple, but Qi Huan actually like looking at idiot visits her. Mo Li also saw the Qi Huan look, very discontented saying: Hey, your is any look, believes me to kill you.” Idiot, you shouted outside, said that Gu Qi of Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team cold was your younger brother, you have a look to have many people to kill him.” Qi Huan said that Assassins most abstains from is exposed own real status, is their this SSS level Assassins, the world has the person who they know specially likely everywhere, has their personal enemies everywhere. Your younger brother!!” Xia Tian awkward saying, Gu Qi cold unexpectedly is this super Expert younger brother. Among them the strength disparity was also too big. Mo Li is disinclined to pay attention to Qi Huan, was nodding to Xia Tian: „Is he is also very graceful.” „But how I see am he compared with your old.” Xia Tian speechless, the young girl seems most also on 17-18 appearances, but Gu Qi coldly seemed is over 20 years old.

His long old, he today is only 17 years old.” Mo Li answered. 17! Soldier who how 17 are?” Xia Tian very puzzled asking. His young married woman gives him to arrange.” Mo Li answered. What you said is wind recites?” Xia Tian asked again. Is she, have you also seen her?” Mo Li asked. Has not seen, but has heard, I heard that your younger brother fears his fiancee very much.” Xia Tian said. Em, the wind girl really has the violence tendency.” Mo Li nodded. Odd person, you are odd people.” Xia Tian depressed saying. Mo Li is topic very many people, she more talked about the topic more with Xia Tian, through with her chat, Xia Tian has felt relieved finally, because Xia Tian determined that Mo Li was not kills his, will not injure him. After all she is Gu Qi cold elder sister. However that Qi Huan had not spoken, Xia Tian most is worried is he gets rid to oneself, because have killed three Profound Grade Expert of their Assassins organization. The airplane is very the way tranquil, has not bumped into the hijack again the event, if bumps into the time that one time hijacks again, perhaps Xia Tian wanted insanely, his first time took plane has bumped into the hijacking. Xia Tian came back, without any stir, the people of junctor does not even have. Xia Tian brought Fan Jin to take taxi specially Operations Office, this Mo Li and Qi Huan not with. Came back.” Ye Wan saw clearly Xia Tian time is very tranquil. Young Aunt, do you use such calm, don't you think me?” Xia Tian speechless.

I think you, I want dead you, how you come back.” Saying of Ye Wan clear incomparable exaggeration. Was good, Young Aunt, you sufficed.” Xia Tian thorough was speechless, whom the Young Aunt performance ability did not have. Comes back well, happen to the competition of region immediately must start,” Ye Wan said clearly. Does not go, I must begin school.” Xia Tian direct rejection. Does not delay you to begin school, is you begins school for one week later competes.” Ye Wan said clearly. Has the advantage?” Xia Tian asked. No.” Ye Wan replied clearly. That does not go.” Xia Tian said. Your boy worked as several invincible force wings to be hard, did not go also to go.” The Ye Wan clear anger has come up, started to order directly. I go.” Xia Tian is this, is adaptable to the situation. These are your thing, tidies up.” Ye Wan has given Xia Tian the Xia Tian thing clearly. The Xia Tian first matter turns on the cell phone, but he regretted immediately, opened time above SMS of cell phone almost to explode his cell phone, a series of sounds linked him to hoodwink. The SMS sound made a sound the quick ten minutes to stop, full Dian, all of a sudden had been short of 10%. Xia Tian turned, all people who he knows almost sent the information to him, when majority were held responsible him to come back, Brother Xiaoma has also sent the information to him, told him to establish the new company to be called Xia Group. You are my~ oh my big apple~. The Xia Tian cell phone has made a sound, the Xia Tian starting that flash, the cell phone displayed information of opposite party transmitted successfully, therefore naturally some people knew him starting.

Xia Tian, you finally were starting, returned to Jianghai?” Brother Xiaoma, I came back.” Which you are, I meet you, I all receive several other, you are Xia Group Boss.” I just arrived.” My this meets you.” After Xia Tian told the Brother Xiaoma address, his cell phone has made a sound, a telephone then telephone comes, Zeng Ruo, Ye Qingxue, Tang Yan, Li Ying, Ma Lan wait / etc., they all are one after another telephones hits. Must see Xia Tian, but Xia Tian said that tonight has the proper business, gave to push out. Boss, your charm was really too big, these telephones were the female student hit a moment ago.” Saying that Fan Jin envies, he heard telephone that side sound a moment ago, what although could not hear to say was anything, coming out that but he listened to was the voice of woman. Yeah, how this should arrange.” The Xia Tian incomparable depression, arranges not to be good in behind whom, will be good one can see because of Zeng Ruo. The news that Xia Tian comes back has spread quickly over in the ears of these celebrities. Brother Xiaoma called saying that they wanted to be Xia Tian hold a banquet, finally had been rejected by Xia Tian, Xia Tian does not think, when Jiang Tianshu, must do that big ostentation, said again these person of he did not know. Xia Tian, boards.” Brother Xiaoma stopped the car(riage) in the Xia Tian side. Bang! At this moment a car(riage) hit directly on the Brother Xiaoma vehicle.